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Mediation Saves Money and Resolves Conflict

Mediation Saves Money and Resolves Conflict

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Published by PR.com
Overview of counselor-mediation services and how they differ from attorney-mediation. Includes tips for choosing a mediator and how to if mediation is a good choice for your situation. Reviews availability of mediation in Apex, NC.
Overview of counselor-mediation services and how they differ from attorney-mediation. Includes tips for choosing a mediator and how to if mediation is a good choice for your situation. Reviews availability of mediation in Apex, NC.

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Published by: PR.com on Oct 13, 2011
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Mediation Saves Money and Resolves Conflict
Overview of counselor-mediation services and how they differ from attorney-mediation. Includestips for choosing a mediator and how to if mediation is a good choice for your situation. Reviewsavailability of mediation in Apex, NC.
Apex, NC, October 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Some people just seem to enjoy a good fight, and can tolerate,if not maintain, conflict in their lives for a ridiculously long time. Mediation is not for those people - It isfor the rest of us...the people who would rather have peace in their lives. Professional mediation servicesare now available in Apex at Lifescapes Counseling Associates.So, what is mediation? Most of us think of divorce when we hear the word “mediation”, but mediatorsresolve other conflicts as well. Almost any type of conflict can be mediated rather than litigated, as longas both parties in the dispute wish to have the dispute resolved. This process can be used effectively tosettle property distribution, custody, co-parenting concerns, business and contract matters, neighbor orfamily conflict, and many other civil issues.Mediation is a process that facilitates conflict resolution and agreement among disputing parties.Mediators may be either attorneys or counselors. They have specialized training, and are skilled inde-escalating emotional reactions, encouraging compromise and negotiation, clarifying the contextualissues surrounding a dispute, and simplifying problems. They are, in short, professional solution finders.Mediators provide a more efficient, respectful, and less costly alternative to courtroom litigation.Taking an opponent to court is an expensive and often painful process during which each party workshard to discredit the other side. They leverage evidence and present testimony to create a compelling caseto the judge, who will ultimately decide how the conflict will be resolved. Attorneys are necessary inlitigation, delays are a given, and the pricetag can be very high. The litigants also may not feel that theyhave much control over what is happening once their dispute enters the courtroom, which is the playingfield for their lawyers.The process of mediation tends to be much quicker than litigation in that it takes hours rather than weeksor months, although those hours may need to be split up over several sessions. It is also more respectful tothe disputing parties, in that they are speaking for themselves as they explain their perspective of theissue. The presence of the mediator allows for improved communication among the factions, who areprovided with guidance and a structure that facilitates rational discussion rather than emotional explosion.What should one consider when choosing a mediator? Choosing a professional service provider is animportant decision. In any such situation, one must look at licensure, certification, experience, and cost.There are however, some aspects of this choice that are specific to mediation:1) Do we need a counselor-mediator or an attorney-mediator?Counselor-Mediators are independently licensed mental health professionals with specialized training and
experience in mediation and conflict resolution. They are particularly well suited to handle conflictsinvolving complicated or intense emotions, substance abuse, difficult family situations, or psychologicaldisorders. Their strengths lie in the quality of interpersonal communication, their ability to de-escalateintense situations, and in their ability to develop trust and rapport in the professional relationship.Attorney-Mediators are licensed legal professionals who have particular interest and training inmediation. These mediators are the right choice for settling disputes that involve complicated legalmatters, where perhaps precedent or statutory law is unclear.While they do not have particular training in interpersonal communication or psychological issues, theybring to the table their status as an expert in legal matters.2) Personality and the comfort of both parties is an important consideration.Since conflict resolution involves vulnerability, the process is more effective when you are comfortablewith your mediator as a human being. When you first meet with a mediator, pay attention to how you feelin their presence, and how you feel about their capacity to moderate an intense situation.3) Location and appointment availability should be considered.As mediation generally requires multiple appointments, it makes sense to choose a professional that isconveniently located to you, and who offers appointments at times that work for you. While some timebetween appointments is necessary for reflection, preparation, and becoming comfortable with potentialcompromises, you also don't want to wait weeks or months between appointments - such delays makeeach appointment less efficient as there will need to be more “catch up.”4) Cost variesAlthough anyone considering this understands that mediation is significantly cheaper than litigation,charges vary among mediators. Attorneys that offer mediation tend to charge between $200 and $300 persession/hour of mediation. On the other hand, counselor-mediators charge between $150 and $200 persession/hour.Although mediation can be helpful in a wide range of conflict situations, there are situations in whichlitigation is more appropriate. If however, both parties are appropriately motivated to resolve their disputequickly and respectfully, are able to communicate well on their own behalf, and they are willing toconsider compromises, then mediation might be a great choice.Kelly J. G. McKendree, LPC of Lifescapes Counseling Associates in Apex is now offering professionalcounselor-mediation services for the Apex, Cary, Holly Springs area. In addition to offering privatemediation services, Kelly has also provided court-ordered mediation within the judicial system. She hasextensive experience in individual, couples and family counseling, co-parenting therapy, custodyevaluation, and conflict resolution. More information is available atwww.lifescapescounseling.com, or
by calling Lifescapes Counseling at 919.303.0273.Amy Benton Moulds, MEd, NCC, LPC, DCC is the Practice Director of Lifescapes CounselingAssociates, PLLC, located in Apex, NC.###

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