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House Republicans Eliminate Funding for Job Training (Again!)

House Republicans Eliminate Funding for Job Training (Again!)

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Stephen Steigleder walks through how the House Appropriations Committee bill for Labor, HHS, and Education would lead to a $3.1 billion shortfall in worker-training programs.
Stephen Steigleder walks through how the House Appropriations Committee bill for Labor, HHS, and Education would lead to a $3.1 billion shortfall in worker-training programs.

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Published by: Center for American Progress on Oct 12, 2011
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1Center or American Progress | House Republicans Eliminate Funding or Job Training (Again!)
House Majority Proposal EliminatesFunding for Job Training (Again!)
Don’t Fall for the Budgeting Gimmicksin Labor Appropriations Bill
Stephen SteiglederOctober 2011
House Republican leaders unveiled on Sepember 29 heir second atemp o elimi-nae unding or job-raining programs. Teir rs atemp didn’ work, so his imehey’re rying hrough he back door.Te House Appropriaions Commitee posed a dra o is scal year 2012 appropria-ions bill or he Deparmens o Labor, Healh and Human Services, and Educaion.
 Te bill would cu more han $2.2 billion rom employmen and job-raining pro-grams in FY 2012. Bu his massive cu is he rs in a mulisep process o hollow ou he workorce developmen sysem so ha ull eliminaion o ederal job-rainingprograms becomes easier over he nex wo years.Tese proposed cus, combined wih a clever accouning gimmick, would creae a per-manen $3.1 billion budge shorall in he Deparmen o Labor’s Employmen andraining Adminisraion wihin he nex wo years. Ta $3.1 billion budge shorall would smash headrs ino governmenwide budge cus mandaed in las summer’sdeb ceiling agreemen.
Based on ha agreemen, he oal increase in annual appro-priaions beween FY 2012 and FY 2014 is $23 billion—which means ha Congress would have o direc more han 10 percen o he governmenwide increase in annualappropriaions o he Employmen and raining Adminisraion o ll he $3.1 billionshorall. Obviously ha would no happen.Te evenual resul, i he bill is successul, is ha millions o unemployed Americans would lose access o employmen services—such as job search assisance, skillsassessmen, and career counseling—and job-raining programs. Ta would be aravesy, especially since unemploymen is projeced o remain unaccepably high orhe nex ew years.
2Center or American Progress | House Republicans Eliminate Funding or Job Training (Again!)
Te Senae Appropriaions Commitee should rejec his disasrous atemp o disman-le he workorce developmen sysem. Insead o eliminaing job-raining programs, hecommitee should rearm is commimen o employmen and job-raining programsso ha our workorce remains compeiive in an innovaion-based global economy.Tis policy brie will explain how he House Appropriaions Commitees bill, i enaced, would creae a $3.1 billion unding shorall in he Employmen and raining Adminisraion wihin wo years. Given he curren budge oulook—and he deb ceil-ing agreemen—such a massive unding shorall would lead o a permanen disman-ling o he workorce developmen sysem.
House leadership’s first attempt to eliminate job-training programs
Earlier his year, House leadership passed an appropriaions bill (H.R. 1) ha ried ocu more han $4 billion rom job-raining programs, including:
Eliminaing $3 billion or Workorce Invesmen Ac employmen and rainingprograms
Eliminaing $200 million or Dislocaed Worker employmen and raining programs
Eliminaing $125 million o rain unemployed workers hrough communiy colleges
Eliminaing $100 million o educae and rain a-risk youh
Eliminaing $100 million o educae and rain ex-oenders
Eliminaing $100 million or addiional job-raining programs
Rescinding $300 million rom he Job Corps
Rescinding $75 million rom oher employmen and raining programsForunaely hose shorsighed and devasaing cus were rejeced. Bu House leader-ship didn’ abandon heir plans o eliminae job-raining programs. Tey simply changedheir sraegy. Now hey are rying o cu $2.2 billion in unding or employmen and job-raining programs in FY 2012 behind he preense o “ransiioning agency budgeso correspond wih he regular scal year.”Don’ believe i.
House leadership’s second attempt to eliminate job-training programs
Te House Appropriaions Commitee’s FY 2012 dra bill slashes unding or workorcedevelopmen programs by $2.2 billion, a cu o 36 percen in comparison o FY 2011.
3Center or American Progress | House Republicans Eliminate Funding or Job Training (Again!)
Only the beginning of the assault
Cuts to workforce development programs in FY 2012, in millions
 And ye House leadership shamelessly claims ha hey are no cuting job-raining unds. According o he ocial press release, hey ry o explain hese massive unding cus as anatemp o ransiion he Deparmen o Labors budge o he “regular scal year.
  Apparenly i is merely a coincidence ha heir budgeing sleigh o hand involves cu-ing $2.2 billion rom employmen and job-raining programs.Don’ be ooled. Tis is simply a reread o previous eors o eliminae job-rainingprograms—his ime under he auspices o shiing he budgeary calendar.
Accounting gimmicks will lead to huge cuts in FY 2014
House leadership is relying on the fact that budgeting is often complicated. Mostconstituents are not interested in technical details. By suggesting that huge fund-ing cuts are actually plausible-sounding procedural changes, House leaders are
Department / programFY 2011CRFY 2012House billDierence% change
Department of LaborWIA adult employment and training
$770.9 $207.5 -$563.4
-73%WIA youth employment and training
$825.9 $413.8 -$412.1
-50%WIA dislocated workers employmentand training
$1,063.4 $101.7 -$961.7
-90%WIA Dislocated Worker NationalReserve
$224.1 $64.6 -$159.5
-71%-100%WIA innovation fund
$124.8 $0.0 -$124.8
Native Americans
$52.7 $27.1 -$25.6
-49%Migrant and seasonal farmworkers
$84.5 $43.3 -$41.1
$79.8 $40.0 -$39.8
-50%Reintegration of ex-offenders
$85.4 $45.0 -$40.4
-47%Jobs Corp
$1,706.2 $2,223.9 $517.8
30%Senior CommunityService Employment Program
$450.0 $450.0 $0
0%Employment service
$702.2 $351.8 -$350.4
-50%One-Stop career centers
$63.6 $31.8 -$31.8
-50%Total, ETA workforcedevelopment programs$6,233.4$4,000.5-$2,232.9-36%
 available at http://appropriations.house.gov/UploadedFiles/FY_2012_Final_LHHSE.pdf.

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