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Asian Journal Oct 14-20, 2011 digital edition

Asian Journal Oct 14-20, 2011 digital edition

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Oct 13, 2011
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36th Annual SAMAHAN Concert of Music & Dance, Oct 15-16 .. p. 24 Church and State: A Tale of Two Cities.. p. 11
Noy rejects state honors for Marcos
(Continued on page 17)
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
 Publisher & Editor in Chief,
 Asian Journal San Diego
Chapter 10
Fantasy Land 
Brouhaha over sex tourism
San Diego Asian Film Festivalto be held October 20 - 28, 2011
Buko Juice, Anyone?
The Actress Wife
The San Diego Asian FilmFestival (SDAFF) is excitedto announce its twelfth seasonwhich runsOCTOBER 20-28, 2011at the Mis-sion ValleyUltraStar Cinemas(7510 Haz-ard Center Drive, SanDiego, CA92108). As
one of the largest lm exhi-
 bitions of its kind in North
America, more than 160 lms
will premiere from 21 coun-tries. More than a hundred
lmmakers, actors, and indus-
try guests are scheduled to at-tend including Kelly Hu (THESCORPION KING, ALMOSTPERFECT), Hong Kong Ac-tor/Singer EdisonChen,SungKang(FASTFIVE),HarryShum Jr (GLEE),IAMMEDanceCrew (2011 Winners of MTV’s America’s Best DanceCrew), CS Lee (DEXTER),and many more.
Opening night lm on Thursday,
 Arts & Culture
Msgr. GutierrezBen Maynigo
 Lucky 9, Cloud 9, Love Potion Number 9 .. p. 9
October 14-20, 2011
(Continued on page 9)
(Continued on page 20)
(Continued on page 19)(Continued on page 8)
PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
The original and first Asian Journal in America
550 E. 8th St., Ste. 6, National City, San Diego County CA USA 91950 | Ph: 619.474.0588 | Fx: 619.474.0373 | Email: asianjournal@aol.com | www.asianjournalusa.com
PRST STDU.S. Postage PaidPermit No. 203Chula VistaCA 91910
San Diego’s first and only Asian Filipino weekly publication and a multi-award winning newspaper! Online+Digital+Print Editions to best serve you!
(Continued on page 8)
October 14-20, 2011
I Survived the Worst Floodingin Hagonoy, Bulacan
 A Balikbayan’s Account: The Floods of 2011
by Msgr. FernandoGutierrez
I went to the Philippines on June3, 2011 for vacation and physi-cal therapy. For three months Iwas enjoying my stay at home atSto. Niño, Hagonoy, Bulacan. Thecoastal barrios of Hagonoy are
virtually 24/7 as shermen go out
to the sea at night for hours. Theyimmediately sorted out their catchand sold at the local public marketsand “talipapa” (local market) of the barangays (barrios). Their catchare also transported to the publicmarkets in nearby towns and upto the public/private markets andsupermarkets in Metro Manila. Thetown of Sto. Niño adjacent to thePoblacion (town proper) is host tothe numerous brokers of prawnsfor the domestic and export mar-
The areas shaded in purple show the flooded 
areas in Pangasinan (top), Nueva Ecija (right),and Bulacan (bottom). Note Hagonoy, Bulacan’s proximity to Manila Bay. GMANews.TV 
 By Aurea Calica (The Philippine Star 
) | MANILA,Philippines - There will be nostate honors for the late dicta-tor Ferdinand Marcos under the Aquino administration if 
and when his family nally
decides to bury him.President Aquino madethis clear yesterday, saying itwould be “the height of injus-tice” to martial law victimsto have the late strongmanaccorded state honors.Aquino earlier ruled out a burial for Marcos at the Libin-gan ng mga Bayani.“We have so many victimsof the martial law years whohave not gotten even a rec-ognition formally from thegovernment and they werevictims. They have not beenaccorded an apology, the com- pensation bill is still pend-ing, and it would be really Ithink the height of injusticeto render any honors to the person who was the directmastermind of all their suffer-ing,” Aquino told a gatheringof local and foreign newsmenat the Mandarin Oriental hotelyesterday.Marcos’ senator son andnamesake lambasted Aquinofor the decision, saying “thePresident has wasted a verygood opportunity to unify thenation.” The chief of staff of 
former rst lady Imelda Mar-
cos said the senator has beendesignated family spokesmanon the issue. Mrs. Marcos
is reportedly conned in an
undisclosed hospital.Aquino had tasked VicePresident Jejomar Binay tostudy calls by the family andsupporters of the late strong-man that he be buried withhonors at the Libingan ng mgaBayani. They said Marcosdeserved a hero’s burial at theLibingan because he had beena war hero and a president.Marcos’ supporters revivedcalls for him to be buried atthe Libingan after former military chief Angelo Reyes,who committed suicide lastFebruary at the height of aSenate investigation into mili-tary corruption, was interredat the cemetery.
Binay recommended militaryGLIMPSES By Jose Ma. Monteli- bano , PDI | MANILA, 10/14/2011-- Buko juice.There is some-thing uncannyabout what P-Noycan sometimessay that goesstraight to theFilipino heart,like “no wang-wang,” or “kungwalang kurap,walang mahirap.”The intellectualwho cannot reach below the surfacewill smirk at simple-mindedness,then is bewildered at the impact of simple phrases on the Filipino pub-lic. After all their attempts at learneddiagnosis and prognosis, andtheir doomsday predictions abouta president whodoesn’t seem tounderstand gov-ernance, has novision, and little political will,P-Noy gets thehighest approvaland trust ratingsof any presidentafter one year in
Watch LEFT BY THE SHIP on Sunday,Oct. 23 and Wednesday, Oct. 26.
The entire audience, all VIP guests, seated atthe grandstand during the presidential inaugurationwere in awe as they watched the handsome sixty-year-old Filipino gentlemen in crisp and white Bar-ong Tagalog holding his pretty Hollywood actresswife’s hand as they walked towards their seats.
To say she was the most beautiful in the event was an under-statement. She was a class by herself. The bevy of beautifulFilipino movie actresses, who paraded before the camera andappeared on the giant TV screen in front of the audience, werelike stars in the universe that dimmed their glow to make wayto the shiniest of them all. An aura surrounded her. She wasnot just a pretty face; tall and slender, she was much prettier than her peers in Hollywood land. Her thick eyebrows, natu-rally tanned skin, sharp nose and dark eyes separated her from
the rest of the ock. As an actress, she was respected for her 
challenging movie roles. She was not an ordinary movie star, but one who proved her excellence through the years, fromthe time she started as a model in advertising commercials asa sixteen year old to her latest role at the age of forty. Unlikeother movie stars, she graduated with honors at an Ivy Leagueschool, Princeton University, in between movies. In fact, she met her husband, Max Dullesco, in a summer  before her senior year. Max, twenty years her senior, was attending a business seminar for entrepreneurswhen they bumped into each other. He didn’t know she was an actress, which endeared him to her. For once,she met somebody who wanted to meet her not because of her celebrity status but as a person. Although her  pretty face helped.They met each other again during a small reception for a visiting Nobel Prize-winning professor. Theyfound themselves right in front of each other making small talk with other guests when their eyes met.“Hi!” he initiated the talk.“Hello,” she replied.
 PERISCOPE by Perry Diaz | 10/10/2011 --
Little did United StatesAmbassador Harry Thomasrealize that his comments onsex tourism and child traf-
cking during a roundtable
discussion with a group of appellate court justices wouldignite a maelstrom of contro-versy. “I estimate that maybeup to 40 percent of foreignmen who come here comefor sexual tourism and that isunacceptable,” he said. “Thatis not something I’m proudof. That’s not something youshould be proud of.”
Page 2October 14-20, 2011 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
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 Law Ofces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Jean Tinsay, Esq.
Legal Buzz
Read Atty. Jean Tinsay’s previous articles by visitingour website at
Noy RejectsState Honorsfor Marcos
(Continued from page 1)
 LEGAL BUZZ by Atty. JeanS. Tinsay, Esq.
| SAN DIEGO |SAN FRANCISCO | MANILA,10/14/2011 -- I recently received aquery from a client, a U.S. perma-
nent resident, who wanted to le an
immigrant petition for her mother.I had to explain to her that there isno immigrant visa category for aU.S. permanent resident petitioningfor a parent and that we had to waituntil she is a U.S. citizen before we
can le an immigrant petition for 
her mother. There are certain basicimmigration facts that are worthknowing. This article provides some basic information relating to family- based immigrant petitions.U.S. permanent residency or natu-ralization brings with it certain bene-
ts, one of which is that it allows the
individual to bring his or her familyfrom abroad. Who you can bring tothe United States however, dependson whether you are a U.S. perma-nent resident or a naturalized U.S.citizen. A U.S. citizen can bring her or his spouse, parents, siblings andunmarried and married children (ad-opted, legitimate and illegitimate).U.S. permanent residents can only
le immigrant petitions for her or his
spouse and unmarried children (ad-opted, legitimate and illegitimate).Once an immigrant petition has
 been led and approved on behalf of 
the alien relative what follows nextdepends on whether the alien is an“immediate relative” or a “”family- based preference immigrant.” Animmediate relative is a parent,spouse or child under 21 years oldof a U.S. citizen. For these relatives,an immigrant visa is immediatelyavailable. Once the immigrant petition is approved, the USCIS for-wards the case to the National VisaCenter for visa processing. After the National Visa Center receives thevisa fees and all required documents,it will then send the relative alien anappointment for his or her immigrantvisa interview.“Family-based preference immi-grants” are other classes of relativeswho are not “immediate relatives.”These are unmarried children over 21 of a U.S. citizen, married childrenof a U.S. citizen, siblings of a U.S.citizen and the spouse and unmarriedchildren of a U.S. permanent resi-dent. For these relatives, immigrantvisa are not immediately availableand are subject to numerical limita-tions. The total annual immigrantvisas allotted for family-based preference immigrants is 226,000which is distributed to the differentcategories of relatives. For example,married children of U.S. citizens areallotted 23,400 immigrant visas per 
year. In addition to a xed quota
for each category, there is also a per country limit which is set a 7%.The Visa Bulletin which is pub-lished by the U.S. Department of State provides a monthly update of what priority dates are being pro-cessed and explains how immigrantvisas are allotted. All preferenceimmigrants are assigned a prior-ity date. The “priority date” is thedate when the immigrant petition on
 behalf of the alien relative was led.
Once the alien’s priority date is ear-lier than the cut-off date as it appearsin the Visa Bulletin that means animmigrant visa is now available tothat alien relative.The Visa Bulletin for November 2011 shows the following cut-off dates for the Philippines and other countries.First:(F1) Unmarried Sons andDaughters of U.S. Citizens Sec-ond: Spouses and Children, andUnmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents A. (F2A)Spouses and Children of Perma-nent Residents B. (F2B) Un-married Sons and Daughters (21years of age or older) of Perma-nent Residents Third:(F3) Mar-ried Sons and Daughters of U.S.Citizens Fourth:(F4) Brothers andSisters of Adult U.S. Citizens.
Immigration 101
In the chart below, the listing of a date for any class indicates thatthe class is oversubscribed (see paragraph 1); “C” means current,i.e., numbers are available for all
qualied applicants; and “U” means
unavailable, i.e., no numbers areavailable. (NOTE: Numbers areavailable only for applicants whose priority date is earlier than the cut-off date listed below.)
Family- SponsoredAll ChargeabilityAreas ExceptThose ListedCHINA-mainland bornINDIAMEXICOPHILIPPINESF122JUL0422JUL0422JUL0401APR9308FEB97F2A *15FEB0915FEB0915FEB0901DEC0815FEB09F2B01AUG0301AUG0301AUG0322NOV9215JUL01F322SEP0122SEP0122SEP0108DEC9222JUN92F415JUN0015JUN0015JUN0022APR9622AUG88
To view a complete copy of themonthly Visa Bulletin you can go tothe Department of State website atwww.travel.state.gov.
 Atty. Jean S. Tinsay is a partner in The Law Firm of Chua Tinsay and 
Vega (CTV) - a full service law rmwith ofces in San Francisco, San
 Diego and Manila. The information presented in this article is for gen-eral information only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advicenor the formation of an attorney-cli-ent relationship. The CTV attorneyswill be holding regular free legal clinics at the Max’s Restaurant inVallejo, California. Call or e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone con- sultation to discuss your particular  situation and/or how their servicesmay be retained at (415) 495-8088;(619) 955-6277; jtinsay@ctvattys.com
honors for Marcos but not a statefuneral or hero’s burial at the Lib-ingan ng mga Bayani. He also saidthe Marcoses had agreed to burythe late president in their hometownin Batac, Ilocos Norte but this wasdenied by the Marcos family.
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Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comOctober 14-20, 2011
San Diego News
The stage is set for the city of Chula Vista’s 100th birthday. The
 public is invited to the ofcial Chula
Vista Centennial Celebration at thescenic U.S. Olympic Training Center (OTC) on Saturday, October 15 fromnoon to 9 p.m. Gate admission isfree.Friends and family are encouragedto save the date, visit ChulaVista100.com and “Like” the Chula Vista 100Facebook page to receive the latestupdates.For Chula Vista, this is the partyof the century. Guests can dine allday with a variety of food vendorsand also in a special culinary tastingarea. In addition, the celebration willfeature a family-friendly carnival,London Olympics preview, livemusic and entertainment on twostages, craft beer and margaritagarden, shopping opportunities and a
reworks nale.
Reaching back to the city’s rootsas the original Lemon Capital of theWorld, guests will satisfy their taste buds in the Twist of Lemon tastingarea. Situated around the OlympicTorch, food lovers will sampleculinary offerings from over twentyrestaurants, featuring cocktails, des-serts and entrées that incorporate alemon theme. An additional twentycraft breweries, regional wineriesand spirit purveyors will serve zestysamplings.The Twist of Lemon tasting areawill be open from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.Tickets can be purchased online atChulaVista100.com for $25 prior tothe event, or on the day of the eventfor $30 (age 21 and over only).Families will enjoy the livelycarnival area, offering over twentyexhilarating games and activities.Get a thrill twirling on carnival ridesand snap candid shots as kids saddleup for a pony trot. Face painters and balloon artists will entertain every-one with smiles and surprises. In
Chula Vista Centennial Celebration:
 An Invitation to the City’s 100th Birthday Bash
Chula Vista’s party of the century to feature live music, 2012 Olympic preview, culinary
tasting area, craft beer garden, food and craft vendors and reworks nale
at scenic Olympic Training Center 
addition to the lively action, children
can learn about re safety and
 prevention in the Chula Vista FireDepartment’s interactive Fire House.The 2012 Olympics Preview will
showcase high-ying BMX athletes,navigating a track lled with jumps
and hairpin turns. Try out the new-est Olympic sport, introduced in the2008 Beijing Olympics, by riding a bike on the development track wherelocal kids can start their Olympicdreams. Catch the Olympic spiritthroughout the world-class trainingfacility and keep your eyes out for Olympians and Olympic hopefulswalking in your midst.After the Olympic experience,walk the Centennial Milestone Pathto check out the classic car display
featuring fty vintage vehicles from
Model Ts to low riders. The Centen-nial Milestone Path will also featureinspiring moments from ChulaVista’s history, illustrating the spiritand accomplishments of San DiegoCounty’s second largest city. Alongthe path, guests can shop for unique
With strong roots in Chula Vista,P.O.D. will take the stage following a
grand reworks show
CHULA VISTA, Calif. (Oct. 11, 2011) – Students from Chula Vista MiddleSchool’s choir will perform live withmulti-platinum and Grammy-nominatedrecording artists P.O.D. at the City of Chula Vista’s 100th birthday celebrationon the grounds of the scenic U.S. Olym- pic Training Center, Chula Vista thisSaturday, October 15. The all-day festivalis free and open to the public.
Following a grand reworks show that
will light up the night sky, P.O.D. willtake the stage at approximately 8:15 p.m.and plan to ignite the citywide celebra-tion with explosive hits like Alive, Boomand the song that willshowcase ChulaVista’s choir, Youth of A Nation.“The kids are very excited to receivethis opportunity to perform with sucha successful band and one that meansso much to this community,” said choir director Tony Atienza. “Imagine being
 part of a full-edged rock concert by the
age of 11 or 12 – what a thrill.”P.O.D. has strong roots in Chula Vistaand throughout San Diego. Lead singer Sonny Sandoval, guitarist Marcos Curieland drummer Wuv Bernardo, along with bassist and Cleveland native Traa Danielsare proud to bring the band home for acaptivating performance in one of ChulaVista’s most scenic venues.Known as a hard working band,P.O.D.’s performances are electrifying, blending reggae grooves, Latin beats,hip-hop and powerful rock chords thatsend a universal message through their music.
P.O.D. just nished the Rock Alle
-giance Tour this summer and is now back in the studio with Grammy nominatedmusic producer Howard Benson (Creditsinclude: 3 Doors Down, Creed, Daughtry
Chula Vista Middle School Singers Get Unique Chance to Perform Live with Multi-platinum Rockers P.O.D. on Oct. 15 at Olympic Training Center
& Kelly Clarkson).P.O.D’s set will be the culmination of aday-long festival that is open to the pub-lic. Additional bands and performanceswill offer something for every genera-tion and musical taste throughout theday. Residents and guests from aroundthe region are invited to come out andenjoy family activities, a free car show,
carnival, military yover, skydivers and
(Continued on page 7)
Commit Workers’Comp Fraud,Get A New Outfit.
(Continued on page 16)

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