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Manga Anime - How To Draw Female Face

Manga Anime - How To Draw Female Face



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Published by api-3748867

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Published by: api-3748867 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Draw Iria from "Iria: Zeiram the
3/4 view
Step 1:

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw
Iria, the bounty hunter from "Iria: Zeiram the
Animation." She's a favorite character of mine,
so I was excited to get to work on a tutorial of
her (even if some of the pictures didn't turn out
as I had hoped...) ^_^

Anyway, begin by drawing a large circle for
the main part of the head. Draw the lower half
of the face, which you should keep small,
since she has a small face. The curves on the
face should be subtle, except for the chin
(which almost comes to a point here). Draw
the different guidelines for the features, which
are all labeled in the picture to the right. Don't
forget to draw the vertical guideline that runs
from the forehead to the chin; this will help
you line up all the features.

Step 2:

Once all your guidelines have been placed,
you can begin filling in the actual features.
Draw the outlines of the eyes (which will be
contained within the two eye guidelines). They
should be flat ovals in shape, a little over one
eye length apart. Also, make sure that the left
eye is a little smaller than the right. In a 3/4
view, the eye closest to you should always be
be drawn slightly larger and rounder. The
nose, for now, is just a little mark on the face.
The rest of it will be defined later on with
shading. Keep the mouth small; it shouldn't be
drawn past the right eye. Add the neck and
ears, as well.

How to Draw Iria
http://www.animeextreme.com/julie/iria_tutorial.html (1 of 8) [3/7/2000 13:08:36]
Step 3:

Next, erase some of the unnecessary
guidelines and sketch in the basic shape of the
hair. Characters with overly spiky, messy hair
can be difficult to draw, so just worry about
getting the shape of the hair right now, and
add the details and the extra spikes later on. If
you focus on the shape of the hair and making
it look nice and full, rather than focusing on all
the detail at first, the hair will probably turn
out much better. Iria is one of the few anime
characters with more defined lips (most just
have a plain line for a mouth), so adjust the
mouth a little so it looks like she has lips
rather than a flat mouth. Do this by making a
slight indentation on the top mouth, like in the
picture. Add the shading under her mouth and
on the side of her nose. As I mentioned before,
it is mainly the shading that will determine the
shape of the nose; don't make the line too dark.
Draw her eyebrows (which are relatively
thick), and draw the outline of her irises (they
should be almost perfect circles, except for the
area covered up by her eyelids). Draw the
mole under her right eye, too. ^_^

Step 4:

Erase all remaining guidlines. Add details to
your sketch, like the extra strands of the hair,
the hair beads, and her armor. Notice that one
side of her hair is spiky and sticks out to the
side, while the other side is flatter; if you draw
her facing to the right, her hair will be
covering up part of her face, as shown in the
final tutorial of this section. Fill in the detail of
her eyes by adding the light glares and pupils.
Erase any unncessary lines, and smooth over
your sketch as best as you can.

How to Draw Iria
http://www.animeextreme.com/julie/iria_tutorial.html (2 of 8) [3/7/2000 13:08:36]
Step 5:

Next, color or shade your picture however you
like. I chose to use Adobe Photoshop, but you
can use any medium. Notice that the strands of
hair are further defined by long streaks of
alternating highlights and shadows, especially
on the right side of the face. Make sure you
color her hair beads different shades of tan,
blue, black, and red-orange, since the strands
of beads consist of different colors.

Step 1:

Next, we'll move on to a more difficult angle,
the profile. Begin by drawing a large circle for
the top half of the face. The lower half is a little
trickier; try not to make it stick out from her
face too much, because her face (as I mentioned
before) isn't all that big. Draw the slanted
vertical guidelines as shown to help you
position the eyes, and get the proper proportions
for the front part of the face. Draw the
horizontal lines to help you position her eyes
and mouth. Notice how high her mouth will be
on the face.

How to Draw Iria
http://www.animeextreme.com/julie/iria_tutorial.html (3 of 8) [3/7/2000 13:08:36]

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