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torture fundraising for portland with condoleezza

torture fundraising for portland with condoleezza

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Oct 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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letter sent to faculty 13 october 2011 regarding Portland State University’s acceptance of Fundraiser with Condoleezza Rice whose authorization of torture under the Bush years included waterbaording and attempts to lie to the senate investigatory bodies. 
massacres rates at universities in america alarm me i already fear to attend university in america why teach young people to be brutal torturous cruel and heartless why is my university supporting torture as ordered by condoleezza? how do you think this makes me feel? white collar crimes professor danielle mcgurrin has told me my tone is aggressive and you mightignore me. she wants me to be effective.in communicating my horror that PSU accepts money from Torture Advocate Condoleezzafundraiser, i do not ask you to agree with me, but to look deep into your own souls. i wish to empower members of the faculty to stand for human rights and against torture andpropaganda of torture. i think this is perfectly reasonable to ask adults to read up on torture and renounce it.
 you pay for it, so you should read about it, and join the protest against PSU's fiscal interest inHuman Rights violations. this is extremely offensive to our students of the Arab Spring. was this decision made bysomeone of an islamophobic agenda or a war industry investor? http://www.comw.org/warreport/fulltext/gitmo-sop.pdf  your concern about how Torture Affects the Learning Ambiance will help you fulfill your deeper roles as educators. if you were not aware how psychologically disturbing this is to me and other people, now youknow.in a sense your commitment to educate is harmed by a tolerance of sexual torture in Abu Ghraiband torture up-unto-death and chemical weapons in fallujah,so you know that i know what is about to take place. a severe moment of psychological destruction in the heart of portland as we relive the fallujahmassacre and the torture shots, beatings, starvation, and the horrors of the gitmo files. dannielle is interestingly the only faculty member with the courage to get back to me on this. i do not appreciate condescending remarks from staff like amy ross of wim wievel's office whosaid my interest in human rights was "out there" please stand up against human rights violationsand please do not denigrate a voice for the voicelessmary engmaryeng1@yahoo.com 
letter sent to faculty on 12th october 2011 re: condoleezza 19 october visit 
RE: Condoleezza Rice Torture Fundraising at Portland State University craig carr regarding your sarcasm or haphazard comment advocating the "rack" and saying waterboardingis not strong enoughas i sat in protest outside the university president's office your positions taking money from a federal gvt which supports racist torture put you in asuspicious ethical light i appreciate that you were perhaps making a joke and or a semantic point about the severityof waterboarding, or the way "waterboarding" is the tip of the iceberg for American Torturemethods so making jokes about waterboarding not being strong enough

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