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Nicky Cruz - Run Baby Run

Nicky Cruz - Run Baby Run

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Published by Jibaro Artz

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Published by: Jibaro Artz on Oct 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Nicky Cruz and  Jamie Buckingham 
Run baby run Run baby run Run baby run Run baby run 
Run baby run Run baby run Run baby run Run baby run 
Foreword  Foreword  Foreword  Foreword  
Nicky's story is possibly the most dramatic in the history of the Pentecostal movement, butit is not unique. Nicky is only a very colorful representative of a vast number of people who, inthe past few decades, have been delivered from crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution,homosexuality, and almost every type of perversion and degeneration known to man.Psychiatric care, medical treatment, and spiritual counseling had failed to affect these people,when with astounding abruptness they were set free from their bonds by the power of the HolySpirit and led to a life of useful service and sometimes of profound prayer.It is natural to suspect the genuineness of changes that are so radical and abrupt. But there isno theological reason to discount them. God's grace can take hold of a man in an instant andtransform a sinner into a saint. "I say to you that God is able out of these stones to raise upchildren to Abraham" (Luke 3:8). Human effort cannot produce such changes, either in oneself or in others, because nature needs time to develop gradually; but God can do in an instant whattakes man years and years.Such conversions have occurred in the history of Christianity ever since the beginning.Zacchaeus, Mary Magdalene (i.e. the penitent of Luke 7:37), the 'Good Thief,' St. Paul, andeven St. Matthew are the beginning of a long list. However, the great number of suchconversions that are taking place today in connection with what is called the "PentecostalMovement" is, I believe, without precedent. What is the meaning of this amazing fact?I have often wondered about this, and what comes to my mind over and over is the parableof the marriage feast (Matthew 22: 1-14). When the invited guests did not show, the mastertold his servants, "Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here thepoor, and the crippled, and the blind, and the lame" (Luke 14:21). When even that did notsuffice, the servants were sent out once more, this time to the highways and hedges, with theorder, "Make them come in, so that my house may be filled."I believe that this is what we are seeing take place today. The 'invited guests' at the table of the Lord, that is the "born Christians," the righteous, the law-abiding members of society,have too often proved themselves unworthy. They have "gone to Church," but they have notreally partaken of the banquet provided by the King. This is why the Church, instead of beinga living Body and a challenging witness, so often appears as an ineffectual pious custom.But while the pundits discuss what new vocabulary will bring God back to life (because allthey know about Him is words), and what new symbols will make the liturgy meaningful(because all they see in religion is man's part), God Himself is quietly gathering new guests forHis Banquet. And He is gladly taking in those who, by human standards, are spiritually andmorally poor, crippled, blind, and lame. And by the power of His Spirit, He is indeed 'making'them come in, snatching them off the streets of degradation and the by-laws of perversion.Nicky Cruz and the thousands like him are not just moving examples of the GoodShepherd's faithful love, they are also signs of the times which we had better not fail to read.They are an encouraging sign that God is acting with new power in our time, so that we shouldnot be afraid to declare the Gospel boldly to anyone. They are also a sign of warning toanyone who feels that, because of his habits of piety, or his sacred ministry, or for any other
reason whatsoever, he has an established title to a place at the banquet table. "I tell you thatnone of those who were invited shall taste of my supper" (Luke 14:24). For "the marriage feastindeed is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy" (Matthew 22:8).Prof. Edward D. O'Connor, C.S.C. University of Notre Dame

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