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Dangerous Obsessions

Dangerous Obsessions

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Published by api-3754905

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Published by: api-3754905 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John Barrett, a vague business acquaintance of Sally and Mark Driscoll suddenly appears at their house finding Sally on her own. He has come to discuss some business with Mark and while they are waiting for him to come home, John closes and secretly locks one of the conservatory doors, keeping the key.

Mark enters and when confronted with the intentions of John he asks him to contact his secretary and arrange an appointment because he does not want to discuss the business at that time. John agrees and informs the two that his wife, Jane, has been the victim of an accident. Sally and Mark have first met Jane and John in Torquay.

John asks for the bathroom and when not seen, switches their alarm system off and removes
the incoming wires from the master junction box so that the telephone does not work.

He comes back and after a second refusal of Mark to discuss business with John, he locks the remaining doors and pulls out a gun. Sally tries to press the panic button, without success, as the alarm system has been switched off. Mark tries to threaten John with phoning the police, but John, member of a gun club, fires twice.

Sally fetches another drink and thereby tries to call the police, but the phone does not work.
John starts questioning the two, informing them about his investigations which he has started after
finding love letters of Jane addressed to Mark.

After threatening to kill him, it finally results that Mark had an affair with Jane and spent the weekend of the accident with her in a hotel in Bournemouth, registering as Roger Price. He called Sally from this hotel and asked her how her mother was (Sally spent the weekend with her mother, who was in hospital) to make her believe that he was in Jersey for a business appointment.

Although Jane and Mark arrived separately, the fact that they left together due to an argument between them, attracted staff gossip in the hotel. Jane was \u201cbeginning to take it all too seriously\u201d and was thinking about divorce and remarriage, which gave rise to a disagreement between Mark and Jane. Due to the fact that Sally\u2019s father left her a lot of money, Mark does not want a divorce. Jane got upset and Mark drove the car, having had several dry martinis. They had an accident in which the passenger side was damaged more than the driver\u2019s. Mark thought that Jane was dead (she is actually in coma) and pulled her to the driver\u2019s side, to avoid being breathalysed. However, he did not properly secure the seatbelt, which was another incident for John that she had not been driving, since she would have been thrown out of the car.

After having forced Mark to answer all questions, John threatens to kill him in order to pay for
what he has done. Sally now has to decide what her part is to be in this family drama.

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