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River Cities' Reader Issue - #788 - September 29, 2011

River Cities' Reader Issue - #788 - September 29, 2011

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Oct 13, 2011
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River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 18 No. 788 • September 29 - October 12, 2011
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 18 No. 788 • September 29 - October 12, 2011
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
City. Dubbed “Occupy Wall Street,” thisencampment in the financial district beganon September 17 and, until videos of policebrutality hit the Web, had gone largely unreported in the mainstream media.Nearly everyone got ripped off,including the cops guarding theseprotesters. As a protest sign sweetly andinnocently demands:“Say Sorry! To All of Us!”After more thana week of protest,more than a hundredpeople have already been arrested. Severalhave been roughedup, with cops beingcaught on still and video cameraspepper-spraying oryanking the hair of young women, orslamming people to the ground. Sadly,these cops are fighting against their owninterest. Bankrupted by Wall Street, citiesall over America are laying off policemen
Wall Street Vs. Everybody
by Linh Dinh
“Wall Street got drunk […] It got drunk and now it’s got a hangover.” – George W. Bush
s usual, Bush got it wrong. WallStreet soberly and cynically got therest of us drunk on dreams of homeownership, a robust stock portfolio, and acozy retirement. This slurry bacchanal wasfueled by the housingbubble and, whenthat exploded in ourfaces, bailouts savedWall Street fromany hangover, so it’sus who will sufferthrough a tortur-ous, decades-longheadache of a ruinedeconomy.But who are us,exactly? Us arethe poor and themiddle class, unions,retirement funds, and governments at alllevels – federal, state, and city. Us are 99percent, according to the mostly youngprotesters at Liberty Park in New York 
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left and right. Why defend the crooksof Wall Street, cops, when they havedirectly caused many of your colleaguesto be thrown onto the streets? When youyourself may end up on a park bench in thenear future?The conflict between cops and protesterscan be partly attributed to a clash of styles,to the eternal jocks-vs.-freaks dichotomy,but dear policemen, these young peopleare actually on your side. In spite of theircolorful or eccentric clothing, odd haircuts,
Davenport4810 Elmore Ave.359-1228
Browning Field
Moline1635 23rd Ave.762-4626
John Deere Rd.
Moline4101 44th Ave.764-7303
East Moline
Moline1842 18th Ave.755-9123
Rock Island
2532 18th Ave.786-0035
902 W. 4th St.787-4884
Kennedy Square
East Moline4117 Kennedy Dr.755-4747
Old Town
Davenport903 E. Kimberly R.391-3323
53rd Street
Davenport1640 53rd St.386-33188
2320 Spruce Hills Dr.355-3919
West Locust
Davenport1432 W. Locust St.322-2275
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Cops are fighting against their own interest. Bankrupted by Wall  Street, cities all over  America are laying off  policemen left and right.
Photo by Linh Dinh

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