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Hack G.U. vol.1

Hack G.U. vol.1

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Published by api-3757188

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Published by: api-3757188 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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.hack//g.u. vol. 1//rebirth: faq/walkthrough by azurekay
hosted by azurekay
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__ ___ ||//
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/ - \ ||===
==|| |=== ||/
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|dot | || || || || ||
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|| __
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==|| |=== || \\// //
\\__// o
.hack// g.u.
vol. 1// rebirth
"do you know tri-edge?"

yet to return, the shadowed one.
who quests for the twilight dragon
rumbles the dark hearth,
and helba, queen of the dark,
has finally raised her army.
apeiron, king of light beckons.
at the base of the rainbow they meet

against the abominable wave,
together they fight.
alba's lake boils.
light's great tree doth fall.
power- now all to droplets turned
in the temple of arche koeln.
returns to nothing,this world of shadowless ones.
never to return, the shadowless one,
who quests for the twilight dragon.

"epitaph of twilight", emma wielant.
---in-depth step-by-step walk through / faq

---(!!!!!)---this guide has been written by jon_fireblade and only by
jon_fireblade. (unless other wise stated)
you may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for
private use. it may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
publicly without advance written permission. use of the guide on any
other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. this guide was written for gamefaqs.com only
and is not
for use on other web sites. any requests to use this guide for anyhting
other then personal use will likely
be denied. thank you.

this guide may contain mild language but
no worse then you'll hear in the game.

-------(!!!!) -------------------

*note*-for personal use on a computer i suggest using the 'select all'
and then copy and paste this on a blank word pad document. this program
is the
most basic word processor document and comes standard on all windows


-----table of contents----
i) intro. to guide
ii) g.u. series

((area words marked with (q) are quest shop related areas))

a) vol. 1- rebirth
--rebirth of the story--
2)peaceful,leading ,freedom
3) chasing, cupid's, phantom (q)
4)submissive,tragedy's,1000 oaks

5)great, cursed, inlaws

--in the pursuit of power--
8)hidden,forbidden ,holy ground
9)lazy,advice's ,exile
11)pulsating,ullimited,metal doll (q)
12)tourtament: round one
13)delicious,past's,weed eater
14)setting,eterinty's,night moon
15)tourtament: round two
17)tourtament: semi-finals
--the change--
19) tourtament: finials
20) tourtament: title match
--the other side of 'the world'--
21)dancing,mourning,masquerade (q)
22)counting, red plum's, berserker (q)

--end of vol. 1 / post game--
- a)normal quests -
- b)hidden quest -
- c)doppleganger -
- d)books of 1000 -

--end of the game statistics--
- a)desktop
- b)books of 1000 stats
- c)party members

-- frequently asked questions --
- 1)questions for all 3 games
- 2)questions for vol 1
- 3)questions for vol 2
- 4)questions for vol 3

iii) credits

*note- if you're looking for a specific place in the guide follow these
instructions to find it quickly:
1) select the item you're looking for from the above table of

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