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Orientation Technique Bir-Ali

Orientation Technique Bir-Ali

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Published by bacim

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Published by: bacim on Oct 12, 2011
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ةريخصلا - ينقتلا بير Page 1
سقافصب هيجوتل رق ةعجم لاطم  ظنل ةول ةنل
جل دول  عم حب ةينتل وعل ةعش لا ي 
يتلل علايضالايجولونكتلةيئازيفل وعلةيفلعل
1جاحلاب ركبوب ةريخصل ند ب16,4715,2713,917,4513,275 2رغل دم ةريخصل ددل دهعل8,8313,5411,1610,2510,945 3اذ اهلاب يسا ةريخصل ددل دهعل9,4515,76,7910,0610,5 4ابدل دل ءةريخصل ددل دهعل9,513,8710,647,0610,2675 5دغل ةزم ةريخصل ددل دهعل6,0812,7211,6610,5810,26 6ي ب اض ةريخصل ددل دهعل7,851710,145,3310,08 7طي وب ةريخصل ددل دهعل7,4112,259,1211,4110,0475 8رص فرشةريخصل ددل دهعل7,161011,3710,59,7575 9دمح ب  ةريخصل ددل دهعل8,2218,57,434,339,62 10لا جاحل يمس ةريخصل ند ب13,757,758,258,59,5625 11امغل ركل دةريخصل ند ب15,048,756,257,379,3525 12يل ا ةريخصل ند ب13,917,876,699,345 13رب فاةريخصل ددل دهعل7,3313,668,289,2975
ةريخصلا - ينقتلا بير Page 2
14بوح ركل دةريخصل ند ب14,668,776,956,799,2925 15لا دمح ب ز ةريخصل ند ب8,19,6610,668,419,2075 16لا جاحب تا ةريخصل ند ب13,588,148,26,59,105 17زيقل فؤ ةريخصل ند ب14,57,546,587,59,03 18ومل دمح ةريخصل ند ب14,398,975,527,048,98 19وح الةريخصل ند ب148,876,456,458,9425 20وب ي ةريخصل ند ب6,858,0413,557,298,9325 21امل يس ةريخصل ند ب13,418,258,875,128,9125 22لا جاحلاب زعمل دةريخصل ددل دهعل6,4511,839,148,28,905 23وزل دل ءةريخصل ددل دهعل7,4111,167,878,668,775 24ول دمح ةريخصل ند ب9,7210,334,79108,71 25لا جاحب ر ةريخصل ند ب13,166,626,148,758,6675 26ر دلا ةريخصل ند ب12,647,978,874,338,4525 27سا دلا ةريخصل ند ب14,416,857,454,338,26 28امغل ز ةريخصل ند ب9,2210,873,338,588 29رحل ةزم ةريخصل ددل دهعل5,337,794,625,913333
في  ع رئ - ينقتلا بير Page 3
سقافصب هيجوتل رق ةعجم لاطم  ظنل ةول ةنل
جل دول  عم حب ةينتل وعل ةعش لا ي 
ةفي ب  ب 
يتلل علايضالايجولونكتلةيئازيفل وعلةيفلعل
1يل أ دمح 15,3714,2216,54,8712,74 2و ب دس  رئب فايل ب ب11,2915,589,6814,0812,6575 3زل لا ب خ 13,9114,2515,335,2512,185 4ريغصل دل ا 12,713,9113,336,5411,62 5يسر يم  رئب فايل ب ب9,6615,417,1413,6611,4675 6قيشوب اهل دمح ي ب  رئب 8,3314,7510,3911,0411,1275 7ةام ب اول دي ب  رئب 9,7511,228,4113,0810,615 8رغل فرشأ4,6813,3714,55,839,595 9اهل يرب6,7214,5412,253,299,2 10دا ري ي ب  رئب 8,5810,5811,875,629,1625 11وب و 8,5811,1297,879,1425 12رخل را ي ب  رئب 8,169,757,69,898,85 13رعل  ي ب  رئب 4,8514,8711,164,28,77 ي ب  رئب 2ي ب  رئب 2ي ب  رئب 2ي ب  رئب 2ي ب  رئب 2ي ب  رئب 2

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