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What Is Dynamic HTML?
Static and Dynamic Pages
Dynamic HTML Menus
Positioning and Animation
Text Effects
The Components of DHTML
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
The Document Object Model (DOM)
History of DHTML and the DOM
Browser-Specific DOMs
DOM Level 2
DHTML Browsers
Reviewing HTML
Basic HTML Syntax
The HTML Standard
Defining Parts of a Document
The <html>, <head>, and <body>Tags
Ordered and Unordered Lists
Links and Anchors
Divisions and Spans
Styling Text
Bold and Italics
Using Tables for Layout
Creating Forms
The <form>Tag
Text Input
Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
Drop-Down Selections
Workshop: Creating a Web Page with HTML
Understanding JavaScript
JavaScript Basics
Beginning and Ending Scripts
Hiding JavaScript Code
JavaScript Statements
Creating Event Handlers
Understanding Variables
Declaring Variables
Using Arrays
Using Strings
Using Conditions and Loops
Using the ifKeyword
Conditional Operators
Using forLoops
Using whileLoops
Using Functions
Defining a Function
Calling Functions
Using Arguments
Returning Values
Understanding Objects
Object Properties and Methods
Workshop: Adding a Script to a Web Page
Adding Event Handlers
Putting It All Together
Creating a Simple DHTML Example
Starting with an HTML Document
Finding Objects
Using a DHTML Function
Detecting Browser Support
Creating the Script
Creating the DescribeFunction
Workshop: Putting It All Together
Learning DOM Structure
The Level 0 DOM
The Level 1 DOM
Parents and Children
Using DOM Objects
DOM Object Properties
Node Relationship Properties
Style Properties
Document Object Methods
Node Object Methods
JavaScript and the DOM
Workshop: Hiding and Showing Objects
Creating the JavaScript Function
Creating Positionable Elements (Layers)
Why Layers?
HTML Tags for Layers
Positioning Objects
Setting Coordinates
Using Units
Showing and Hiding Objects
Background Properties
Handling Overflow
Border Properties
Creating a Layered Document
Creating the Control Panel
Creating the moveFunction
Working with DOM Properties and Methods
Understanding Node Properties
The nodeValueProperty
The InnerHTMLProperty
Offset Properties
Using Document Methods and Properties
Creating Text Nodes
Creating Elements
The documentElementobject
Using Node Methods
Cloning a Node
Appending a New Node
Inserting a New Node
Replacing Nodes
Removing Nodes
Working with Attributes
Setting Up the HTML Document
The AddNodeFunction
The DeleteNodeFunction
Responding to Events
Understanding Event Handlers
Using the eventObject
Internet Explorer eventProperties
Netscape eventProperties
Dynamic Event Handlers
Using Mouse Events
Using onMouseOverand onMouseOutEvents
Using the onMouseMoveEvent
Detecting Mouse Clicks
Using Keyboard Events
The onLoadEvent
Form Events
Workshop: Displaying an Event Log
Introducing Style Sheets
Why Style Sheets?
Content versus Presentation
The Traditional Approach
Adding Style to Substance
Integrating Style Sheets with HTML
Inline Styles
The <style>Tag
Creating Rules
Using Classes
Using IDs
External Style Sheets
Cascading Styles
Basic Style Properties
Aligning Text
Defining Colors and Background Images
Workshop: Creating a Simple Style Sheet
Using Style Sheet Properties
Creating Styled Text
Decorating Text
Working with Fonts
Choosing a Font
Setting Font Size
Using Bold, Italics, and Small Capitals
Setting Margins and Borders
Properties for Margins
Overflow and Clipping
Centering with CSS
Setting Other Style Attributes
Setting Link Styles
Setting Cursor Styles
Setting List Styles
Workshop: Creating a Styled Document
Creating the Style Sheet
Controlling Styles with JavaScript
Dynamic Styles
Translating Property Names
Working with Colors
Using Color Properties
Calling the Functions
Changing Colors Dynamically
Changing Text Styles Dynamically
Workshop: Using Dynamic Styles
Creating the Function
Creating Consistent Styles
Using Restraint
Usability Tips
Choosing Colors
Text and Background Colors
Link Colors
Background Images
Choosing Fonts
Common Font Choices
Available Windows and Macintosh Fonts
Choosing Font Sizes
Margins and Borders
Supporting Older Browsers
Workshop: Creating Multiple-Choice Styles
Creating the First Style Sheet
Creating the Second Style Sheet
Objects and Events
Event Handlers
Creating the HTML Document
Creating the Menu HTML
Defining the Layers
Finishing the HTML Document
Creating the JavaScript Functions
Displaying a Menu
Erasing Menus
Highlighting Menu Items
Workshop: Creating the Complete Example
Creating a Menu Tree
Nested Categories
Defining the Menu Items
Completing the HTML Document
Hiding and Showing Menus
Expanding All Items
Collapsing All Items
Workshop: Finishing and Testing the Menu
Creating DHTML Text Effects
Creating Blinking Text
Completing the Blinking Text Example
Moving Text
Completing the Moving Text Example
Fading Text
Completing the Fading Text Example
Workshop: Creating a Scrolling Message
Using DHTML for Animation
Methods of Web Animation
Animated GIF Images
JavaScript Image Animation
Dynamic HTML
Creating a Simple Animation
Creating the Animation Function
Planning Layers
Expanding or Collapsing Items
Expand and Collapse All
The ShowHideFunction
The MoveRightFunction
The MoveLeftFunction
DHTML Browser Differences
Detecting Browsers
Browser Sensing
Feature Sensing
Using Feature Sensing
Writing Cross-Browser DHTML
Testing in Multiple Browsers
Accommodating Older Browsers
Netscape 4 DHTML
Internet Explorer 4 DHTML
Creating Cross-Browser Functions
Finding Layer Objects
Finding Style Objects
Modifying Form Elements
Adding Form Elements
Accepting Data from Forms
Workshop: Creating a Dynamic Order Form
Adding Items to the Form
Showing the Ship-to Address
Using Dynamic Fonts
How Dynamic Fonts Work
Dynamic Fonts and Browsers
Netscape (Truedoc) Fonts
Internet Explorer Dynamic Fonts
Defining Dynamic Fonts
Using Truedoc Fonts
Using the Web Font Wizard
Using Microsoft Fonts
Using Microsoft’s WEFT Tool
Workshop: Using Dynamic Fonts
Using a WEFT Font
Using a Truedoc Font
Troubleshooting DHTML
Tips for Error-free DHTML
Avoiding Common Mistakes
Common HTML Mistakes
Common CSS Mistakes
Common JavaScript Mistakes
Common DHTML Mistakes
Analyzing Errors
Displaying Errors in Netscape
Displaying Errors in Internet Explorer
Testing Dynamic Documents
Testing Browser Compatibility
Using Debugging Tools
Workshop: Debugging a Document
Fixing Major Errors
Fixing Minor Errors
The Debugged Document
Creating Complex DHTML Sites
Laying Out the Page
Defining the Menu
Defining Layers
Creating the JavaScript File
Modifying the Menu Function
Completing the JavaScript File
Workshop: Adding a Scrolling Message
Modifying the HTML Document
Testing the Modified Example
Following the Mouse Pointer
Detecting the Browser Type
Capturing Events
Creating the MoveFunction
Changing Direction
Planning Dynamic Features
Creating Graphics
Setting Up Variables
The SetupFunction
for the Setupfunction:
Drawing the Alphabet
Choosing a Word
Handling Guesses
Displaying Correct Letters
Updating the Hangman Graphic
Ending the Game
Creating the Word List
Workshop: Adding the Style Sheet
Testing the Complete Example
Creating Tool Tips
Showing Tips
Hiding Tips
Where Do You Go from Here?
The Future of DHTML
The Future of HTML and JavaScript
Learning More
Workshop: Creating a Scrolling Window
JavaScript Web Sites
Dynamic HTML Web Sites
Other Sites
Other Books
Development Tools
Debugging Tools and Resources
CGI Resources
Browser Compatibility Chart
DOM Quick Reference
DOM Level 0
DOM Level 1
Basic Node Properties
Relationship Properties
Node Methods
Document Object Methods and Properties
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DHTML in 24 Hours

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