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Published by api-3750488

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Published by: api-3750488 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting Started Guide
Version Number: 2006.0Month: October
Copyright (c) 2006 by Aspen Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.
Aspen Accounting.21
, Aspen ACOL
, Aspen Adsim
, Aspen Advisor
, Aspen Aerotran
, Aspen Alarm & Event
, Aspen APLE
,Aspen Apollo
, Aspen AssetBuilder Optimizer
, Aspen AssetBuilder Planner
, Aspen AssetBuilder Site Optimizer
, AspenAssetBuilder
, Aspen Batch Plus
, Aspen Batch.21
, Aspen Batch.21
CBT, Aspen BatchCAD
, Aspen BatchSep
, Aspen BlendModel Library
, Aspen Blend
, Aspen Calc
CBT, Aspen Capable-to-Promise
, Aspen CatRef 
, Aspen Chromatography
, AspenCim-IO Interfaces
, Aspen Cim-IO Monitor
, Aspen Cim-IO
for @AGlance, Aspen Cim-IO
for ABB 1190, Aspen Cim-IO
forBailey SemAPI, Aspen Cim-IO
for DDE, Aspen Cim-IO
for Eurotherm Gauge via CDP, Aspen Cim-IO
for Fisher-RosemountChip, Aspen Cim-IO
for Fisher-Rosemount RNI, Aspen Cim-IO
for Foxboro FOXAPI, Aspen Cim-IO
for G2, Aspen Cim-IO
forGE FANUC via HCT, Aspen Cim-IO
for Hitachi Ex Series, Aspen Cim-IO
for Honeywell TDC 3000 via HTL/access, Aspen Cim-IO
 for Intellution Fix, Aspen Cim-IO
for Measurex MCN, Aspen Cim-IO
for Measurex ODX, Aspen Cim-IO
for Moore Apacs via Nim(RNI), Aspen Cim-IO
for PI, Aspen Cim-IO
for RSLinx, Aspen Cim-IO
for SetCim/InfoPlus-X/InfoPlus.21, Aspen Cim-IO
forToshiba Tosdic, Aspen Cim-IO
for ULMA 3D, Aspen Cim-IO
for Westinghouse, Aspen Cim-IO
for WonderWare InTouch
,Aspen Cim-IO
for Yokogawa ACG10S, Aspen Cim-IO
for Yokogawa EW3, Aspen Collaborative Forecasting
, AspenCompliance.21
, Aspen COMThermo TRC Database
, Aspen COMThermo
, Aspen Crude Trading & Marketing
, Aspen CustomModeler
, Aspen Decision Analyzer
, Aspen Demand Manager
, Aspen DISTIL
, Aspen Distribution Scheduler
, AspenDMCplus
, Aspen DMCplus
CBT, Aspen DMCplus
Composite, Aspen DPO
, Aspen Dynamics
, Aspen eBRS
, Aspen ERPConnect
, Aspen FCC
, Aspen FIHR
, Aspen Fleet Operations Management
, Aspen FRAN
, Aspen Fuel GasOptimizer
, Aspen Grade-IT
, Aspen Harwell Subroutine Library
, Aspen Hetran
, Aspen HTFS Research Network
, Aspen HX-Net Operations
, Aspen HX-Net
, Aspen Hydrocracker
, Aspen Hydrotreater
, Aspen HYSYS Amines
, Aspen HYSYS Crude
,Aspen HYSYS Data Rec
, Aspen HYSYS Dynamics
, Aspen HYSYS Johnson Matthey Reactor Models
, Aspen HYSYS OLGAS 3-Phase
, Aspen HYSYS OLI Interface
, Aspen HYSYS Optimizer
, Aspen HYSYS Tacite
, Aspen HYSYSUpstream Dynamics
, Aspen HYSYS Upstream
, Aspen HYSYS
, Aspen Icarus Process Evaluator
, Aspen Icarus ProjectManager
, Aspen InfoPlus.21
, Aspen Inventory Management & Operations Scheduling
, Aspen Inventory Planner
, AspenIQmodel Powertools
, Aspen IQ
, Aspen Kbase
, Aspen Lab.21, Aspen MBO
, Aspen MPIMS
, Aspen Multivariate Server
,Aspen MUSE
, Aspen OnLine
, Aspen Operations Manager - Event Management
, Aspen Operations Manager - IntegrationInfrastructure
, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
Aspen Advisor, Aspen Operations Manager - IntegrationInfrastructure
Aspen Orion, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
Aspen PIMS, Aspen Operations Manager -Integration Infrastructure
Aspen Utilities, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
Base, Aspen OperationsManager - Integration Infrastructure
COM, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
Files, Aspen OperationsManager - Integration Infrastructure
IP.21, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
IP.21/SAP-PPPI, AspenOperations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
OPC, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
RelationalDatabases, Aspen Operations Manager - Integration Infrastructure
SAP R3, Aspen Operations Manager - IntegrationInfrastructure
System Monitoring, Aspen Operations Manager - Performance Scorecarding
, Aspen Operations Manager - RoleBased Visualization
MS SharePoint, Aspen Operations Manager - Role Based Visualization
TIBCO, Aspen Operations Tracking
,Aspen Order Credit Management
, Aspen Orion Planning
, Aspen Orion XT
, Aspen PEP Process Library
, Aspen PIMSDistributed Processing
, Aspen PIMS Enterprise Edition
, Aspen PIMS Global Optimization
, Aspen PIMS Mixed IntegerProgramming
, Aspen PIMS Simulator Interface
, Aspen PIMS Solution Ranging
, Aspen PIMS Submodel Calculator
, AspenPIMS XNLP Optimizer
, Aspen PIMS
, Aspen PIPE
, Aspen Plant Planner & Scheduler
, Aspen Plant Scheduler Lite
, Aspen PlantScheduler
, Aspen Polymers Plus
, Aspen Plus OLI Interface
, Aspen Plus Optimizer
, Aspen Plus
, Aspen Plus
, Aspen Process Explorer
CBT, Aspen Process Manual
Applied Rheology, Aspen Process Manual
Bulk Solids Handling,Aspen Process Manual
Crystallization, Aspen Process Manual
Drying, Aspen Process Manual
Gas Cleaning, Aspen ProcessManual
Internet Mode, Aspen Process Manual
Intranet Mode, Aspen Process Manual
Mini-Manuals, Aspen Process Manual
 Slurry Handling, Aspen Process Manual
Solid Liquid Separation, Aspen Process Manual
Solvent Extraction, Aspen ProcessManual
Waste Water Treatment, Aspen Process Order
, Aspen Process Recipe
, Aspen Process Tools
, Aspen ProductionControl Web Server
, Aspen ProFES
2P Wax, Aspen ProFES
Tranflo, Aspen Profile.21
, Aspen Properties
, Aspen PumperLog
, Aspen Q Server
, Aspen Quality Management
, Aspen RefSYS CatCracker
, Aspen RefSYS
, Aspen Report Writer
, AspenRetail Automated Stock Replenishment
, Aspen Retail Resource Scheduling Optimization
, Aspen Richardson Rbooks
, AspenRichardson WinRace Database
, Aspen RTO Watch
, Aspen SCM
, Aspen SmartStep Advanced
, Aspen SmartStep
, AspenSpecialty Products Automated Stock Replenishment
, Aspen Specialty Products Resource Scheduling Optimization
, Aspen Split
, Aspen Supply Chain Analytics
, Aspen Supply Chain Connect
, Aspen Supply Planner
, Aspen TankManagement
, Aspen TASC
, Aspen Teams
, Aspen TICP
, Aspen Transition Manager
, Aspen Utilities
, Aspen VoiceFulfillment Management
, Aspen Watch
, Aspen Water
, Aspen Web Fulfillment Management
, Aspen XPIMS
, Aspen ZyqadDevelopment
, Aspen Zyqad
, SLM Commute
, SLM Config Wizard
, the Aspen leaf logo, and Plantelligence aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc., Cambridge, MA.
All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.This document is intended as a guide to using AspenTech's software. This documentation contains AspenTechproprietary and confidential information and may not be disclosed, used, or copied without the prior consent of AspenTech or as set forth in the applicable license agreement. Users are solely responsible for the proper use of the software and the application of the results obtained.Although AspenTech has tested the software and reviewed the documentation, the sole warranty for the softwaremay be found in the applicable license agreement between AspenTech and the user. ASPENTECH MAKES NOWARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THIS DOCUMENTATION,ITS QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Aspen Technology, Inc.Ten Canal ParkCambridge, MA 02141-2201USAPhone: (1) (617) 949-1000Toll Free: (1) (888) 996-7001Fax: (1) (617) 949-1030URL: http://www.aspentech.com

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