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vo ky trieu minh

vo ky trieu minh



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Published by api-3759947
truyen khieu dam doc hay cuc
truyen khieu dam doc hay cuc

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Published by: api-3759947 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ph\ue000n 1: Ph\ue000n M\ue001
L\ue002i M\ue001 \u00d0\ue000u:

Truy\ue003n v\u00f5 hi\ue003p Trung Hoa\ue004\u00e3 n\ue005i ti\ue006ng tr\u00ean kh\ue007p th\ue006 gi\ue008i tr\u00ean m\ue009y ch\ue00ac n\ue00bm nay.
Cung nh\ue00c m\ue00di ti\ue00eu thuy\ue006t kh\u00e1c, ngo\u00e0i nh\ue00fng chi ti\ue006t v\ue010 v\u00f5 h\ue00dc Trung Hoa, n\u00f3 c\u00f2n
di\ue011n t\ue012\ue004\ue000y\ue004\ue013 nh\ue00fng trung, hi\ue006u, ti\ue006t, nghi\u00e3 c\ue013a con ng\ue00c\ue014\u00ec. Nh\ue00cng \ue004\ue015c bi\ue003t\ue001 truy\ue003n
v\u00f5 hi\ue003p Trung Hoa, k\ue016 t\u00ecnh hay d\u00e3 s\ue017, b\ue018i c\ue012nh ch\u00ednh c\ue013a n\u00f3 l\u00e0 gi\ue008i giang h\ue019, m\ue01at x\u00e3
h\ue01ai ch\u00ecm, kh\u00f4ng\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc ch\u00ednh th\ue01cc ch\ue009p nh\ue01dn b\ue001i tri\ue010u\ue004\u00ecnh Trung Hoa cu. Gi\ue008i giang
h\ue019 n\u00e0y g\ue019m\ue004\ue013 c\ue012 m\ue00di th\u00e0nh ph\ue000n, gi\u00e0u c\u00f3, sang tr\ue00dng, tr\u00ed th\ue01cc..., nh\ue00cng ph\ue000n l\ue008n l\u00e0
nh\ue00fng h\ue01eng l\ue00ac l\u00e2m h\ue012o h\u00e1n t\ue00a t\ue01dp l\ue01dp ra gi\u00e1o ph\u00e1i, bang h\ue01ai\ue004\ue00e k\ue006t b\u00e8 \ue004\ue012ng (qua l\ue01ei
giang h\ue019) v\ue014\u00ed m\ue00ac\ue004\u00edch ch\u00ednh l\u00e0 ki\ue006m ti\ue010n-- m\ue01at c\u00e1ch quang minh nh\ue00c d\ue01ey v\u00f5, b\ue012o
ti\u00eau hay m\ue01at c\u00e0ch th\ue012o kh\ue009u nh\ue00c\ue00bn ch\ue01dn, c\ue00c\ue008p b\u00f3c. Nh\ue00fng ng\ue00c\ue002i s\ue018ng trong c\u00e1i
x\u00e3 h\ue01ai giang h\ue019 n\u00e0y\ue004\ue018i s\ue017 v\ue008i nhau theo m\ue01at lu\ue01dt l\ue003 g\ue000n nh\ue00c l\u00e0 lu\ue01dt r\ue01fng v\u00ec b\u00e0n ch\ue009t
c\ue013a n\u00f3 l\u00e0 b\ue009t th\u00e0nh v\ue00bn v\u00ed th\ue006 h\ue00d b! coi l\u00e0 m\ue01at lo\ue01ei "giang h\ue019 t\ue01c chi\ue006ng" l\u00e0 v\ue01dy. Nh\ue00c

\ue004\u00e3 n\u00f3 i \ue001 tr\u00ean, h\ue00d cung c\u00f3 nh\ue00fng lu\ue01dtl\ue003 ri\u00eang c\u00f9a h\ue00d(x\u00e3 h\ue01ai n\u00e0o m\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng v\ue01dy?)

nh\ue00cng v\u00ec kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 m\ue01at qui c\ue013 ch\ue015t ch" n\u00ean ai mu\ue018n l\u00e0m g\u00ec th\u00ec l\u00e0m, kh\u00f4n s\ue018ng m\ue018ng ch\ue006t, m\ue01enh\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc y\ue006u thua. Truy\ue003n v\u00f5 hi\ue003p Trung Hoa ph\ue000n l\ue008n ch# k\ue00e l\ue01ei m\ue01at ph\ue000n n\u00e0o\ue004\ue002i s\ue018ng (nh\u00e2n, tr\u00ed, dung) v\u00e0 h\u00e0nh tung (l\ue01fa l\ue00dc,\ue01cc hi\ue006p) c\ue013a gi\ue008i giang h\ue019 n\u00e0y m\u00e0 th\u00f4i. V\u00ec kh\u00f4ng mu\ue018n b! li\ue003t v\u00e0o lo\ue01ei d\u00e2m th\ue00c n\u00ean truy\ue003n ch# n\u00f3i s\ue014 qua nh\ue00fng chi ti\ue006t v\ue010 s$ hoang d\u00e2m c\ue013a gi\ue008i lang b\ue01et k\ue016 h\ue019 n\u00e0y. M\ue01at cu\ue018n phim v\u00f5 hi\ue003p Trung Hoa n\ue005i ti\ue006ng th\ue006 gi\ue008i g\ue000n\ue004\u00e2y cung ch# cho ta bi\ue006t ch\ue018n giang h\ue019 n\u00e0y l\u00e0 m\ue01at n\ue014i ng\ue00da h\ue005 c\u00e0n long. Nh\ue00fng\ue004o\ue01en sau\ue004\u00e2y s" k\ue00e r\u00f5 r\u00e0ng h\ue014n nh\ue00fng g\u00ec kh\u00f4ng th\ue00e kh\u00f4ng x%y ra

\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc trong gi\ue008i gian gh\ue019kho \u00e1ng \ue004\ue00ac n\u00e0y, d\ue00c\ue008im\ue01at kh\u00eda c\ue01enh d\u00e2m t\ue00ac. M\ue00ac \ue004\u00edch
ch\u00ednh ch# l\u00e0 mong b\ue01en\ue004\ue00dc "mua vui cho\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc m\ue01at v\u00e0i tr\ue018ng canh", kh\u00f4ng h\ue014n,
kh\u00f4ng k\u00e9m.

T\ue01dp "V\u00f4 K& - Tri\ue003u Minh" g\ue019m 4 ph\ue000n: PH'N M( (S\ue014 Sinh), PH'N \u00d0'U (Ho\ue01en
N\ue01en), PH'N GI)A (Th\u00e0nh T\u00e0i), v\u00e0 PH'N CU*I (Vang Danh). Truy\ue003n d$a theo b\ue01a+
Thi\u00ean \u00d0\ue019 Long K\u00fd c\ue013a t\u00e1c gi\ue012 Kim Dung do Ti\ue010n Phong d!ch th\u00e0nh b\ue01a C\u00f4 G\u00e1i \u00d0\ue019

Tr\ue00c\ue014ng V\u00f4 K&, con c\ue013a V\u00f5 \u00d0ang l\ue00ac hi\ue003p Tr\ue00c\ue014ng Th\u00fay S\ue014n v\u00e0 B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o H\u00e2n T\ue018
T\ue018, ra\ue004\ue002i tr\u00ean B\ue00bng H,a\ue004\ue012o, m\ue01at\ue004\ue012o hoang\ue001 c$c b\ue007c ch# c\u00f3 b\ue018n ng\ue00c\ue002i\ue001. Kim
Mao S\ue00c V\ue00c\ue014ng T\ue01e T\ue018n l\u00e0 ng\ue00c\ue002i th\ue01c t\ue00c.

Tr\ue00c\ue008c\ue004\u00f3, nh\u00e2n d!p B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o d\ue00c\ue014ng\ue004ao l\ue01dp danh\ue001 \ue004\ue012o V\ue00c\ue014ng B\u00e0n S\ue014n, T\ue01e
T\ue018n xu\ue009t hi\ue003n t\ue01ei n\ue014i \u00e1p \ue004\ue012o qu\ue009n h\u00f9ng r\ue019i c\ue00c\ue008p\ue004ao \u00d0\ue019 Long\ue004em\ue004i m\ue009t. Trong
\ue004\u00e1m qu\ue000n h\u00f9ng \ue004$cr$a ch# c\u00f3 H\u00e2n T\ue018T\ue018 l\u00e0 con g\u00e1i, con c\ue013a B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o ch\ue013,t\ue008i

d$ l\ue011. T\ue018 T\ue018 tr- tu\ue005i, s\ue007c n\ue00c\u00f3c h\ue00c\ue014ng tr\ue002i n\u00ean ai cung\ue004\ue00e \u00fd, th\ue000m y\u00eau tr\ue01am nh\ue008, m\u00ea
m%n t\u00e2m th\ue000n, trong s\ue018\ue004\u00f3 c\u00f3 nh\ue00fng t\u00f4n \ue004\ue019 c\ue013a danh m\u00f4n ch\u00ednh ph\u00e1i nh\ue00c Cao T\ue007c
Th\u00e0nh, T\ue00c\ue014ng \u00d0\u00e0o c\ue013a ph\u00e1i C\u00f4n Lu\u00e2n v\u00e0 Tr\ue00c\ue014ng Th\u00fay S\ue014n c\ue013a ph\u00e1i V\u00f5 \u00d0ang. C\u00f2n
b\ue00dn b\u00e0ng m\u00f4n t\ue012\ue004\ue01eo th\u00ec th\u00f4i kh,i n\u00f3i,\ue004\ue01ca n\u00e0o cung m\ue014 t\ue00c\ue001ng t\ue008i m\ue01at cu\ue01ac giao
hoan v\ue008i c\u00e1i th\u00e2n th\ue00e m\ue010m m\ue01ei, tha th\ue00c\ue008t nh\ue00cng g\ue01bi d\ue00ac c\ue013a n\u00e0ng. Nh\ue00cng n\ue01cng th\u00ec
n\ue01cng, kh\u00f4ng ai d\u00e1m bu\u00f4ng l\ue002i tr\u00eau gh.o hay h\u00e0nh \ue004\ue01ang kh\u00edch d\u00e2m v\ue008i T\ue018 T\ue018 v\u00ec
n\u00e0ng gi\ue00f ch\ue01cc h\ue00c\ue014ng ch\ue013, m\ue01at ch\ue01cc v\ue00a quan tr\ue00dng trong B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o. M\ue01at l\u00ed do
n\ue00fa l\u00e0 T\ue018 T\ue018 kh\u00f4ng nh\ue00fng\ue004.p m\u00ea h\ue019n m\u00e0 t\u00ednh t\u00ecnh l\ue01ei r\ue009t ki\u00eau k\ue016. N\u00e0ng bi\ue006t m\u00ecnh
khi\u00eau g\ue01bi khi\ue006n nhi\ue010u ng\ue00c\ue002i ham mu\ue018n, kh\u00f4ng th\u00e8m li\ue006c m\ue007t\ue004\ue006n ai, ch#\ue004\ue00e \u00fd\ue004\ue006n l\ue00ac
hi\ue003p ph\u00e1i V\u00f5 \u00d0ang v\u00ec ch\u00e0ng c\u00f3 v\u00f5 c\u00f4ng cao m\u00e0 l\ue01ei\ue004.p trai tu\ue009n t\u00fa.

Sau khi c\ue00c\ue008p\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc\ue004ao \u00d0\ue019 Long, T\ue01e T\ue018n mu\ue018n gi\ue006t h\ue006t m\ue00di ng\ue00c\ue002i\ue004\ue00e b!t mi\ue003ng,
nh\ue00cng v\u00ec thua cu\ue01ac v\ue008i Th\u00fay S\ue014n, h\ue007n ph\ue012i nghe theo l\ue002i ch\u00e0ng tha m\ue01eng s\ue018ng cho
h\ue00d nh\ue00cng ch# sau khi l\u00e0m m\ue00di ng\ue00c\ue002i s\ue018ng d\ue001 ch\ue006t d\ue001,\ue004i\u00ean\ue004i\u00ean kh\u00f9ng kh\u00f9ng b\ue001i
c\u00f4ng phu S\ue00c T\ue017 H\ue018ng c\ue013a h\ue007n. Tuy Th\u00fay S\ue014n kh\u00f4ng m\ue001 mi\ue003ng xin tha m\ue01eng cho
T\ue018 T\ue018, T\ue01e T\ue018n cung kh\u00f4ng h\ue01ei n\u00e0ng v\u00ec h\ue014n ai h\ue006t h\ue007n th\ue009y ngay T\ue018 T\ue018 l\u00e0 m\ue01at trang
nguy\ue003t th.n hoa nh\ue00c\ue002ng, xing\ue004.p n\ue005i b\ue01dt trong\ue004\u00e1m qu\ue000n h\u00f9ng, b, qua r\ue009t u\ue005ng.
T\ue01e T\ue018n\ue004\u00e3 c\u00f3 ch\ue013 \u00fd n\u00ean h\ue007n b\ue007t \u00e9p Th\u00fay S\ue014n v\u00e0 T\ue018 T\ue018 theo h\ue007n l\u00ean thuy\ue010n\ue004i t\ue008i
m\ue01at h\u00f2n\ue004\ue012o v\ue007ng\ue001 m\ue01at th\ue002i gian.

Tr\u00ean thuy\ue010n, Th\u00fay S\ue014n v\u00e0 T\ue018 T\ue018, l\u00fac n\u00e0y hai ng\ue00c\ue002i\ue004\u00e3 c\u00f3 t\u00ecnh \u00fd, n\u00f3i nh, v\ue008i nhau
m\ue00cu toan \u00e1m h\ue01ei lo\ue01ei b, T\ue01e T\ue018n\ue004i cho r\ue019i. T\ue01e T\ue018n nghe\ue004\ue00c\ue00dc nh%y t\ue008i\ue004 \ue009u ch\ue00c\ue001ng
v\ue008i Th\u00fay S\ue014n l\u00e0m ch\u00e0ng m\ue003t mu\ue018n\ue004\ue01ct h\ue014i. Kim Mao S\ue00c V\ue00c\ue014ng T\ue01e T\ue018n c\u00f4ng l$c
cao c\ue00c\ue002ng, luy\ue003n\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc nh\ue00fng b\ue01a v\u00f5 c\u00f4ng\ue004\ue015c d! n\u00ean th\u00e2n th\ue00e cao l\ue008n, v\ue015m v/, t\u00f3c
v\u00e0ng b\ue007p tay b$, y h\ue003t nh\ue00c m\ue01at th0ng v\u00f5 si\ue004\u00f4 v\ue01dt M1, Th\u00fay S\ue014n kh\u00f4ng sao\ue004!ch n\ue005i
n\u00ean ch\u00e0ng b! \u00e1p\ue004\ue012o d\ue00c\ue008i lu\ue019ng ch\ue00c\ue001ng l$c kinh h\ue019n c\ue013a h\ue007n. T\ue018 T\ue018 h\u00e3i s\ue01b cho t\u00ednh
m\ue01eng c\ue013a t\u00ecnh nh\u00e2n n\ue00bn n# T\ue01e T\ue018n tha cho Th\u00fay S\ue014n. T\ue01e T\ue018n bu\ue01ac n\u00e0ng ph\ue012i th\ue010
theo h\ue007n l\u00ean hoang\ue004\ue012o. Th\u00fay S\ue014n nghe T\ue018 T\ue018 th\ue010 th\ue018t m\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng c\ue012n\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc v\u00ec
ch\u00e0ng v2n\ue004ang b! ch\ue00c\ue001ng l$c n\ue015ng n\ue010 t\ue01f tay T\ue01e T\ue018n\ue004\u00e8 xu\ue018ng, m\ue003t m,i n\u00f3i kh\u00f4ng
ra h\ue014i. Sau khi T\ue018 T\ue018 n\ue01cc n\ue001 th\ue010 th\ue018t r\ue019i, n\u00e0ng nh\u00ecn T\ue01e T\ue018n v\ue008i c\ue015p m\ue007t van l\ue014n.
Nh\u00ecn nh\ue00fng gi\ue00dt l\ue003\ue004\ue000m\ue004\u00eca tr\u00ean khu\u00f4n m\ue015t ki\ue010u di\ue011m c\ue013a n\u00e0ng, T\ue01e T\ue018n b3ng n\ue01cng
l\u00ean, c\ue00c\ue002i h\ue010 h\ue010:

- H\u00e2n co n\ue00c\ue014ng, t\ue008i g\ue000n\ue004\u00e2y.
H\u00e2n T\ue018 T\ue018 l\ue00c/ng l$ x\u00edch t\ue008i kh\u00f4ng bi\ue006t T\ue01e T\ue018n mu\ue018n g\u00ec. T\ue01e T\ue018n m\ue01at tay v2n v\ue01dn
ch\ue00c\ue001ng l$c\ue004\u00e8 xu\ue018ng Th\u00fay S\ue014n, m\ue01at tay n\u00e2ng c0m n\u00e0ng l\u00ean:
- C\ue001i qu\ue000n ta xu\ue018ng!
Kh\u00f4ng ng\ue002 T\ue01e T\ue018n n\u00f3i m\ue01at c\u00e2u k\ue016 l\ue01e nh\ue00c v\ue01dy, T\ue018 T\ue018\ue004ang c\u00f2n ng\ue000n ng\ue01f th\u00ec h\ue007n\ue004\u00e3
nh\ue009n m\ue01enh tay xu\ue018ng Th\u00fay S\ue014n l\u00e0m ch\u00e0ng r\u00ean l\u00ean th\ue001 h\ue019nh h\ue01ac. T\ue018 T\ue018 v\ue01ai v\u00e0ng
\ue004\ue00ca tay th\u00e1o l\ue00cng qu\ue000n T\ue01eT\ue018n ra r\ue019i tu\ue01atxu\ue018ng. N\u00e0ng b3ng k\u00eau l\u00ean m\ue01at ti\ue006ng kinh

ho\u00e0ng. Con cu c\ue013a T\ue01e T\ue018n\ue004ang l\u00ean n\ue017a ch\ue01fng ch\ue00ca c\ue00c\ue014ng c\ue01cng m\u00e0\ue004\u00e3 to l\ue008n qu\u00e1
c/, th\u00f2ng l\u00f2ng nh\ue00c m\ue01at tr\u00e1i d\ue00ca leo to d\u00e0i. Th\u00e2n th\ue00e T\ue01e T\ue018n cao to v\ue015m v/ m\u00e0 so
v\ue008i con cu n\u00e0y v2n c\u00f2n qu\u00e1 kh\ue005. Ch\ue00ca bao gi\ue002 n\u00e0ng th\ue009y cu c\ue013a ai m\u00e0 b$ nh\ue00c v\ue01dy.
M\u00e0 T\ue018 T\ue018\ue004\u00e3 nh\u00ecn c\ue015c nhi\ue010u ng\ue00c\ue002i r\ue019i ch\ue01c\ue004\u00e2u ph\ue012i l\u00e0 \u00edt! N\u00e0ng l\u00e0 h\ue00c\ue014ng ch\ue013 c\ue013a Ti\u00e1
Vi \u00d0\ue00c\ue002ng, m\ue01at ph\u00e2n b\ue01a trong B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o chuy\u00ean tr\u00f4ng coi nh\ue00fng thanh l\u00e2u, g\u00e1i
ch\ue01ca n\ue014i qua l\ue01ei c\ue013a nh\ue00fng kh\u00e1ch n\ue01cng c\ue015c t\u00ecm hoa n\u00ean T\ue018 T\ue018\ue004\u00e3 th\ue009y qua bi\ue006t bao
nhi\u00eau con c\ue015c n\ue01cng: to, nh,, d\u00e0i, ng\ue007n, tr\ue007ng,\ue004en...\ue004\ue013 c/,\ue004\ue013 ki\ue00eu. Th\ue01dt ra ngu\ue019n l\ue01bi
ch\u00ednh c\ue013a B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o l\u00e0 nh\ue00fng\ue005 m\u00e3i d\u00e2m ch\ue01ca g\u00e1i (g\u00e1i\ue004i\ue006m nh\u00e0 ngh\ue010\ue004\ue010u th\ue002
th\ue000n B\ue01ech Mi l\u00e0 v\ue01dy). Nh\ue00fng ph\u00e2n b\ue01a kh\u00e1c trong B\ue01ech Mi gi\u00e1o th\u00ec lo bao che, gi\ue00f g\u00ecn
tr\ue01dt t$ cho nh\ue00fng thanh l\u00e2u c\u00f2n T\ue018 T\ue018 th\u00ec cha n\u00e0ng giao cho n\u00e0ng c\ue000m\ue004\ue000u T\u00eda Vi
\u00d0\ue00c\ue002ng c\u00f3 nhi\ue003m v\ue00a tuy\ue00en g\u00e1i, ph\u00e2n ph\ue018i\ue004i\ue006m v\u00e0 ph\ue012i l\u00e0m sao cho kh\u00e1ch h\u00e0ng khi
tr\ue00c\ue008c v\u00e0o\ue004\ue01ang th\u00ec th\ue01dt n\ue01cng v\u00e0 khi ra\ue004\ue01ang th\u00ec th\ue01dt\ue004\u00e3. Tr\u00f4ng coi m\ue01at\ue004\u00e1m con g\u00e1i
l\u00fac n\u00e0o cung ch# c\u00f3 m\ue01at vi\ue003c l\u00e0\ue004\ue00ca l\ue019n ra\ue004\ue00e th,a m\u00e3n nh\ue00fng kh\u00e1ch n\ue01cng r\ue009t h\ue01bp
v\ue008i n\u00e0ng. R\u00e0nh ngh\ue010 nh\ue00c T\ue018 T\ue018 m\u00e0 khi n\u00e0ng nh\u00ecn th\ue009y cu c\ue013a T\ue01e T\ue018n th\u00ec n\u00e0ng c\u00f2n
h\ue006t h\ue019n. Cu\ue004\u00e3 to d\u00e0i m\u00e0 d\u00e1i h\ue007n cung b$ nh\ue00c hai q\ue013a cam s\ue000n s\u00f9i.

T\ue01e T\ue018n xoay m\u00f4ng l\ue01ei, chia cu ra tr\ue00c\u00f3c m\ue015t T\ue018 T\ue018, ra l\ue003nh:
- B\u00fa cu ta cho n\u00f3 th\u00e0nh c\ue015c ngay! N\ue006u kh\u00f4ng th\u00ec t\u00ean Th\u00fay S\ue014n n\u00e0y s" b, m\ue01eng d\ue00c\ue008i
tay ta l\ue01dp t\ue01cc.

T\ue018 T\ue018 nh\u00ecn Th\u00fay S\ue014n nh\ue00c th\ue000m n\u00f3i: "V\u00ec y\u00eau anh m\u00e0 em ph\ue012i b\u00fa c\ue015c n\u00f3\ue004\u00f3!", r\ue019i
n\u00e0ng l\u00e0m theo l\ue002i g\u00e3 h\ue00d T\ue01e. N\u00e0ng kh\u00f4ng d\u00e1m n\ue007m c\ue015c T\ue01e T\ue018n\ue004\ue00ca v\u00e0o mi\ue003ng m\u00e0
ch# c\u00fai\ue004\ue000u xu\ue018ng h\ue012 c\u00e1i mi\ue003ng xinh x\ue007n ra r\ue019i\ue004\ue00ca l\ue00c\u00f5i l\u00f9a\ue004\ue000u cu T\ue01e T\ue018n v\u00e0o
mi\ue003ng. M\ue01at khi \ue004\ue000u cu h\ue007n\ue004\u00e3 n0m trong mi\ue003ng n\u00e0ng r\ue019i, T\ue018 T\ue018 m\u00fat th\ue01dt m\ue01enh cho
con cu b$ c\ue013a T\ue01e T\ue018n chui t\ue00dt v\u00e0o h\ue00dng n\u00e0ng c\u00e0ng s\u00e2u c\u00e0ng t\ue018t. N\u00e0ng kh\u00f4ng mu\ue018n
li\ue006m l\u00e1p hay s\ue00ac s\ue01eo cu h\ue007n v\u00ec n\u00e0ng mu\ue018n ch\ue009m d\ue01ct m\u00e0n b\u00fa c\ue015c n\u00e0y v\u00e0 gi\ue012i tho\u00e1t
cho Th\u00fay S\ue014n c\u00e0ng mau s\ue008m. V\ue008i s\ue01cc m\u00fat m\ue01enh v\u00e0 n0m s\u00e2u trong h\ue00dng T\ue018 T\ue018, qu\ue012
nhi\u00ean con cu c\ue013a T\ue01e T\ue018n c\ue00cong n\ue001 nhanh ch\u00f3ng. H\ue014i th\ue001 T\ue01e T\ue018n nhanh d\ue000n, c\ue015c
h\ue007n b\u00e2y gi\ue002 to l\ue008n g\ue009p\ue004\u00f4i l\u00fac tr\ue00c\ue008c. T\ue018 T\ue018 cung c\ue012m th\ue009y con c\ue015c c\ue013a T\ue01e T\ue018n c\ue00bng
ph\ue019ng to l\u00ean trong mi\ue003ng n\u00e0ng\ue004\ue006n n3i n\u00e0ng ch# c\u00f2n ng\ue01dm\ue004\ue00c\ue01bc\ue004\ue000u c\ue015c v\u00e0 m\ue01at t\u00ed

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