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Published by api-3757805
It contains the sample questions.For real dumps contact at allcertifications@gmail.com
It contains the sample questions.For real dumps contact at allcertifications@gmail.com

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Published by: api-3757805 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Test 994: IBM WebSphere MQ V6 System Administration
Item 1

All the following are features of IBM WebSphere MQ EXCEPT:
A.Extensible Markup Language (XML) conversion
B.Assured delivery
C.Time-independent(asynchronous) processing

Item 2

What command lists all digital certificates in a Windows WebSphere MQ queue
manager certificate store?
A.amqtcert -l -m <queueManager_name>
B.amqbrcert -m <queueManager_name>
C.amqmcert -l -m <queueManager_name>
D.amqdicert <queueManager_name>

Item 3

Setting the WebSphere MQ Parameter "SuppressMessages=9001" in the extended queue
manager properties page from the WebSphere MQ Explorer, or the QMErrorLog stanza
in the qm.ini file requests the:
A. No "Channel Program Ended" message is logged in a specified time period.
B. Only the first "Channel Program Ended" message is logged and the remaining
are suppressed in a specified time period.
C. "Remote host not available" messages are suppressed.
D. "Requested closure of channel" messages are suppressed.

Item 4

Which of the following commands must be entered to synchronize a backup queue
manager's objects with a current queue manager?
A. strmqm -a <BackupQMName>
B. strmqm -b <BackupQMName>
C. bkupmqm -m <BackupQMName>
D. strmqm -r <BackupQMName>

Item 5

What is the IPADDRV queue manager parameter used for?
A. To allow only IPv6 client TCP/IP addresses listed to connect to the queue
B. To determine the Domain Name System (DNS) server entered for the queue
manager host name lookup
C. To override the channel CONNAME parameter IPv4 TCP/IP address to the dotted
decimal address entered in this field
D. To select IPv4 or IPv6 address for channel connection in ambiguous cases

Item 6

What is the IBM recommended number of full repositories that a WebSphere MQ
cluster should house?
A. One full repository for each set(2) of partial repository queue managers
B. One full repository queue manager
C. Two full repository queue managers
D. Zero: full repositories are not needed for IBM WebSphere MQ Clustering.

Item 7

All of the following message types are WebSphere MQ valid message types EXCEPT:
A. Request
B. Datagram
C. Reply
D. Report
E. Statistic

Item 8

A System Administrator has defined one (1) trigger monitor to retrieve all
trigger messages that arrive in the initiation queue PROD.INITQ. The initiation
queue has a current depth of 5. What two changes can be implemented to ensure
the trigger messages are processed quicker?
(Choose 2)
A. Run the MQTM job
B. Run the started applications in the background
C. Start more trigger monitors
D. Change the TriggerDepth parameter to a higher number

Item 9

With the introduction of the Eclipse desktop for WebSphere MQ, all of the
functions below are now available in the desktop EXCEPT:
A. the ability to compare two queues and report on all parameter differences.
B. the ability to clear a queue in use via a MQGET API call.
C. the ability to see applications which have a queue open for processing.
D. the ability to change persistency of a message on a queue.

Item 10

Which three results will occur when the following command is entered?
(Choose 3)
A. A default queue manager NTSVR1 is created
B. A default transmission queue is assigned
C. A dead letter queue is assigned
D. Circular logging is enabled
E. The System/Default objects are created

Item 11

What MQSC command would be used to create a remote queue definition pointing to
a local queue called Q2 on a queue manager called QM2?

Item 12

"With WebSphere MQ on the iSeries platform, the ENDMQM Command Language command
(CL) specifying the parameter ENDCCTJOB(*YES) will have what type of outcome on
all applications connected to the queue manager?
A. IBM WebSphere MQ will forcibly terminate the applications.
B. All applications jobs will end normally.
C. Applications are not terminated but are disconnected from the queue manager.
D. No change to the applications will occur.

Item 13

What is the name of the WebSphere MQ JMS Administration utility?
C. JMSAdmin

Item 14

What type of messages can shared queues support on a system with WebSphere MQ
A. Non-persistent only
B. Non-persistent and persistent
C. Persistent only
D. BLOB message

Item 15

Which two results will occur when the following command is entered:
crtmqm -q -d NTSRV1 HOST1
(Choose 2)
A. A default queue manager named NTSRV1 is created
B. A default queue manager named HOST1 is created
C. A default transmission queue HOST1 is created
D. A default transmission queue NTSRV1 is created
E. A queue manager named NTSRV1 is created

Item 16

What command will start a JAVA WebSphere MQ SOAP Listener?
A. runmqlsr
B. strmqlsr
C. startWMQJListener

Item 17

A system administrator has noticed the triggered program STOCKWIDGET is not
running. The system administrator contacted a programmer and explained the
situation. All are possible causes why the STOCKWIDGET program is not running
A. the initiation queue is full.
B. queue manager can not put a trigger message to the initiation queue.
C. service events have not been enabled.
D. the program can not be started by the trigger monitor.

Item 18

Company 1 has just acquired Company 2. Company 2 has three AIX WebSphere MQ
servers that are to be connected into the existing Company 1's WebSphere MQ
network. Which two WebSphere MQ definitions can be defined to ensure that the
Company 2 application messages can travel through all Qmgrs to final
(Choose 2)
A. Default transmission queue
B. Reply to queue manager
C. Reply to queue alias
D. Alias queue definition
E. Queue manager alias

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