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Give Two Examples in TYBSc Biotechnology Syllabus

Give Two Examples in TYBSc Biotechnology Syllabus

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Published by api-3763885
this is a file which has answers for GIVE TWO EXAMPLES OF Type.....that will help u to learn answers on selected questions READY AT HAND.....use the file......all d best for exams.....
this is a file which has answers for GIVE TWO EXAMPLES OF Type.....that will help u to learn answers on selected questions READY AT HAND.....use the file......all d best for exams.....

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Published by: api-3763885 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Give Two Examples (Paper-I)
1. BGA: Anabaena azollae
Nostoc punctiforme
2. Archaebacteria: Methanobacterium thermoautotropicum
Thermoplasma spp
3 .Eubacteria:Thiobacillus thioxidans
Nitrobacter winogradskyi
4. Actinomyces:Streptomyces griseus
Streptomyces erythreus
5. Rickettsia: Rickettsia prowazekii
Rickettsia felis
6. Chlamydia: Chlamydia pneumoniae
Chlamydia psittaci
7. Mycoplasma; Mycoplasma genitalium
Mycoplasma hominis
8. Media for Cultivation of Actinomyces: Actinomyces Isolation Agar
Malt Extract Yeast Extract Agar
9. Media for Cultivation of Rickettsia:Yolk sac of developing Chick Embryo
Mouse Fibroblasts or HeLa Cell Line
10. Thermophilic Archaea metabolizing Sulphur:Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
Sulfolobus thuringenesis
11. Elemental Sulfur Metabolizers:Desulfovibrio desulfuricans
Desulfovibrio desulfomaculum
12. Media for Fungii Cultivation: Corn Meal Agar,PDA
Sabourauds Agar
13. Sulfur Oxidisers:Thiothrix unzii
Thiobacillus thioxidans
14. Gram negative Organisms: Salmonella typhimurium
Escherichia coli
15.Gram Positive Organisms: Bacillus megaterium
Bacillus cereus, polymyxa, anthracis
16.Nitrogrn fixers: Nitrobacter alkalicus
Bradyrhizobium japonicum
Azotobacter vinelandii
17. Diseases Caused by Chlamydia: Pneumonia,
Reiter\u2019s Syndrome and Psittacosis
18. pHB Granules(Lipid) Producers: Bacilllus cereus
Pseudomonas fluorescens
19. Cyanophycin Granules Producers:Anabaena azollae
Nostoc punctiforme
20. Volutin Granules(Metachromatic) Producers: Spirillum volutans
Corynebacterium diptheriae
21. Genera of Yeast:Saccharomyces andCandida
22. Endoflagellar Movement Exhibitors (Spirochetes):Leptospira interrogans
Treponema pallidum
23. Cell Lines for Zoophages: Vero Cell Line from Monkey Kidney Cells
BHK-21 from hamsters
24. Phytophages: Brome Mosiac Virus
Gemini Virus,Cauliflower Mpsiac Virus
25. Viral assays: Hemagglutination Assay
Plaque Assay
26. Monotrichous Flagella: Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
27. Amphitrichous Flagella:Aquaspirillum magnetotacticum
Aquaspirillum serpens
28. Peritrichous Flagella: Proteus vulgaris
Salmonella typhimurium
29. Lophotrichous Flagella: Vibrio fischeri
Pseudomonas fluorescens

30. Viral Capsid Symmetry: Helical-TMV
Complex or Binal-T4 phage

31. Basis of Classificatio of algae:-Properties and nature of Pigments
Type,number and morphology of Flagella
Methods of Reproduction

32. Organisms containing Mycolic Acid: Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Mycobacterium diptheriae

33. Amino Acids in Bacterial Cell wall:D-Alanine,D-Glutamine,L-Lysine
34. Components of Murein Layer: GlcNAc and MurNAc
35. Inclusion Bodies: Carboxysomes,Magnetosomes,Gas Vacoules,

Polyglycans,pHB Granules,Proteosomes
36. Pigments produced by Algae: Cyanophycin,phycobillins,Carotenoids
37. Largest Prokayotes:Thiomargarita nambiensis

Epulopiscium fishelsoni
38. Di-amino Acids in Peptidoglycan: D-Lysine and meso-DAP
39. Viral Peplomers: gp 120 , gp41, Hemagglutinin

40. Cell reconition Molecules in Cell- Cell Interaction: cAMP
41. Viral Specific Enzymes: RNA Dependanr RNA Polymerase

42. Hemagglutinin Producing Viruses:-Bird Flu Virus
HIV Virus
43. Animal diseases Caused By Prions-Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease and Kuru

Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy
44. Enxymes in ANIMAL Virus-Neuraminidase and RT
45. Diseases caused by Viriods-Potato Spindle Tuber

Hepatitis D and Exocortis
*Virulence factors by Bacillus anthracis-LPS(Exotoxin) and anthrax Spores
Give Two Examples(Paper-II)
46. Peptide Hormones: Insulin, Oxytocin, Vassopressin, ACTH, LH
47. Fumctions of Vitamin A:Vison(in Vision or Rhodopsin cycle)

Maintainence of epithelial cells of skin,oesophagus
48. Vitamins Associated with ETC: VitK and Riboflavin
49. Sex Hormones : Testosterone and Estrogen
50. Thiamin Deficiency : Anorexia

Wernicke\u2019s Encephalopathy
51. Vitamins involved in Amino Acid Metabolism: Pyridoxine (PLP)
Folic Acid
52. G Protein Mediated Signal transducing Hormone-Adrenaline
Give Two Examples(Paper-IV)
53. Bioindicators of Sterilization using autoclaves
Bacillus stearothermophilus
Staphylococcus aureus
54. Micro-organisms in Typical Processes:

Wine-Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida vini
Penicillin-Penicillium chrysogenum,Aspergillus nidulans
Cheese- Streptococcus cermoris, Streptococcus lactis, Penicillium roquefortii

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