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Table Of Contents

About This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
What You’re Not to Read
Foolish Assumptions
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: Lining Up the Basic Strategies
Part II: Taking Charge of the Math
Part III: Tackling Word Problems fromAlgebra
Part IV: Taking the Shape of Geometric Word Problems
Part V: The Part of Tens
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here
Chapter 1
Latching onto the Lingo
Defining types of numbers
Gauging the geometric
Formulating financials
Interpreting the Operations
Naming the results
Assigning the variables
Aligning symbols and word forms
Drawing a Picture
Visualizing relationships
Labeling accurately
Constructing a Table or Chart
Finding the values
Increasing in steps
Chapter 2
Singling Out the Question
Wading through the swamp of information
Going to the end
Organizing the Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts
Eliminating the unneeded
Doing the chores in order
Estimating an Answer to Check for Sense
Guessing an answer
Doing a reality check
Choosing the Best Measure
Using miles instead of inches
Working with square feet instead ofsquare yards
Converting from One Measure to Another
Changing linear measures
Adjusting area and volume
Keeping It All in English Units
Comparing measures with unlikely equivalences
Loving you a bushel and a peck
Mixing It Up with Measures
Matching metric with metric
Changing from metric to English
Changing from English to metric
Laying Out the Steps to a Solution
Step 1: Determine the question
Step 2: Organize the information
Step 3: Draw a picture or make a chart
Step 4: Align the units
Step 5: Set up the operations or tasks
Solving the Problem
Step 6: Perform the operations or solving the equation
Step 7: Answer the question
Step 8: Check for accuracy and common sense
Does It All Add Up?
Determining when the sum is needed
Adding up two or more
What’s the Difference — When You Subtract?
Deciphering the subtraction lingo
Subtracting for the answer
How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?
Doing multiplication instead of repeated addition
Taking charge of the number of times
Dividing and Conquering
Using division instead of subtraction
Making use of pesky remainders
Mixing Up the Operations
Doing the operations in the correct order
Determining which of the many operationsto use
Relating Fractions, Decimals, andPercents
Changing from fractions to decimals to percents
Changing from percents back to fractions
Tackling Basic Percentage Problems
Decreasing by percents
Making the discount count
Determining an increase with percents
Tipping the Waitress without TippingYour Hand
Figuring the tip on your bill
Taking into account the discount
KISS: Keeping It Simple, Silly — withSimple Interest
Determining how much interestyou’veearned
Figuring out how much you need to invest
Working with the Math of Proportions
Solving proportions by multiplying or flipping
Going every which way with reducing
Dividing Things Up Equitably
Splitting things between two people unevenly
Figuring each person’s share
Comparing the proportions for differing amounts of money
Comparing Apples and Oranges
Determining the amounts in recipes
Figuring out weighted averages
Computing Medicinal Doses UsingProportions
Figuring the tablets for doses
Making the weight count
Defining and Computing Probability
Counting up parts of things for probability
Predicting the Outcomes
Predicting using empirical probabilities
Using theoretical probabilities
Figuring Out the Odds
Making the odds work for you
Determining the Total Count
Equating different money amounts
Adding it all up
Working Out the Denominations of Coins
Having the total and figuring out the coins
Going with choices of coins and bills
Figuring Coins from around the World
Making change in another country
Converting other currency to U.S. dollars
Solving for the Formula Amount
Delving into a Formula and Its Input
Taking an answer and finding the question
Comparing several inputs resulting inthesame output
Going the Distance with Formulas
Solving for distance traveled
Solving for rate or time
Testing the Temperature ofYourSurroundings
Changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius
Changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit
Cooling off with Newton’s Law
Writing Equations Using NumberManipulations
Changing from words to math expressions
Solving equations involving one number
Comparing Two Numbers in a Problem
Looking at the bigger, the smaller, andthemultiple
Varying the problems with variation
Squaring Off Using Quadratic Equations
Doubling your pleasure, doubling your fun
Disposing of the nonanswers
Adding Up Sets of Consecutives
Writing the list algebraically
Reconstructing a list
Writing up sums and solving them
Looking At Consecutive Multiples
Working with evens and odds
Expanding to larger multiples
Operating on consecutive integers
Finding Sums of Sequences of Integers
Setting the stage for the sums
Finding the sums of consecutive integers
Applying Consecutive Integers
Adding up building blocks
Finding enough seats
Laying bricks for a stairway
Assigning the Variable
Getting the answer directly from the variable
Adding a step to get the answer
Writing Operations and Using SentenceStructure
Making the most of addition
Subtracting and multiplying solutions
Dividing and conquering
Tackling an earlier problem
Solving for Answers from AlgebraicSolutions
Comparing the types of algebraic expressions
Checking to see if a solution is an answer
Standardizing Quality Times Quantity
Mixing It Up with Mixtures
Improving the concentration of antifreeze
Watering down the wine
Mixing up insecticide
Counting on the Money
Determining how many of each denomination
Making a marketable mixture of candy
Warming up to age
Making age an issue
Going Back and Forth into the Future and the Past
Looking to the future
Going back in time
Facing Some Challenges of Age
Summing Up the Distances
Meeting somewhere in the middle
Making a beeline
Equating the Distances Traveled
Making it a matter of time
Speeding things up a bit
Solving for the distance
Working It Out with Work Problems
Incoming and Outgoing
Writing Two Equations and Substituting
Solving systems by substitution
Working with numbers and amounts of coins
Figuring out the purchases of fast food
Breaking Even and Making a Profit
Finding the break-even point
Determining the profit
Mixing It Up with Mixture Problems
Gassing up at the station
Backtracking for all the answers
Making Several Comparisons with MoreThan Two Equations
Picking flowers for a bouquet
Coming up with a game plan for solving systems of equations
Solving Systems of Quadratic Equations
Counting on number problems
Picking points on circles
Finding the Height of an Object
Determining the height of a tree
Sighting a tower atop a mountain
Finding the height of a window
Determining Distances between Planes
Working with the distance apart
Taking into account the wind blowing
Figuring Out Where to Land the Boat
Conserving distance
Considering rate and time
Placing Things Fairly and Economically
Watching the Tide Drift Away
Keeping the Cows in the Pasture
Working with a set amount of fencing
Aiming for a needed area
Adding up for the entire area
Creating a Poster
Starting with a certain amount of print
Working with a particular poster size
Shedding the Light on a Norman Window
Maximizing the amount of light
Making the window proportional
Fitting a Rectangular Peg into a Round Hole
Putting rectangles into circles
Working with coordinate axes
The Pictures Speak Volumes
Folding Up the Sides for an Open Box
Following Postal Regulations
Finding the right size
Piling It On with a Conical Sand Pile
The Part of Tens
Three Pirates on an Island
Letter Arithmetic
Pouring 4 Quarts
Magic Square
Getting Her Exercise
Liar, Liar
Weighing Nine Nuggets
Where Did the Dollar Go?
How Many Weights?
Transporting a Fox, a Goose, and Corn
Napoleon Bonaparte
René Descartes
President James A. Garfield
Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
M. C. Escher
Sir Isaac Newton
Marilyn vos Savant
Leonardo da Vinci
Martin Gardner
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Math Word Problems for Dummies

Math Word Problems for Dummies

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Published by Sulaiman Rais

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Published by: Sulaiman Rais on Oct 13, 2011
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