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Issue # 2 - New Publication the Occupied Wall Street Journal 10- 8- 2011

Issue # 2 - New Publication the Occupied Wall Street Journal 10- 8- 2011

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Published by Esquire

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Esquire on Oct 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hey MoneyMan
the crowd is outside.The past, the uture and the now is outside.The teachers and cooks and the drop-outs too.Word on the street is they looking or you… 
Hey MoneyMan
they saying whats the score? And how much blood have you spilled on thebutcher shop oor? Those numbers keep runningbut what they running into? The crowd is outsideand they asking o you…
Hey MoneyMan MoneyMan
the mayors’ on thephone. He says he wants to know i all those peoplewent home. Those momma’s and poppa’s andstudents and cooks. Those teachers and preachers,one second I’ll look…
Hey MoneyMan MoneyMan
the tents are still up, thesongs are still singing and the coee’s in cups. Thenights due to all and the sun’s going down but itsstill a whole mess o good olks hanging round...They eyes are wide and their voices are loud. Itswhite and black and colorless proud. The signs arebig and the smiles are bright. By heaven I reckonits gone be one hell o a night!
Hey MoneyMan poor MoneyMan
you should slipout the back. Cuz the orces o greed are underattack. No bombs or bullets or rocks or guns. Justhashtag’s and voices at the tops o their lungs! AndMoneyman Moneyman I wont need a ride. But i you need me… You can fnd me outside.
f h i n hing I knw,i’ h h 1% lv  ii.
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Labor unions and student walkouts brought tens o thousands to Foley Square on Oct. 5. Ater dusk, crowds flled lower Manhattan around Zuccotti Park, re-namedLiberty Square by the occupation. Despite high spirits among the protesters and no incidents o violence or vandalism, NYPD ofcers arrested numerous people. Pepper spray and batons were also deployed.
PHOTO: Jen Ross
h ls    hskyss sZ Pk, wh y  wh y  lvs, wh kh ll lss, h ss,  h jy j  h s, wh sy h sys    h U.S. sy  -bl  sl, k ll  s vss  h s blw h h wks .T ls s vys h sh l vsbl. Wh s l y w  Kh, wh wk   Ch hv   h blls s wss, hv  h wl? Wh l sh  hs  Z- Pk   h? Wh h h wk s  h s?Ts wh wsh y blvh bks  sh, lk h $4.6ll J.P. M Chs v ls wk  h Nw Yk Cy PlF,  by h -l w  sy. Mssll, kl b h ls  hkl, bl by h sl-, vs  hs, bl  hk  vl, hy w b b h h lly  hbs.Ev w, h wks l,h ls  h hs h ss   zzl v wh w w. Wh s h ls  s? Why ’ hy ss wh s ls? Why ’hy l wh hy ?T l  s s vy, vy l. I  b l   w — REBELLION. W hv   wk wh h sys. W   l wh h C-ss  ll . W kw ll ls s  . W hv h wy  b h xs w. W hv  h h ll sys  h w jll s. A w kw h ss wll  ly vs whh s why w hv  ss  w. W kw h y svs h lhs. W kw h svv hs s w wll hv bl -hhl lsyss h   vy.Ts  ls h w l h. Ty vs  y wh hy wll b  h   lvs. T lsblv,  sk  k s blv,h lblz  ls  l lw, sk    ly h  v b l. Wh h ls l  lz s hbll wll  s l h - s s xsh. I wll s l h  bs h , h wk lss, hlly, h sk, hl, hsb slh   l ws     blk ss,ss. I wll  s l l-ss  bk sssss s. I wll  s l ss  l- hv    ssv b b ,  ls  lhv  l  bky y l blls. I wll  sl h  s  h sys ss,   l-shs wh h h  hl  lly . A h s why h ls, h    sys   w hy ss,  ss bl. T s why hy k sk wh h s .Ty ’ kw wh s h.Ty  , b  bl.
This rebellion will noT sTop
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Naomi KleiNspeaKs
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o Te Sept. 17 Occupiers,
Despite 700+ arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1, crowds surged inthe ollowing days. PHOTO: Adrian Kinloch
saturday, october 8, 2011Issue 2
17 dec
The sel-immolation o 26-year-old producevendor Mohammed Bouazizi in Sidi Bouzid,Tunisia, sparks a wave o protests against policeviolence and the decades-long autocratic rule oPresident Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. Four weekslater, Ben Ali is orced out o power and feesthe country.
500,000 protestors take to London’s streetsin the March or the Alternative, coordinatedby the Trades Union Congress. Teachers andpublic sector workers hold massive strikes.Protests against austerity and unemployment erupt in 58Spanish cities, beginning the 15-M Movement. In Madrid,more than 1,000 indignados camp in the central square, PuertaDel Sol; 300,000 supporters gather or weeks o mass assem-blies to demand a greater say in the political process. Embracingparticipatory democracy, they reject traditional parties and therule o fnance capital.Yearlong protests against a series o govsures, enacted in 2010 as a condition or aUnion, take a new turn as thousands o peothe aganaktismenoi, or indignants, demonsThese are the biggest protests in Greece sipeople occupy Syntagma Square as a newmeasures is announced by the governmenexample, they hold mass assemblies. Speeconomic crisis, one protester tells a repoSyntagma Square; they just don’t know it Young people, frst in working-claand then in cities throughout the copolice shoot and kill 29-year-old Mapolice violence, racism and alienatioin recent English history. Five peopleand more than 3,000 get arrested.
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Wisconsinites protesting Gov. ScottWalker’s austerity budget and his attackon collective bargaining carry Egyptian ags and signs, drawing a parallel betweentheir struggles. In the weeks-long protest,hundreds o thousands o people occupythe state capitol; hundreds o students arearrested. In Columbus, Ohio, nearly 4,000protest against similar attacks on the publicsector and workers’ rights.Using person-to-person contact, social networking andcitizen-made media, people o Cairo organize a mass proteston Police Day, demanding an end to harassment, repressionand torture. What ollows is an 18-day national uprising againstPresident Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorial government. It is symbol-ized by the occupation o Tahrir Square, but has its roots inyears o labor, media and human rights organizing. Hundredso thousands o Egyptians join ater the regime blocks internettrafc and sends thugs to attack protesters. Workers strikethroughout the country. On Feb. 11, the Mubarak governmentalls. The success inspires an Arab Spring o pro-democracyaction rom Yemen to Bahrain to Syria.
25 jan
 h h wks h h FlDs hs b , y bs  h blk y,slly l s, qs h vl j  v hy vbl ly  vl whyh.“W’v b  hs  s l  w, why wl w  wh ks k  l,” v A, blk s  hs l 50s. “I’s  wh ’s   w -s, wh  w l.”B  h 30,000-s lly  Fly Sq  h h  Lby Sq Wsy, h ws  vsbl sh.“T k  hs h hs lly h—h   l  l blk lk wh j y,” s Mhl, s  NYU. A s h s -  sl js  h ws,  s l hsh y blks wl  Oy  Wll S wh sks  ss.“W hv b h b. W hvh lls  ss, s  by-s— s  s  s s ,”Bkly-bs vs Cl Csl h
 Amsterdam News 
. “I y lv h  y, h s  hs   s. Y s   h,  h hsl l s-,  h s lv xs. P-s  Wll S s bh  lhsy  s s  M S.” Wh’s  s  Wsy,hwv, wh  s  l-l svw   Fly Sq, s hss  y blks   vssbh h   s  sly  wh   whs ls h w.“I’s  lss/s w,” s  yblk s  Sv. “Evys l h s ss lss  .”T  s by h Nw  Yk Cy Gl Assbly’s Pl  Cl wk  s  bs: “L’sb l. T  ss   b wh h lls  h Lh Bh-s  2008. I, l  l  l hv b   s  sss h   hs y,  s s, s bh   h ,”  s. “W vly wk   h vsvs  ll s.”T s  b h, l wh  w ss  y,  s-v v s .
Meeting or the frst time, again
y , Nw Yks wh  h s vs h ssv hl Wss l ssvs-b Rss Fl wh  Py -ll,  hs’s l   h l sl-sb  Py Rbl-s. Mhs l, h   hll h b l. Gv- S Wlk lsh ks h h  z,   llv b,  ss hlh, , shl,  qly  v  h h  v. Wlk  hs hs wl bs hs  h-ss  y l  l l by h ls  hll sys hs   v.Ty’ v  2008   -bs. H bs. B  200, h Ob s ssl Ds l  h ws   lv  w l A’s   y -l, h  ws js  h Wss Ds. A s Wlk k w,  k w,  k v  wwy  l l.R ls hv b -ly  sl bw h-h  Ds. S w s  s  sy h Ws-ss sv wh hy . Bh s h bh h PssvPy s  h s s l wh  Py ss;  s hs wh l s   hs  hs.T  s  h Py v y hk bk  h Rvly , y whhy ll  s  vl, b. Ty w   bk . Wh hy sk  h  h F Fhs, hy  h  b h   slvy, b lb s wllz, b w w -s l  lw, b hvl hs , b h v-l v. I , y  h s  w   bk  h  b h Bs Py sl,  h ys wh ly h  l l v. Wh ks Oy WllS, whh   hs b s h l’s sw  hy  Py v-,   s -h“”?
 As wks wlk Wll Svy y, hy vs  Abl , ss v y lys  hsy wh  hh.L s ,  h wy-s -y, h ly.Lby Sq s h wy-sy Lby . I y w s wh s hh, : U h Lby  h s  Bs C-, ly  h s ARvl, y  ll l   h vs  h sls llvly,   ws h h s  Ay s k . W l    Lby Sq.T s  h A- Rvl l l  y lsss,  y  h-s, s,  s h hh shl hsy bks ll. Wk-lss ls wk hBs ks,  h Css Aks. T w ss lkPl  Rhl Rv, lwys s lk Jh  S As.T Lby  ws  l whll hs l – y wh wl hv ly ss wh h – l h    s.T bs   sbs  ll  A hsy b wh h  h Lby . T ws h Bs  Py.
 W  h   WllS hv b  by ws  h y Py v. Is hs bshy s  b ss  wls  ss? Is  bshy s h h  vl?Is ss  v w h  h  Py? Ty’v ? A y whls sks  h A Rvl- wh ss s wy bb ss wh h? S h vl  b k  Lby Sq. Ty    b  l, sv, s hy sk  ss –hy     s s lk h  Py.My  s  Lby Sqls hk  h s  hvls  776. I ssbh ss    ly hl  vl. Wh kss lly  h w  Py v sh  vl ss  l  vls: hbls v, h wk-s’ hs v, h w’sv, h vl hs v-, h s  q lb- vs, h vlv. W k   h vs  hs y  ll h vs  qlsl, l,   hs s hs y ws s. W lv  y  s -ss  hs s. W blv s  ss  hss. T  Py  ly lk bk. W v wh h w  hs-y, lk w.
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 What Liberty Square Means
The Progress of Revolutions
        O        C        C        U        P        Y        T        O        G        E        T        H        E        R
thosteocordBaTwo blocks rom the National Mall anearshot o the White House,OccupThursday set up camp at Freedom Pmarched upwards o two thousand pthrough the heart o the nation’s govAt a stop at the Chamber o Commercewhich hangs a huge our-piece banreads “JOBS” — the protesters hand-hundreds o resumes and job applicatitemporarily shut the place down.
JPMorgan Chase announces a $4.6 million donation to theNew York City Police Foundation. The git is the largest in thehistory o the oundation, raising questions about corporateinterests using law enorcxement to intensiy their crackdownon protestors. A day later, the New York attorney general flesa lawsuit against the Bank o New York Mellon, accusing it ocheating state and other pension unds nationwide o oreignexchange ees over the last decade totaling some $2 billion.Thousands rom Occupy Wall Street attempt to march across theBrooklyn Bridge. Partway across, they are blocked by police whorecord 700 arrests on the roadway.In Caliornia, more than 12,000 prisoners enter the second week oa hunger strike protesting conditions in state penitentiaries the largestprisoner strike in U.S. history. Organizers say the strike is in solidarity with theWall Street occupation and others starting across the U.S.Less than 24 hours ater the execution o Troy Davis bythe state o Georgia, hundreds oNew Yorkers rally in Union Squareto demonstrate outrage. Battlingpolice barricades, protestors marchdown Broadway and join orces withOccupy Wall Street in Liberty Park.The mass action marks an importantlinkage among activist groups and o-ers a glimpse o a people’s solidaritymovement taking orm.Demonstrations and sit-ins spread to dozens ocities across the country with protesters campedout in Los Angeles near City Hall, assembled beorethe Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago and marchingthrough downtown Boston. Marches in Memphis,Burlington, Minneapolis, Baltimore and parts o Texastake shape as protesters state they will sleep inthe streets and occupy parks or as long as it takesuntil their voices are heard. Using social networks,protesters announce they are ready to mobilizelarge groups or mass actions within hours.30,000 protestors comprised o transit, communication, teacher, health care, labor and otherunions join a student walkout and residents rom across New York City at a rally in Foley Parkoutside City Hall. Following a march to Liberty Square in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, aew hundred demonstrators gather at the corner o Broadway and Wall Street, attempting togain access; they topple some steel barricades and are met by police batons and pepper spray.Amid a number o arrests, one supervisor is seen wildly swinging his baton striking numer-ous people indiscriminately. Three journalists are injured in the process. While departmentalregulations authorize the use o pepper spray against a crowd posing physical threats to policeofcers, they also require that an ambulance be dispatched ater such an incident, which did notoccur. Extensive video ootage showed no demonstrator attacks against police, and no ofcerinjuries were reported.rnment austerity mea-ailout by the Europeanple calling themselvesrate across the country.ce 1973. In Athensround o austerityt. Inspired by the Spanishking o the eects oter, “Everyone is inyet.”ss London neighborhoodsuntry, rebel days aterk Duggan. Spurred by, it is the largest uprisingdie, at least 16 are injured
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High schools, campuseswalk-out to OCCUPY 
PHOTO: Peter Carroll
The Federal Reserve Bank o
 is surrounded on three sides by hundreds ooccupiers who have been encamped at thesite or nearly a week. Thousands are march-ing regularly with occupationsset to begin in neighboringBerkeley on Oct. 8, and twodays later in Oakland.Thursday in
, threeusand peoplearrived at thes o City Hallo begin theirupation. Firstr o businessr the GeneralAssembly? Aarch on thek o AmericaTower.In downtown
,hundreds o protesters areoccupying Dewey Square,in plain sight o the FederalReserve Bank o Boston anda towering Bank o Americaheadquarters. Their GeneralAssembly — in the besttradition o thinking globally,acting locally — has orgedrelationships with youthorganizations working toreduce violence, developjobs, and promote environ-mental justice in the city.In the birthplace an earlier revolution, a newone has sprung. On Thursday in
,thousands assembled at Dilworth Plaza acrossrom City Hall. The city oered a permit or theoccupation “in perpetuity”; their General Assemblywas split on the decision.For one week in
,occupiers have been holding apublic park at 4th Avenueand Pine Street throughrain and 40 degreenights. S.P.D.ocers onWednesdayordered theremoval o all tentsand took away twentyoccupiers who reused.Undeterred, the camp oabout three hundred hassteadily grown since.In
more than twohundred have or a week occupiedthe lawn in ront o City Hall. OnWednesday, encouraged by hal adozen local council members whoshowed solidarity with the group,citizens o the city convened a or-mal public assembly and approvedtheir use o tents or the duration.In a show o extraordinary ‘mutualrespect,’ there have been exactlyzero arrests as o the time thispaper went to press.
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This is just a small slice of the occupations sweeping across the country. Hundreds of planning meetings have been scheduled — from Birmingham to Kalamazoo to Frankfurt to Cape Town toSão Paulo, on every continent except Antarctica.From New York to everywhere: we’re with you,you’re with us.
—reports from intrepid, heartfelt, truly patriotic occupiers everywhere
get ready.
No list o demands
We are speaking to each other, and listening.
This occupation is frst about participation.
Tens o thousands o New Yorkers streamed into Foley Square on Wednesday—laborunions rolled out, students walked out. The occupation o Wall Street grew to resemblethe city we live in. What race, age, religion, occupation did we represent? None o them. All o them.Barricaded in by steel pens, surrounded by a thousand cops and NYPD helicoptersabove, we saw our power refected in their need to control us. But just as this is ourmovement, it is our narrative too.The exhausted political machines and their PR slicks are already seeking leadersto elevate, messages to claim, talking points to move on. They, more than anyone, willattempt to seize and shape this moment. They are racing to reach the ront o the line.But how can they run out in ront o something that is in ront o them? They cannot.For Wall Street and Washington, the demand is not on them to give us something thatisn’t theirs to give. It’s ours. It’s on us. We aren’t going anywhere. We just got here.

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