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Published by: api-3763846 on Oct 16, 2008
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The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology
1923Very little is known as to the effect of the fixed stars in mundane astrology althoughthere is no doubt that their influence is of supreme importance in this branch of thesubject. In matters concerning the fate of nations and cities the movement of the planetsis too rapid to cause radical changes. They do indeed effect the more ephemeralhappenings, but for slow, world-wide changes and epoch-making events it is necessary totake note of influences that are correspondingly great, and we are driven to aconsideration of the movement of stars as being the only influence known to us that iscapable of producing effects of the necessary magnitude. Unfortunately circumstancesare against any detailed examination of this nature owing to the imminence periods of time involved, and therefore our knowledge is of the smallest, but nevertheless one ortwo facts are on record and with an increased interest in astrology others will no doubtrapidly come to light. The growth of religions appears to be in some way connected withthe passage of the vernal equinox through the zodiac of constellations. Thus its entryinto the constellation Taurus is associated with the worship of Baal and the golden calf,and its passage into Aries with the worship of the ram. Christianity arose when thevernal equinox was nearing Pisces and it is significant that the symbol of a fish was thatadopted by the followers of the new religion. A greater amount of detail may be obtainedfrom a study of the decanate through which the venial equinox is passing. Theapproximate period during which it remains in one sign is 2160 years, and it thereforerequires about 720 years to pass through a single decanate, which it does in a retrogradedirection. Unfortunately the exact position of the vernal equinox in the constellations isnot known with any accuracy, but there seems to be no doubt that the first point of Ariesin the zodiac of signs coincided with that in the constellation zodiac in about 500 A.D.In addition to the influence of the moving equinox itself similar effects are broughtabout by the same phenomenon of precession on the longitudes of the stars, whichincrease at the rate of a little over 50" per annum. Pearce pointed out that the RomanEmpire and the Papal power were greatly affected by the passage of Regulus throughthe sign Leo by which Rome is ruled. This star entered Leo in 293 B.C., and the power of Rome became fully established. In 571 A.D. it entered the Sagittarius decanatecorresponding with the great increase in Papal power; in 1291 it left that decanate andin the same year the Holy Land was entirely lost. When Regulus left the
of Jupiterin 1507 the efforts of Luther were disturbing the power of the Popes, and when, in 1868,its influence began to be transferred to Virgo on account of its having passed the 29thdegree of Leo, the French troops left Rome and the temporal power of the Pope wasoverthrown.Another method of prognostication by the use of the fixed stars consists in noting theeffect of their passage over the Ascendant and luminaries in the horoscopes for thebuilding or foundation of towns, cities and institutions. Thus it is traditional knowledgethat 11Gemini54' occupies the Ascendant of the horoscope of the City of London, and it
has been pointed out that the plague and fire of London coincided with the passage of the Bull's north horn (EL NATH) over this degree. In
The Horoscope
for May, 1834,Commander Morrison (Zadkiel I) made some interesting observations on the effect of the fixed stars on Liverpool, which are well worth quoting. He wrote as follows:"In the same manner we have been able to decide that the exact ascendant of Liverpoolis 18 degrees 12 minutes of Scorpio. And we find that the
 North Scale
(Zubenelschamali),a very benevolent fixed star, first came within the orbs of influence (5 degrees) of Liverpool's ascendant in the year 1558, when the cottons of Manchester were firstbartered for wine with the Liverpool merchants. Two years previously King Philip andQueen Mary granted a charter to the town; in 1570 the first Common Council was held;in 1596 a vessel arrived with a cargo valued at Ł1,000; in 1626 King Charles I granted acharter to the town, which was made a body corporate and politic, etc., and the tradeand importance of the place began to increase. Again, if 18 degrees 12 min. of Scorpio bethe ascendant, 8 degrees 55 minutes of Virgo must be the midheaven, which has ruleover the Magistracy, Corporation etc; and a star in the Lion's back, of the nature of Saturn and Venus, bringing discredit and dishonor,
has been approaching that degree:and is now, in this year 1834, in 8 degrees 55 minutes of Virgo: (Zosma now at 11Virgo19) accordingly, the Corporation, &c., have suffered discredit by the House of Commons having passed a Bill to disfranchise the freemen."In 1863, the
 South Scale,
a star of an evil nature (Zuben Elgenubi), comes within theorbs of the ascendant of Liverpool. It will bring serious losses and injuries to the townand its trade for about a few years before; but it is not a very powerful star. In 1916, the
 North Scale
reaches 18 deg. 12 mm. of Scorpio (Zubenelschamali), and will producewonderful improvements in Liverpool. Some freak of nature brings great improvementto the entrance of the port, and, altogether, Liverpool will flourish greatly
about theearly part of the 20th century.In the year 1721, the starRigel
came to within orbs of London's ascendant, and thatnefarious scheme the South Sea Bubble almost ruined its citizens. In 2077 that star willcross the degree of London's ascendant; about which period we believe that some ill-advised laws, and many misfortunes, will bring ruin and disgrace on the trade of London. The commerce of that port will dwindle away, and London become veryunfortunate. Again, about 389 years hence, the very violent and evil martial starAldebaran
enters within orbs of London's ascendant, and then very many evils,including fire
and bloodshed
will overthrow the importance of London entirely. Itwill fall from its metropolitan rank,
and become far below the town of Liverpool inconsequence. Just 68 years afterwards, the very powerful regal
star The Lion's Heart(Regulus)
enters within orb of the mid-heaven of Liverpool: which will then become(about the year 2291) The Royal and Metropolitan City Of England And The Seat Of Government."Methods such as these are of great interest but are very limited in their application, forour knowledge of the ruling degrees of towns is far from complete. We need a method of more general utility. In the Middle Ages the Kabalists were in the habit of predicting thefate of nations and cities by observing the fixed stars vertically overhead and attemptingto form them into words in accordance with a variant of Hebrew called the CelestialAlphabet, the words so formed indicating the fate of the place. This, of course, is purekabalism, if not psychism, but it is probable that the underlying idea of the passage of a
zenith point from one constellation to another may influence a locality. The position of acity upon the terrestrial globe may bear a definite relationship to a position on thecelestial globe. It has been suggested that the meridian of Greenwich corresponds to 9degrees Gemini, having progressed to that point from 0 degrees Aries during the timeelapsed since the beginning of the Kali Yuga in 3102 B.C., and that other placescorrespond in a similar manner to degrees as far removed from 9 degrees Gemini as theplace is distant in longitude from Greenwich, Taurus lying to the west and Cancer to theeast. If there is any truth in this theory a point near the knee of Perseus and below thehoofs of Camelopardalis with longitude of 9 degrees Gemini and declination 51 degreesNorth 32 minutes would be vertical to London. A study of such points in relation to thehistory of nations might throw some light upon events.In addition to these general methods, however, the fixed stars may be utilized in theordinary mundane horoscopes for ingresses, new moons, conjunctions and eclipses.Eclipses in particular are important and very frequently affect matters ruled by theconstellations in the longitude in which they fall, at the same time stimulating theinfluence of any star in conjunction with them, and it may be remembered that the greatwar eclipse of 21st August, 1914, fell almost exactly upon Regulus. The easiest method of interpreting such positions is to consider the nature of the star and also to expand itsknown influence in natal astrology to cover national events. Thus a star causing sicknessin a nativity may produce an epidemic, and one conducing to murder may evoke a seriesof such crimes, just as Regulus in the case mentioned produced a national warlikefeeling instead of an individual one. It has also been said that fixed stars falling on theangles and indeed on any cusp in such maps stimulate the influence of the houseconcerned in accordance with their natures, and probably the constellations situated onthe angles or in the houses are also worthy of consideration.Before leaving the subject of mundane astrology it is necessary to add a few words onNovae or Temporary Stars. These are generally included by the old authors under thesame heading as comets, and the same significations are applied to both. Their effectappears to be exerted through the constellation in which they appear, and also throughthe zodiacal sign and degree to which their position corresponds. They are said to causeinordinate heat, pestilence. sterility of the earth, wars and changes in kingdoms, winds,earthquakes and floods, and are assigned to the planets according to their colors. Thoseof the nature of Saturn cause mortality and beheading; of Jupiter. abundance of cornand fruit; of Mars, war, fire, pestilence, drought and famine; of the Sun, plague,sickness, and death of kings; of Venus, drought and trouble to kings and women; of Mercury, death of kings, nobles, literary people and youths. together with wars; and, of the Moon. great mortality among the common people.The influence of such stars (and comets also) in the various zodiacal signs is as follows:
 In Aries.
Evil to nobles, war, death of some king or of a great lady, drought, diseasesaffecting the head, ailments among sheep, dethronement of a king and rise of commonpeople. If in the eastern part of the heavens when discovered it will operate sooner andcause wide-spread enmity; but if in the western it will be slower causing trouble to kings,and rain, floods and snow in winter.

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