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Convert Your Car to Run on Water as Well as Gasoline Guide

Convert Your Car to Run on Water as Well as Gasoline Guide

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Published by Jon Astros

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Published by: Jon Astros on Oct 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I. Liars and Thieves
 1. The Energy Conspiracy2. The Corporations3. Gas Mileage 1014. Suppressed Inventions
II. Automotive Fuels
1. Fossil Fuels2. Water Fuel3. Fuel Comparisons4. Hydrogen Supplementation
III. Making Water Fuel
 1. Magic Water2. Electrolysis3. Stanley Meyer – The Genius of Water
 IV. Building a Water Fuel Cell
1. Electrolytic Cell Designs
2. Construction3. Operation
V. Water Injection
1. Water equals power2. Methods of water injection
VI. Improving Gas Mileage
1. Air/Fuel Mixtures2. Exhaust Gas Temperature – EGT3. Wideband Oxygen Sensors4. Modifying the Stock Oxygen Sensor5. Modifying the Air Temperature Sensor
This guide is not just a “how to” manual, moreover it is a compilation of interesting and important facts that will help you on your quest to save money ongas, and save the world of horrible poisonous pollution.In the world of oil and energy, there is too much confusion. Too manyarguments exist between too many people. Too many lies are being spread astruth. Too much truth is being hidden and suppressed. There is simply too muchbullshit ruining a perfectly good world. The following information is meant tohelp.To be as accurate and honest as possible, I have cited the sources of theinformation herein. For online sources used, I’ve listed the corresponding websitehyperlinks to the original material. In the appendix section, you can click thesehyperlinks to review the original articles.If you happen to see something that is incorrect, please contact me at onceso I can review and correct the information if necessary.And finally, just because accidents do happen, nothing in this manual isguaranteed to be safe, effective, or reliable. Everything here is to be used at yourown risk. Automotive engines, engine repair, and fuel system modifications canbe very dangerous. When working on engines, please involve a professionalmechanic when possible, and please be safe. I cannot be responsible for the wayyou use this information. The application of the following information is yourresponsibility. Good luck!

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