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The Issue at Hand - Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice

The Issue at Hand - Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice

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Published by Om Al Shanti

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Published by: Om Al Shanti on Oct 13, 2011
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 The Issue at Hand
Essays on BuddhistMindfulness Practice
iiGrateful acknowledgement is made to the followingfor permission to print:Aversion of “Theravada—The Way of Liberation.”Originally pub-lished in
The Complete Guide to Buddhist America
,edited by DonMorreale © 1988,1998 by Don Morreale.Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications,Inc.,Boston,www.shambhala.com.Material in the essays “Brief Instructions for Sitting Meditation,”“Brief Instructions for Loving-Kindness Meditation,”“Metta,”and“Fear.”Adapted from work previously published in “Voices from SpiritRock© 1996 Spirit Rock Meditation Center.Aversion of “The Body at the Center.”Originally published inInquiring Mind (Fall 1994,Vol.II,No.1).Aversion of “Mindfulness of Intentions.”Originally published in theSpirit Rock Newsletter in an article titled “Mindfulness with anAttitude”(March-August 1999).Aversion of “Questioning as Practice.”Originally published in Tricycle Magazine (Winter 2000,Vol.X,No.2).Copyright © by Gil Fronsdal 2001All rights reserved.Printed in the United States of America.No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.Fourth EditionFebruary2008.Fifth Printing.ISBN 978-0-615-16286-7Cover Artand Design by Stephen Browning © 2001
AcknowledgementsIntroduction:The Issue at Handviii The Four Noble Truths1Intolerance To Suffering12 The Practice Of Mindfulness16How Mindfulness Works when It Doesnt Work19 The Storms of Spiritual Life22Heartfelt Practice25Karma27Generosity30 The Practice of Generosity33Virtue:The Five Precepts36Brief Instructions for Sitting Meditation40Mindfulness of Breathing44 The Body at the Center47Mindfulness of Emotions53Mindfulness of Thoughts57Mindfulness of Intentions60Being a Naturalist65According with Nature68 Working with Anger72Fear76Metta82Loving-Kindness Meditation85Compassion:88Patience90 The Perfection of Wisdom94Concentration98Receptive Awareness102AwakeningAwareness Set Free105 Taking Refuge108 The Jewel of the Sangha110

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