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Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 10-16, 2011 issue)

Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 10-16, 2011 issue)

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Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.
Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.

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Published by: Berteni Cataluña Causing on Oct 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. II No. 70 ISSN 2094-4098 OCTOBER 10-16, 2011 P15.00
Page 7
4 5 4
all it “ pettywr of prettygirs” t Cus-toms’ direc-tor’s office.This pretty executivesecretry spped nother  pretty womn, who is contrctu empoyee, infront of Customs Inte-igence nd InvestigtionService (CIIS) Director Fiomeno Vicencio inside
his ofce last October 5.
Ws it over envy s to
who should be the apple
of the eye of Director Vi-cencio?The pretty contrctuempoyee, My BetrnEscoto, sid in her Com- pint-affidvit for the
Office of the Ombuds
-mn tht Jonn Cruz Mo-gueis spped, muednd defmed her fter theformer succeeded in get-ting the person tten-tion of Director Vicen-
cio, who turned 65 a fewdays ago to be compelled by law to retire.
In her compint-f-fidvit, Escoto ssertedtht the cts of spping,muing nd defmingher occurred right infront of Director Vicen-cio.
Only shadows of natureleft in ‘Ghost RegionMy jobs planif I were the PresidentRep. Amado Bagatsingwants UP-PGHsyndicate grilled
Page 8
 After theDream
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  C  h   a   p t   e I   I   I    D   e f    e  s  e  s i   L  i    b   e l   
as  resut, Escotois chrging Mogueis for dministrtive viotionsof grve misconduct, dis-honesty, oppression ndconduct prejudici to the
 best interest of the public
service.at the sme time, sheis so chrging Mogueisfor committing crimes of grve or defmtion,
slander by deed, physical
injuries nd destructionto property.Escoto sid tht Mo-gueis, the executive sec-retry of Vicencio, hs
 been shielding Vicenciofrom the former becausethe latter believed that
the contrctu empoyee
would tell all about Es
-coto’s discovery tht Mo-
gueis has been asking for or receiving P5,000.00
for every continer vnin exchnge for the sig-nture of Vicencio iftingthe ert order of imports.Vicencio’s jurisdic-tion covers the entirecountry. In the Port of Mni one, it is sid
that 20,000 vans arecoming in every week. If only 10 percent of them
re pced in ert sttus,
then it means 2,000 vans.If P5,000.00 each is
given, it mens tht it
is a whopping P10 mil
lion a week for Mogueis.What more can be gotten
if there re other ertsfrom the ports in the restof the country?additiony, Escotoso sid in her compinttht Mogueis ws pre-venting the former fromcoming cose to Vicencio
 because the former may
discose tht Mogueisws pifering from thesries of Vicencio.Escoto sid Mogueis
had been tasked by Vi
-cencio to withdrw hissries from the lnd-
 bank branch at the Bu
-reu of Customs.But ter Escoto sid
that Mogueis asked her to
ccompny the tter inwithdrwing the sry.Escoto sid thtthe executive secre-try woud withdrw
P45,000.00 from the bank as the salary of Vi
-cencio.after rriving t their office, Escoto sid tht
Mogueis would then ask her to be the one to hand
over to Vicencio the s-ry enveope.But when Escoto
asked how much was the
content of the enveope,Mogueis instructed her to te Vicencio tht the
content was P38,000.00.Escoto even riskedherself by admitting thatfor every work of giv
-ing the sry enveopend teing Vicencio tht
it contained P38,000.00
Mogueis gve her 
Escoto sid in her ffidvit tht she ndfeow contrctu em- poyee Ctherine Ser-rno were esed out of the director’s office uponwht she cimed s themchintion of Mogueis.She sid she wnted
this issue to be brought
to the ttention of Vicen-cio so tht she tried her 
 best to reach out to Di
rector Vicencio by means
of  ceur phone.and when she suc-ceeded, Escoto sid Vi-cencio tod her she cnsee him t his office.
At 2:00 p.m. of Oc
tober 5, Escoto said she
nd Ctherine cme tothe office of the direc-
tor, but there she foundthat Mogueis had been
“Stay hungry,Stay foolish.”
Jonna Cruz Mogueis (above), together with a certain Elith, allegedly slapped and mauled May Beltran Escoto (below) right inside the of- 
ce of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) Director 
Filomeno Vicencio. A hard slap hit Escoto’s forehead where she felt a pointed object cut across from the left temple to the center.
 blocking her from seeing
Vicencio.The succeeding inci-dent ed to the spping,muing nd defming of 
Escoto by Mogueis and
nother empoyee nmed“Eith.”
‘Monsters’ at the door
In her ffidvit, Es-coto gve up-to-the-min-ute detis of wht ctu-y hppened, nd these
were narrated in a blow- by-blow manner.
She sid tht she went
to Vicencio’s office be
-cuse he gve her  go-
NPC means“PressFreedom”
 Vol. II No. 70
October 10-16, 2011
 Design & Layout:
All news articles and opinions expressed by the writersare entirely their own and do not reect the opinion of the publisher, the management or the editor of this publication.
 All Rights Reserved:
No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced
nor trnsted in ny nguge or form for commerci pur-
 poses without prior written permission from the publisher 
nd its writers or coumnists.
From page 1
TUMINGIN ka sa lan
git, kaibigan. Ang kapal
t itim ng up. Kung
 babagsak yan, babahang napakalaki, kayangtalunin Ondoy man o
Gumawa ka na ng paraan. Lumayo ka saiyong kinatatayuan. Tu
makbo ka sa matataasna lugar, doon ka maisa
Iyn ng up ng
korapsyon, ulap ng pagnanakaw, ulap ngmga ninanakaw, ulap ngkawalan ng katarungan,ulap ng kasakiman, ulap
ng pndry, up ng
maitim na kapangyari
Lumisan ka kai
 bigan. Isalba mo angiyong sarili. Hikayatinmo ang iyong kapitba
hay, kaibigan at kamag-anak. Umakyat kayo sa
mts n ugr, doon
kayo lamahok sa galawng pagbabago.Lubog na ang ating bayan. Lubog na ang
ting mmmyn. lu-
 bog na ang lahat sa atin.Pero nakakatawa pa rinang mga buwaya. Mag-isip ka kung kaya pa ba,ang ating bayan mais
alba?Ako’y may dalang balita, balitang pwedengmagbangon sa atin mulasa putik ng baha, bali
-tng siy mng ngsgot s ting mg sui-
ranin, balitang unti-unting
yos s ting ipunn,
 balitang siyang tanging
uts s ht ng ting su-
liranin. Iyon ay kung ating pakikinggan.Hinihikayat ko kayong
 pirmhn, itong petisyon
 para sa kinabukasan, peti
syong magbabago ng Kon
-stitusyon, petisyong mg-
 papatayo ng Hukuman ng
Mmmyn.Ito y tintwg n
Trial Jury, ito ay buuin ng
mg ordinryong mm-myn, pr htun ng
nasasakdal kung may salaman, kahit sino pa man.
ang mg ordinryongmmmyn, ng tuny
nilang lakas sa Trial Jurymakikita, hindi matatakotkahit sa anong sakuna,hindi matatakot kahit sino
 p si.
Ang Trial Jury na ak 
ing inaadhika, ay siyang buuin ng magbubukid mano magkakariton, jeepney
driver o tricyce driver o
 padyak driver man, kungsaan dala nila ang kapang
yarihan, kapangyarihan ng buong sambayanan, laban
s mpng-pi mgingsino p mn.ang Tri Jury y
hahatulan, kahit si Mike oMikey Arroyo man, hahat
ulan kahit si Ping Lacson,hahatulan kahit si Glorya,hahatulan kahit maya
man man, hahatulan kahitmakapangyarihan man.
Itong Tri Jury y
sila bubunutin, kanilang pangalan at mukha ay babalutin, para hindimakilala ng sino mangkurakot at mayayaman, para hindi sila mabibilio matatakot maging sino
 p mn.ang Grnd Jury ngsyng mghhto, ng
maghahatol kung sinoang isasakdal, kahitsino pa man basta’t maykasalanan, kasalananansa bayan at mamamayan.At kung meron nangGrand Jury kaibigan,wala kang dapat pangan
gambahan, sa lahat nghinahanap mong kata
rungan, para makasuhanang sino na dapat kasu
-hn, mging si Joc-joc
Bolante o Mike Arroyoman, maging si Mikey
arroyo o nny nymn, mging si Mercedi-ts Gutierrez mn.
Isulong, mo kaibi
-gn. Isuong mo ngTri Jury, n siyng Hu-
kuman ng Mamamayan.Isulong mo kaibigan.
Isuong mo ng GrndJury, n siyng hhto
na kasuhan at isasakdalang dapat isasakdal,
mging si Gori arroyomn, mging si P-Noymn, mging sinumn.Isuong ng TriJury! Isuong ng Hu-
kum ng Mamamayan!
Isuong ng GrndJury! Isuong ng Tg-using ng Mmmyn!
sign to come nd hveher Diy Time Records
(DTR) signed by him.
So she went thereong with co-empoyeeSerrno who hd ownconcerns with regrd tossignments.“Before finy enter-ing the room of Director Vicencio, we hd to pssthrough the receivingroom where Jonn CruzMogueis ws hoding of-
fice for being the execu
-tive secretry of Direc-tor Vicencio nd wheretwo other co-empoy-ees, nmed ‘Eith’ nd
‘Baby’, were also hold
-ing office,” Escoto sid.at the door of the re-ceiving room, she sid
she was required by the
“doormn” nmed “Jo-
libee” to fill up a visi
-tor’s sip nd they com- pied with.She sid they were
told by Jollibee to wait atthe bench near the door,
resoning tht Vicencio
was still talking with an
-other person.Escoto sid she insist-
ed to Jollibee she alreadytalked to Vicencio and
the director redy todher to come nd see himfor her DTR.
But Jollibee said hewould ask first the direc
-tor, Escoto dded.after tht, she sid
that Jollibee closed the
siding gss door of thereceiving room, whichdoor ws tinted with 
 brown color but trans
- prent enough to seethrough the inside.Therefter, she sid
Jollibee closed the door leaving them just beside
the door.She sid she sw Jo-
libee going to the table
t the eft of the door of the director’s office nd
saw him talking to Mr.
Jojo Concepcion, driver of Vicencio.She sid she sw Jo-
libee that while he wastalking to Concepcion
he wived his right hnd
that was understood by
her s teing her to wit.at this juncture, shesid she noticed Digo,
 brother of Director Vicen
cio, sitting by the table at
the right side of the door eding to the director’s
ofce. She said she also
noticed Jonn sitting on her 
seat by the same table.
Saving grace: the direc
tor’s son
after tht, she sid she
sat on the bench beside
the siding door nd fter witing for ten minutes,she sw Teej Vicencio, sonof the director, coming outof the siding door.When Teej sw her,she sid he instructed
Jollibee: “Jollibee, si
My t Ctherine, pp-
sukin mo kay director at
mgppirm yn.”
She said Jolibee an
swered “yes” but the di
rector was yet talking to
nother person.Then, she sid Teej
gave her a thumbs-up
nd he eft.after three minutes,she sid Digo ced her nd Ctherine nd tod
them: “Tisay, pumasok ka na, tinawag ka na ni
Met by fire
She sid tht whie
To page 7
 buuin ng mga tao, sa lis
tahan ng mga botante silamagmumula, kukunin silasa pamamagitan ng bu
nutan, itatago mukha nilaat pangalan, para kapakan
an nila at ng kanilang pam
-iy, y mppnggn,
sa anumang pananakotat pananambang, ng mgaakusadong may kapang
yarihan o kayamanan.Panahon na kaibigan,ating ibangon ang ating bayan, mawala ang mgakurakot at pananakot, sahalip ang mga lingkod bayan ay matatakot, dahilsila ay mahahatulan, kung
siy y mgptuoy n
Pnhon n isuong
ang malaking pagbabago, para ang ating bayan aymagbabago.Isulong mo kaibigan,ang aking panawagan, na
tyong ht y gd, s
isang petisyong isasaba
-ts, ng pgttyo ng TriJury s Piipins.Idgdg mo p riyn
kaibigan, pagtatayo ng
Grnd Jury s ting i-
 punan, para kunin mulasa kurakot na piskalya o prosekyutor o taga-usigang kapangyarihan, angkapangyarihan sa pagsa
sabi kung sino ang dapatkasuhan, at dinigin sa Hu
kuman ng Mamamayan.Ang Grand Jury kaibi
gan, buuin ng mga ordi
-nryo ring mmmyn,
mula sa listahan ng botante
she ws stepping intothe receiving room, shesw Jonn pproching
her and saying: “Akinna yang DTR mo, ako namagpapasok, ayaw na nidirector na pumasok ka.”
To this, she sid:
“Bakit, nagkausap nakami ni director at ako
ng mgpppirm nito.”She sid Jonn shot
 back: “Yun nga ang sabinya, wag ka nang pu
masok, ako na ang mag
 papirma, sumunod ka
n ng s office rues.Wng ping-rn.”She sid she fet em-
 barrassed because it washeard by Catherine and
two more empoyees shenmed ony s Eith nd
Baby who were sitting by a table where Con
-cepcion ws sitting whie
 being talked to by Jol
“I insisted tht I
should be the one who
shoud hve my DTR 
signed because I was al
ready told by the director 
to come to him nd hvethe sme signed with me persony hnding tohim this DTR,” sid Es-coto.Despite her insis-tence, she sid Jonn or-dered her nd Ctherineto sit on the two chirswhere Concepcion wssitting, to which theycompied with.Whie sitting, Esco-
to told Jonna: “Ano ba problema mo, ba’t galitna galit ka, ayaw moakong papasukin? Secre
tary ka lang naman dito.”
To this, she sid Jonnrepied: “Bst sumunod
ka na lang sa office rulesha! Akin na yan (refer 
-ring to the DTR);”She sid she refusedto give her DTR whie
Jonna told Jollibee: “Jol
libee, halika, kunin mo,ikaw na ang magpasok.”
“I stood up nd I in-sisted to go to the di-
rector’s office but she blocked my way while
sying: ‘Hindi ng e!’,”Escoto sid.
Success and pain of en
tering the door
at this juncture, shesid she sw the direc-tor open the door ndshe peded to him: “Sir,
di ba po pinapunta nyoako?”;
To this, she sid the
director replied: “Oo,tara pumasok ka”;
at this time, she sidJonn who ws stnd-
ing right by her left
side rised her right rm
 backwards and smashed
the sme on Escoto’s
 back, hitting the latter on
the npe tht cused her to nery f.Escoto sid she thenrised her eft rm ndmoved it sidewys tooosen from the grip of Jonn’s fingers hodingher hir.In the presence of the director, she sid she
said: “Ba’t ka ba nanan
akit? Sir o, nanakit.”
To this, she sid the
director replied: “Oo, na
kita ko.”
She sid she thenstepped inside the di-
rector’s room but whilewalking to the table of 
the director, she sidJonn shouted: “Hindi
ka marunong sumunod sa
office rues.”at this juncture, shesid the director todthem to stop nd Jonnwent out of office.She sid tht whieVicencio ws signingthe DTR in the presenceof Ver lopez,  friend of Director Vicencio, she
said: “Sir, bakit ganoon,galit na galit sa akin siJonna, ayaw akong papa
She sid Vicencio n-
swered: “Hindi ko alam”;
Escoto sid she insist-
ed: “Alamin nyo sir, bosskayo”;
She sid the director tod her: “S totoo ng
Tisay (my nickname),
testigo si Ver, pinpp-
sok na kita. Tapos pu
masok si Jonna at sabi,wag ka nang papasukin atkukunin na lang ni Jonna
ng DTR mo. ayn si
Ver, testigo. Di ba, Ver?”
She sid Ver n-
swered: “Oo.”
To this she sid: “E
 ba’t ganoon sir, kayoang boss, e secretary nyo
ng sy?”;She sid Vicencioyieded: “Sige, min
Then she sid she
asked: “Sir, kaya lang pupunta ako rito di ba
m nyo nmn n mt-
gal ko na kayong gustongkausapin, ayaw nyo langkaming kausapin.”
She sid Vicencio re-
 plied: “Hindi, hindi ko
m.”She sid she then todthe director: “aminng nmin ng sttus n-min ni Cthy (referringto Ctherine Serrno).
Ilang linggo na kamingwalang allowance kay sir 
Vince. Ito n ng ng
DTR ang inaasahan ko.May tatlo pa po akonganak na pinag-aaral. Di ba po, sabi ko sa inyo,okay lang kami dito. Ba’tnyo pa kami pinatapon sakabila?”
To this, she sid Vi-cencio repied: “Hindi
ko alam yan. Yung kayVince, office ko pa rinyon. Sige ako ang ba
-h.”Then she sid she re- peted her concern with
Jonna: “Sir, bakit po bagalit na galit sa akin si
Jonn?”To which, the director 
repeated he did know notabout it.
at this point, she sid:“amin nyo, director 
kayo, ipatawag nyo po siJonna, para habang an
dito ako, mapag-usapan
ntin.”at this juncture, Es-coto sid tht Vicenciomotioned to go out to
call Jonna in but Ver vol
unteered to be the one to
do it.When Jonn cme in,she sid Ver went outnd Jonn went directyto Director Vicencio nd
said: “Sir, sinisiraan ako
dito. Kung nu-no ng
mga sinasabi sa akin,
October 10-16, 2011
 Vol. II No. 70
“Stay hungry.Stay foolish.”-- Steve Jobs
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(NOTE: No one can tell his own story better than himself. So that theeditor decided to post this moving and inspiring speech of the geniusof Apple computer company,Steve Jobs, telling about three stories fromhis life. This is a tribute to this won-derful man sent by God to mankind.)
am honored to be
with you tody tyour commence-ment from one of 
the nest universi
-ties in the word. I never grduted from coege.
Truth be told, this is the
cosest I’ve ever gottento  coege grdution.Tody I wnt to te youthree stories from my ife.
That’s it. No big deal.
Just three stories.
The first story is aboutconnecting the dots.
I dropped out of Reed
College after the rst 6months, but then stayed
round s  drop-in for n-
other 18 months or so be
-fore I rey quit. So whydid I drop out?
It started before I was born. My biological moth
-er ws  young, unwed co-ege grdute student, ndshe decided to put me upfor doption. She fet very
strongly that I should beadopted by college gradu
-tes, so everything ws 
set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer and his
wife. Except tht when I popped out they decidedt the st minute tht theyrey wnted  gir.So my prents, whowere on  witing ist, got c in the midde of the
night asking: “We have anunexpected baby boy; do
you wnt him?” They sid:
“Of course.” My biologi
-c mother ter found outtht my mother hd never grduted from coegend tht my fther hdnever grduted from highschoo. She refused to sign
the nal adoption papers.
She ony reented  fewmonths ter when my pr-ents promised tht I woudsomedy go to coege.and 17 yers ter Idid go to coege. But Inivey chose  coegetht ws most s expen-sive s Stnford, nd  of 
my working-class parents’savings were being spent
on my coege tuition.after six months, Icoudn’t see the vue init. I hd no ide wht Iwnted to do with my ifend no ide how coege
was going to help me g
-ure it out. and here I wsspending  of the moneymy prents hd sved their 
entire ife. So I decided todrop out nd trust tht it
would all work out OK.
It ws pretty scry t the
time, but looking back itwas one of the best deci
-sions I ever mde. Theminute I dropped out I
could stop taking the re
-quired csses tht didn’t
interest me, and begin
dropping in on the ones
that looked interesting.
It wsn’t  romntic. Ididn’t hve  dorm room,
so I slept on the oor in
friends’ rooms, I returned
coke bottles for the 5¢deposits to buy food with,and I would walk the 7
mies cross town everySundy night to get one
good meal a week at the
Hre Krishn tempe.Ioved it. and much of 
what I stumbled into by
foowing my curiositynd intuition turned out to
 be priceless later on. Let
me give you one exmpe:Reed Coege t thttime offered perhps the
 best calligraphy instruc
-tion in the country.Throughout the cm- pus every poster, every
label on every drawer,was beautifully hand cal
-igrphed. Becuse I hddropped out nd didn’t
have to take the normalclasses, I decided to take
 cigrphy css to ernhow to do this.
I learned about serif 
nd sn serif typefces,
about varying the amountof space between differentletter combinations, aboutwhat makes great typog
raphy great. It was beauti
-fu, historic, rtisticy
subtle in a way that sci
-ence cn’t cpture, nd Ifound it fscinting. Noneof this hd even  hope of ny prctic ppictionin my ife.But ten yers ter,when we were designing
the rst Macintosh com
 puter, it all came back to
me. and we designed it into the Mc.
It was the rst comput
er with beautiful typogra
- phy. If I hd never droppedin on tht singe course incoege, the Mc woudhve never hd mutipetypefces or proportion-y spced fonts. andsince Windows just copied
the Mac, it’s likely that no
 person computer woudhve them. If I hd never dropped out, I woudhve never dropped inon this cigrphycss, nd personcomputers mightnot hve the won-derfu typogr- phy tht theydo.
Of course itwas impossible
to connect the
dots looking
forwrd when Iws in coege.But it ws very,
very clear look 
ing backwards
ten yers ter.
My second storyis about love andloss.
I was lucky — I
found wht I oved todo ery in ife. Woznd I strted appe inmy prents grge when I
was 20. We worked hard,and in 10 years Apple had
grown from just the twoof us in  grge into 
$2 billion company withover 4000 employees. Wehad just released our nestcreation — the Macintosh — a year earlier, and I had just turned 30. And then Igot red. How can you getred from a company you
strted?We, s appe grewwe hired someone who Ithought ws very tentedto run the compny with
me, and for the rst year 
or so things went we. Butthen our visions of the fu-
ture began to diverge and
eventuy we hd  f-ing out. When we did, our Bord of Directors sidedwith him.
So at 30 I was out. Andvery publicly out. Whathad been the focus of my
entire dut ife ws gone,nd it ws devstting.
I really didn’t know
wht to do for  fewmonths. I fet tht I hd etthe previous genertion of entrepreneurs down - tht
I had dropped the baton asit was being passed to me.I met with David Packardand Bob Noyce and tried
to poogize for screwing
up so badly.I was a very public
fiure, nd I even thought
about running away from
the vey. But somethingsow-
ly be
-gn todwn on me
 — I still loved
wht I did. The turnof events t appe hd not
changed that one bit. I had been rejected, but I was
sti in ove. and so I de-cided to strt over.
I didn’t see it then, but
it turned out tht getting
red from Apple was the best thing that could have
ever hppened to me. The
heaviness of being suc
cessful was replaced bythe lightness of being a beginner again, less sureabout everything. It freed
me to enter one of the mostcretive periods of my ife.
During the next ve
yers, I strted  compnynmed NeXT, nother compny nmed Pixr,nd fe in ove with nmzing womn who
would become my wife.
Pixr went on to crete
the world’s rst computer animated feature lm, Toy
Story, nd is now the mostsuccessfu nimtion stu-dio in the word.
In a remarkable turnof events, Apple bought
 NeXT, I returned to appe,nd the technoogy we de-veoped t NeXT is t thehert of appe’s currentrenissnce. andlurene nd I hve  won-derfu fmiy together.I’m pretty sure none of this woud hve hppened
if I hadn’t been red from
appe. It ws wfu tsting
medicine, but I guess the
 ptient needed it.Sometimes ife hits you
in the head with a brick.
Don’t ose fith. I’m con-vinced tht the ony thing
that kept me going was
tht I oved wht I did.
You’ve got to nd what
you ove. and tht is s
true for your work as it is
for your overs.
Your work is goingto ll a large part of your life, and the only way to betruly satised is to do whatyou believe is great work.
and the ony wy to do
great work is to love what
you do.If you hven’t found it
yet, keep looking. Don’t
sette. as with  mtters
of the heart, you’ll knowwhen you nd it. And, like
ny gret retionship, it
 just gets better and better 
s the yers ro on. So
keep looking until you nd
it. Don’t sette.
My third story is aboutdeath.
When I ws 17, I red quote tht went something
like: “If you live each day
s if it ws your st, some-dy you’ most certiny
 be right.” It made an im
- pression on me, nd sincethen, for the pst 33 yers,
I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked
mysef: “If tody were thest dy of my ife, woud I
want to do what I am about
to do tody?” and when-
ever the answer has been
“No” for too mny dys
in a row, I know I need to
chnge something.
Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most
importnt too I’ve ever encountered to hep me
make the big choices in
ife. Becuse most ev-
erything — all external
expecttions,  pride, 
fear of embarrassment or 
fiure - these things justf wy in the fce of deth, eving ony whtis truy importnt. Re-
membering that you aregoing to die is the bestway I know to avoid thetrap of thinking you havesomething to lose. You arealready naked. There is no
reson not to foow your hert.
About a year ago I was
dignosed with cncer. I
had a scan at 7:30 in the
morning, nd it ceryshowed  tumor on my pncres. I didn’t even
know what a pancreas
ws. The doc-tors todme thisws-mostcer-tiny typeof cncer tht is incur-
able, and that
I shoud expectto ive no on-ger thn three tosix months. Mydoctor dvisedme to go homend get my f-firs in order,which isdoctor’scode for  pre- preto die.It mensto try to
tell your kids
everything youthought you’d hve
the next 10 years to tell
them in just  few months.
It means to make sure ev
erything is buttoned up sothat it will be as easy as possible for your family.
It mens to sy your good-
I ived with tht dig-nosis  dy. lter tht
evening I had a biopsy,where they stuck an en
-doscope down my throt,through my stomch ndinto my intestines, put neede into my pncresnd got  few ces fromthe tumor. I ws sedted,
 but my wife, who was
there, tod me tht whenthey viewed the ces un-der  microscope the doc-
tors started crying becauseit turned out to be a very
rre form of pncretic
cancer that is curable with
surgery. I hd the surgery
and I’m ne now.
This ws the cosest
I’ve been to facing death,
nd I hope it’s the cos-est I get for  few moredecdes. Hving ivedthrough it, I cn now sy
this to you with a bit more
certinty thn when deth

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