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Shaumbra Monthly October 2011

Shaumbra Monthly October 2011

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Published by Jean Tinder

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Published by: Jean Tinder on Oct 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spiritual awakening is a deeply personaland profound experience. It can belonely, challenging, and at times it canturn your entire world upside down. Butyou are never alone!
The Crimson Circle is a global afliationof human angels that understands the journey of awakening. We share our wisdom, our stories and our love of life,all without membership, dues or rules.From our home base in Colorado,USA we connect with people in over 140 countries.We love to laugh, we’ve been knownto cry, and more than anythingwe welcome you to join us in thecelebration of awakening.
is published bythe Crimson Circle, Golden, ColoradoUSA. Click here to read past issues.Geoffrey HoppeFounder – Chief Editor Linda Benyo - Founder Jean Tinder - Editor  jeant@crimsoncircle.comMark Benyo – Art Director STAFFAlain BoleaBonnie CapelleJohn KuderkaMichelle MacHaleMary Alyce OwensSuzy SchemelLindsay Yogi
Crimson Circle Energy Co.PO Box 7394Golden, CO 80403 USAwww.crimsoncircle.com
© Copyright 2011 Crimson CircleEnergy Company, Inc.
In This Issue
Where were you when you heard that Steve Jobs died? I was in Parison the front end of the Tour de Love when I heard the news. It didn’tcome as a surprise to me because Jobs had been ill with pancreaticcancer for several years and he recently resigned as CEO of Apple. Butfor me it came as a sad moment because of the impact he had on mepersonally as well as on human consciousness.Steve Jobs was my hero. I bought my first Apple product almost 25years ago. At the time I owned a marketing consulting company in Dallasand it was natural for creative companies to use Apple products. Mytechnical and financial acquaintances scoffed at the “toy” and suggestedthat I get a real computer, but I quickly became an Apple devotee, a Mac junkie, a Jobs follower. I’ve been using them ever since – and rather smugly, I admit. Now all but one of the Crimson Circle staff uses a Mac,even the ones who initially swore they’d never switch from the PC world.I like Apple products because they’re intuitive. I’ve never read amanual or taken a class. Jobs was emphatic about the design and humaninterface features of Apple products, so that a user could simply flip onthe switch and dive into the experience, whether the product was a Macdesktop or laptop computer, or the new line of personal empowermentproducts such as the iPhones and iPads.I felt very connected to Steve Jobs, something I don’t think I cansay about any other corporate CEO. We were both born in 1955. Jobswas a college drop-out… so was I. I lived in Mountain View, Californiafrom late 1973 – 1976. During that exact time Steve Jobs and SteveWozniak (his Apple co-founder) were building the first Apple computer inJobs’ parents garage just a few miles away. Jobs was thrown out of hiscompany in 1985; I was relieved of duties (i.e. fired) from the companyI co-founded.Jobs returned to Apple in 1996 and eventually turned it into one of themost successful companies in history. Apple is reported to have morecash reserves than the US government, and a larger net worth thanmost countries in the world.What I truly admired about Jobs was that he was a maverick, a non-conformist, a visionary and a New Thinker. The traditional businessworld I came from was over-MBA’ed, over-suited, over-managed andoverly-focused on the bottom line rather than the Heart Line.
Farewell to a Pioneer
By Geoffrey Hoppe
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October 13-23, 2011
European Book Tour
Germany- Basel- Zurich- Vienna- Berlin- Hanover- HamburgOctober 13, 2011
Evening Seminar & Channel
Basel, SwitzerlandOctober 14, 2011
Evening Seminar & Channel
Zurich, SwitzerlandOctober 15-16, 2011
Body of Consciousness
Zurich, SwitzerlandOctober 19, 2011
Alchemy of Light & Dark 
 Vienna, AustriaOctober 21, 2011
Alchemy of Light & Dark 
Berlin, GermanyOctober 22, 2011
Half-day Seminar & Channelings
Hanover, GermanyOctober 23, 2011
Body of Consciousness
Hamburg, GermanyNovember 5, 2011
November Monthly Meeting
Golden, Colorado, United States
Upcoming events withGeoffrey and Linda Hoppe, andlive Adamus channels.For more information go to:www.crimsoncircle.com/events

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