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The Purpose in Jesus' Coming

The Purpose in Jesus' Coming

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By S. D. Gordon
God Spelling Himself out in Jesus.
By S. D. Gordon
God Spelling Himself out in Jesus.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Purpose in Jesus' ComingBy S. D. GordonGod Spelling Himself out in Jesus.Jesus is God spelling Himself out in languagethat man can understand. God and man usedto talk together freely. But one day man wentaway from God. And then he went fartheraway. He left home. He left his native land,Eden, where he hved with God. He emigratedfrom God. And through going away he lost hismother-tongue.A language always changes away from its na-tive land. Through going away from his na-tive land man lost his native speech. Throughnot hearing God speak he forgot the sounds of the words. His ears grew dull and then deaf.Through lack of use he lost the power of speakingthe old words. His tongue grew thick. It lostits cunning. And so gradually almost all theold meanings were lost.God has always been eager to get to talkingwith man again. The silence is hard on Him.He is hungry to be on intimate terms again withhis old friend. Of course he had to use a languagethat man could understand. Jesus is God spellingHimself out so man can understand. He is the13
14 Quiet Talks About JesusA and the Z, and all between, of the Old Edenlanguage of love.aturally enough man had a good bit of botherin spelling Jesus out. This Jesus was somethingquite new. When His life spoke the sim.plelanguage of Eden again, the human heart withselfishness ingrained said, "That sounds good,but of course He has some selfish schem.e behindit all. This purity and simplicity and gentlenesscan't be genuine." obody yet seems to havespelled Him out fully, though they're all trying:All on the spelling bench. That is, all that haveheard. Great numbers haven't heard about Himyet. But many, ah! many could get enough,yes, can get enough to bring His purity into theirlives and sweet peace into their hearts.But there were in His days upon earth somesticklers for the old spelling forms. ot theoldest, mind you. Jesus alone stands for that.This Jesus didn't observe the idioms that hadgrown up outside of Eden. These people haddecided that these old forms were the only onesacceptable. And so they disHked Him from thebeginning, and quarrelled with Him. Theseidioms were dearer to them than life — that is,than His life. So having quarrelled, they didworse, and then — softly — worst. But even intheir worst, Jesus was God spelling Himself outin the old simple language of Eden. His bestcame out in their worst.Some of the great nouns of the Eden tongue — 
the God tongue — He spelled out big. He spelledPurpose in Jesus' Coming 1 5out purity y the natural life of Eden ; and obedience,.the rhythmic harmony of Eden; and peace, thesweet music of Eden; and power, the masteryand dominion of Eden; and love, the throbbingheart of Eden. It was in biggest, brightestletters that love was spelled out. He used thebiggest capitals ever known, and traced each ina deep dripping red, with a new spelling — s-a-c-r-i-f-i-c-e.Jesus is God following us up.You see, the heart of God had been breaking — is breaking over the ways things have been goingdown on this planet. Folk fail to understandHim. Worse yet, they misunderstand Him, andfeel free to criticize Him. obody has been somuch slandered as God. Many are utterlyignorant of Him. Many others who are notignorant yet ignore Him. They turn their facesand backs. Some give Him the cut direct. Thegreat crowd in every part of the world is yearningafter Him: piteously, pathetically, most oftenspeechlessly yearning, blindly groping along,with an intense inner tug after Him. They knowthe yearning. They feel the inner, upward tug.They don't understand what it is for which theyyearn, nor what will satisfy.For man was made to live in closest touch with

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