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W_ Q_ Judge, A Theosophical Worthy

W_ Q_ Judge, A Theosophical Worthy

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After Persecuting William Q. Judge in the 1890s, Mrs. Besant Makes Compliments to Him in 1909
After Persecuting William Q. Judge in the 1890s, Mrs. Besant Makes Compliments to Him in 1909

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Published by: Vislumbres Da Outra Margem on Oct 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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W. Q. Judge, a Theosophical Worthy
After Persecuting William Q. Judge in the 1890s,Mrs. Besant Makes Compliments to Him in 1909
Annie Besant
William Q. Judge
A 2011 Editorial Commentary:
he story of Mrs. Annie Besant’s statements with regard to William Judge isindeed remarkable. In her “Watch-Tower” column at “Lucifer”
magazinefor May 1892, she was happy to declare that William Judge would be the nextinternational president of the Theosophical Society. By then, Henry S. Olcotthad announced his retirement. William Judge was the vice-president, andAnnie Besant wrote:
“It is clear that Bro. Judge will be the next president, whether now or at somefuture date, but whether he will take office at once or not will remain doubtfulfor some months.”One month later, on her “Watch-Tower” for June 1892, Mrs. Besantannounced Judge’s visit to England with enthusiastic words:“William Q. Judge, one of H.P. Blavatsky’s oldest and most trusted friends,will be among us in English soil once more. As has already been shown by thevotes of the Theosophical Society, he is to be the Society’s next president, andif the past may count for anything in judging of the future, no hands could befound to which to confide its destinies more loyal, more strong, and moretrue.”In the following year, Annie Besant had not turned yet against Judge and theoriginal teachings of theosophy. Therefore she made these apparently sincerecompliments to Mr. Judge in the April 1893 edition of “Lucifer”, pp. 89-90:“… I want to place on record here my testimony to the splendid work done inAmerica by the Vice-President of our Society, the General Secretary of the[USA] Section, William Q. Judge. H.P.B. knew well what she was doingwhen she chose that strong quiet man to be her second self in America, toinspire all the workers there with the spirit of his intense devotion andunconquerable courage. In him is the rare conjunction of the business qualitiesof the skilful organizer, and the mystical insight of the Occultist - acombination, I often think, painful enough to its possessor with the shock of the two currents tossing the physical life into turbulence, but priceless in itsutility to the movement. For he guides it with the strong hand of the practicalleader, thus gaining for it the respect of the outer world; while he is its life andheart in the region where lie hidden the real sources of energy. For out of theinner belief of members of the T.S. in the reality of spiritual forces springs theactivity seen by the outer world, and our Brother’s unshakable faith in theMASTERS and in Their care for the movement is a constant encouragementand inspiration to all who work with him.”However, in June 1894 Annie Besant joined Mr. Alfred Sinnett’smediumnistic sessions of “talks” with imaginary Masters, at the LondonLodge of the TS.Alfred Sinnett had started promoting those false contacts with Masters duringHPB’s life. Mrs. Besant was perfectly aware of that, since the fact was well-known at the time and she had been an H.P.B. student for a couple of years.
Sinnett reports about Besant’s adherence to his séances in his Autobiography,which Adyar leaders have since then tried to keep in oblivion, but could neverdeny. He writes:“Perhaps Mrs. Besant’s regard for Leadbeater may be explained in this way.She had been admitted by her own request to the meetings of our LondonLodge group in June 1894. Up to that time her psychic faculties had notdeveloped. Leadbeater was one of the most important elements in our group.
(….) I think the close relationship that grew between him and Mrs. Besant(…) did much to stimulate the development of her faculties.”
 A few months after starting to talk to false masters, instead of repenting andconfessing her own forgeries, Annie Besant preferred to accuse Mr. Judge of “forging false contacts with Masters” and started a “Case” against him. Theparadoxical action was unethical, but produced results. Previously, it hadbeen convenient for her political career to make compliments to William Q.Judge. Now her colleagues were spreading rumours against him and she couldgain much more power by speaking ill of Judge.Having suddenly changed from one extreme to the other, Mrs. Besant wrote inMay 1895:“It is of the first importance to show that honest men cannot continue to work with Mr. Judge, unless they are prepared to be betrayed behind their backs inthe work of the Society, and that Mr. Judge’s own conduct, and his continueddeceptions, force us, however, reluctantly, to say: ‘Mr. Judge must be expelledfrom the Society, for his methods are dishonest and he corrupts his fellow-workers’. Unless America saves us from the necessity of demanding hisexpulsion, by seceding from the parent Society, Europe must endorse thedemand for expulsion coming from India and Australasia”.
In this way Mrs. Besant caused the division of the movement, whilesuccessfully gaining the worldwide political control of the Society. At thesame time she abandoned the original teachings of theosophy, favoringillusory forms of clairvoyance instead.Led by her own Karma, Mrs. Besant felt it was not enough to have imaginarycontacts with HPB’s Masters within the limits of the séances organized by Mr.Sinnett. She soon started talking in intimate terms also to the “King of theWorld”, the “Manu” and “Lord Christ”, among other products of herimagination. Mary Lutyens’ books describe the process in detail, including theparody of the return of Jesus “Krishnamurti” Christ.

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