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606 Organizational Behavior

606 Organizational Behavior

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Published by Femo Manutd

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Femo Manutd on Oct 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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606Organizational Behavio1.Natural and Social Sciencesi)Conceptsii)What are social sciencesiii)Organization Research Methods and Designs2.Communication and Perceptioni)Conceptsii)Interpersonal Communication: Coding and Decodingiii)Selectivity and Organization in Perceptioniv)The Significance of Non-verbal Communicationv)Perceptual Sets and Perceptual Worldsvi)Perceptual set and assumptions about human behavior vii)Sex, appearance, attractiveness and discriminationviii)Person perception: errors and avoidance3.Motivationi)Conceptsii)Motives as Goals of Human Behavioiii)Motives as Individual Decision Maker Processesiv)The Social Process of Motivating Othersv)Empowerment, High Performance Systems and the New Generations4.Learningi)Conceptsii)The Learning Processiii)The Behaviorist Approach to Learningiv)The Cognitive Approach to Learningv)Behavior Modification Techniques in Practicevi)Socialization and Feedback 5.Personalityi)Conceptsii)The Definition Problemiii)Personality Types and Traitsiv)Personality Types A and B and the Propensity to Suffer Stressv)Stress Management: Individual and Organizational Strategiesvi)The Development of the Selvii)Nomethetic Versus Idiographic Personalityviii)Psychometrics in Action6.Group Formationi)Conceptsii)Group-Level Analysis of Organizational Behavior iii)Historical Background of the Study of Groups in Organizationiv)Concept of a Groupv)Formal and Informal Groupsvi)Homans’ Theory of Group Formationvii)Stages of Group Development
7.Group Structure and Processi)Conceptsii)Group Structureiii)Status Structureiv)Power Structurev)Liking Structurevi)Role Structurevii)Group Structure and Group Processviii)Leadership Structureix)Communication Structure8.Organization Structurei)Conceptsii)Structural Perspectiveiii)Elements of Organizational Structureiv)Types of Jobv)Line, Staff and Functional Structuresvi)Formal and Informal Organizationsvii)Designing Organizational Structureviii)Centralization and Decentralization9.Scientific Managementi)Conceptsii)Scientific Managementiii)Fredrick Winslow Taylor iv)Taylor’s View of Workers, Unions and Managementv)Taylorism in Actionvi)Development of Taylorism: Gilbreths’ Contributionvii)Humanization of Taylorism: Gantt’s Contributionviii)Fordism10.Bureaucracy and Rolesi)Conceptsii)Organizational Structuringiii)Rulesiv)Rolesv)The Future: Bureaucracy or Adhocracy11.Classical Management Theoryi)Conceptsii)Henri Fayol Functions, Activities and Principlesiii)Applicability of Classical Management Theoryiv)Modern Classical Management Theory12.Leadership and Management Stylesi)Conceptsii)The Functions of Leaders and Mangersiii)Are Leaders Special People: Great Man Theoryiv)Leaders Need Followers

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