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Prova de inglês (com respostas justificadas)

Prova de inglês (com respostas justificadas)

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Published by: api-3765113 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Read the text on Christopher Reeve\u2019s routine and answer
the following eight questions.
Going the distance:
Christopher Reeve

\u201cIt doesn\u2019t feel like a hospital here, does it?\u201d says Christopher Reeve, his eyes sweeping the office in the quietly elegant home that he shares with his wife, Dana, and their 12-year-old son, Will. \u201cThat\u2019s because Dana, from the very beginning, wanted our family to live as normal a life as possible.\u201d

The \u201cbeginning\u201d was May 27, 1995, the day the athletic actor, an accomplished rider, approached a routine three- foot jump in a Virginia horse show. His chestnut Thoroughbred balked and stopped short, and Reeve, his hands tangled in the bridle, catapulted headfirst onto the ground.

The injury rendered Reeve, now 52, a quadriplegic, confined to a ventilator and a wheel-chair - and initially contemplating suicide. But he titled his second memoir

Nothing Is Impossible, and has spent the years since

proving that point. Reeve works fiercely on his rehabilitation and has regained sensation over 70 percent of his body. He can go for long periods without his ventilator (he had electrodes implanted in his abdomen to help him breathe on his own). And he has stunned doctors by willing himself to move one of his fingers, and, in water, his legs and arms.

Reeve has labored tirelessly on legislation for spinal cord injury patients: his Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act goes before Congress this fall. And he hasn\u2019t put his creative life aside either. On October 25, A&E will air his second directorial project, \u201cThe Brooke Ellison Story,\u201d the real-life saga of an 11-year-old girl paralyzed from the neck down as the result of an auto accident.

Dressed in a striped polo shirt, white duck pants and running shoes, Reeve spoke with Reader\u2019s Digest about the film, his advocacy and his remarkable journey. On the rebound from a recent hospital stay, he displayed his usual tenacity, saying, \u201cYour body is not who you are. The mind and spirit transcend the body.\u201d

RD: It\u2019s been more than nine years since the accident.
How has it changed your perspective on life ?

Reeve: I have more awareness of other people and, I hope, more sensitivity to their needs. I also find that I\u2019m more direct and outspoken. It\u2019s important to me to say what I really mean

RD: Are you still optimistic you will walk again?

Reeve: I am optimistic. But I also know that, with time, I\u2019m beginning to fight issues of aging as well as long-term paralysis. So it seems more difficult to project that it was five years ago. But I haven\u2019t given up.

RD: What really keeps you going ?

Reeve: The love and support of my family, and the fact that I\u2019m needed. I\u2019m working. I focus on the opportunities that come my way rather than on the things that haven\u2019t arrived yet.

(Adapted from Going The Distance: Christopher Reeve, Internet,
Reader\u2019s Digest rd.com October 02, 2004)
17.On May 27, 1995
0-0) Christopher Reeve was taking part on a Virginia
horse show.
1-1) Reeve\u2019s horse wasn\u2019t in a very good day.
2-2) Thoroughbred suddenly didn\u2019t want to do the
three-foot jump.
3-3) Reeve was actually prepared for his horse
stopping abruptly.
4-4) Reeve fell down and hit his head seriously.
Resposta: VVVFV

0-0), 1-1), 2-2) e 4-4) Verdadeiros. O ator americano Christopher Reeve, que protagonizou o her\u00f3i no filme Super man, e outros, estava participando de uma apresenta\u00e7\u00e3o h\u00edpica, no estado americano da Virginia (atividade rotineira, para ele, at\u00e9 ent\u00e3o) quando seu cavalo, Thoroughbred, de cor marrom avermelhada, parou de repente, no momento de realizar um salto, jogando Reeve ao ch\u00e3o. Reeve bateu com a cabe\u00e7a,


irrevers\u00edveis conseq\u00fc\u00eancias: uma quadriplergia, com a qual lutou por mais de 9 anos.

3-3) Falso. Reeve n\u00e3o tinha conhecimento de que
seu cavalo pararia repentinamente.
18.After that tragic accident, Reeve
0-0) was finally able to believe in God.

1-1) at first, thought of killing himself.
2-2) has lived life in a rather optimistic way.
3-3) has fought bravely to get better physically.

4-4) has annoyed doctors by being unable to move.
Resposta: FVVVF

1-1), 2-2), 3-3) Verdadeiros. Logo ap\u00f3s o tr\u00e1gico acidente que modificou totalmente a vida de Reeve, ele, a princ\u00edpio, alimentou a id\u00e9ia de suic\u00eddio. Posteriormente, recuperou sua coragem, e lutou brava e incansavelmente para reduzir seu grave quadro traum\u00e1tico de quadriplergia. Ele viveu, dessa forma, mais de 9 anos, posteriores ao acidente, imbu\u00eddo de uma for\u00e7a interior e de um otimismo impressionantes, op\u00e7\u00e3o 2-2).

0-0) e 4-4) Falsos. N\u00e3o h\u00e1 men\u00e7\u00e3o textual \u00e0 sua cren\u00e7a em Deus; Reeve teve, ao contr\u00e1rio da op\u00e7\u00e3o 4-4), maravilhado a equipe m\u00e9dica, por sua coragem e tenacidade, conseguindo recuperar o sentido do tato em mais de 70% do seu corpo.

19. The text shows that the following characteristics
apply to Mr. Reeve today:

0-0) endurance.
1-1) courage.
2-2) will power.

3-3) jealousy.
4-4) inventiveness.
Resposta: VVVFV

0-0), 1-1), 2-2) e 4-4) Verdadeiros. Reeve surpreendeu sua equipe m\u00e9dica com sua for\u00e7a de vontade, sua coragem, sua tenacidade e seu talento de continuar produzindo (op\u00e7\u00f5es 0-0), 1-1), 2-2) e 0-4)

3-3) Falso. Esta op\u00e7\u00e3o n\u00e3o \u00e9 citada no texto como
sendo uma caracter\u00edstica de Reeve.
20.Mr. Reeve\u2019s Paralysis Act going before Congress this
coming fall reveals that he
0-0) doesn\u2019t mind being confined to a ventilator and
a wheelchair.
1-1) accepts his quadriplegic situation and does
nothing to change it.
2-2) has done his best to establish a body of laws for
back-injured patients.
3-3) has worked hard to have Congress pass a law
on quadriplegic patients.
4-4) plans to run for the Senate in the coming
Resposta: FFVVF

2-2) e 3-3) Verdadeiros. Reeve foi bem sucedido ao elaborar um projeto de lei para os pacientes, v\u00edtimas de paralisia grave, o qual ser\u00e1 votado pelo congresso americano neste outono.

0-0), 1-1), e 4-4) Falsos. Reeve n\u00e3o se incomoda de estar preso a uma cadeira de rodas e de depender de respira\u00e7\u00e3o artificial; ele aceitou seu estado de quadriplergia e nada fez para mud\u00e1-lo; e planejava candidatar-se ao Senado nas pr\u00f3ximas elei\u00e7\u00f5es nos EUA.

21. Though Mr Reeve is optimistic as to being able to
walk again, he nevertheless knows that he
0-0) has got to face the reality of getting older.
1-1) needs to consider that his paralysis may last
much longer.
2-2) must be aware that life ahead will be much
easier than now.
3-3) should give up because his paralysis case is
4-4) could have done much more effort to be able to
walk sooner.
Resposta: VVFFF

0-0) e 1-1) Verdadeiros. Embora Reeve tenha continuado bravamente otimista quanto \u00e0 sua possibilidade de voltar a andar, ele, entretanto, esteve ciente de que precisava enfrentar a realidade de envelhecer. Seu quadro poderia prolongar-se por um tempo ainda indefinido.

2-2), 3-3) e 4-4) Falsos: Reeve devia-se conscientizar de que sua vida futura seria muito mais f\u00e1cil que no momento atual 2-2); Reeve devia desistir de lutar porque seu quadro era irrevers\u00edvel 3-3); e poderia ter-se esfor\u00e7ado muito mais para retornar a andar mais cedo 4-4).

22. Reeve thinks that after over nine years since the
accident, he
0-0) has been less conscious of other individuals.
1-1) has got desperate every moment he looks at
2-2) actually says what he in fact means.
3-3) has been more concerned about people\u00b4s
4-4) has become more straightforward.
Resposta: FFVVV

2-2, 3-3 e 4-4 \u2013 Verdadeiros. Ap\u00f3s mais de nove anos do seu tr\u00e1gico acidente h\u00edpico, Reeve achava que ele, na verdade, dizia \u00e0s pessoas o que de fato pensava; que se julgava mais receptivo \u00e0s necessidades de outrem; e que se tornou um indiv\u00edduo mais direto e objetivo.

0-0) e 1-1) Falsos. Reeve pensava que, ap\u00f3s o acidente, ficaria menos consciente da exist\u00eancia de outros indiv\u00edduos; e sentia-se arrasado a cada momento em que se conscientizava do seu grav\u00edssimo estado f\u00edsico.

23.When Reeve says \u201cI focus on the opportunities that
come my way rather than on the things that haven\u2019t
arrived yet\u201d he means that he
0-0) worries about surviving every day of his living.
1-1) takes life in an extremely tough and pessimistic
2-2) hasn\u2019t been strong enough to keep on fighting
his paralysis.
3-3) concentrates his thought and energy on
tomorrow\u2019s events.
4-4) lives each single day at a time, not tomorrow\u2019s.
Resposta: FFFFV

4-4) Verdadeiro. Christopher Reeve concentrava sua rotina di\u00e1ria nos eventos daquele dia espec\u00edfico; ele vivia um dia de cada vez. O amanh\u00e3 seria outro novo dia a considerar.

0-0), 1-1), 2-2) e 3-3) Falsos. Reeve preocupava- se com sua sobreviv\u00eancia, cada dia da sua exist\u00eancia; vislumbrava a vida de maneira extremamente dura e pessimista; n\u00e3o foi forte suficientemente para continuar enfrentando sua paralisia; e concentrava seu pensamento e sua energia no dia de amanh\u00e3.

24. The expression\u201cbridle\u201d in \u201cHis chestnut
Thoroughbred balked and stopped short, and Reeve,
his hands tangled in thebr i dl e,cat apul t ed headf i r st
onto the ground\u201d is equivalent to:
0-0) the front part of an animal\u2019s face, with the nose
and mouth.
1-1) a covering round an animal\u2019s mouth, to prevent
it from biting.
2-2) a reddish-brown horse.
3-3) leather bands put on a horse\u2019s head for
controlling its movements.
4-4) the long hair on the back of a horse\u2019s neck.
Resposta: FFFVF

3-3) Verdadeiro. O grav\u00edssimo acidente de Reeve aconteceu quando seu cavalo Thoroughbred parou de correr repentinamente, e Reeve, com suas

m\u00e3os enla\u00e7adas nasr \u00e9deas, caiu de cabe\u00e7a.

0-0) 1-1) 2-2) 4-4) Falsos. A express\u00e3o n\u00e3o corresponde semanticamente a: \u201cparte frontal da face de um animal, incluindo o nariz e a boca\u201d 0-0); a \u201cuma morda\u00e7a em volta da boca do animal, para evitar sua mordida\u201d 1-1); a \u201cum cavalo marrom avermelhado\u201d 2-2); e a \u201ccrina de um cavalo\u201d 4-4).

A hybrid future
As the age of oil wanes, what will take its place?
A little of everything.

\u201cSolutions wanted. No idea too weird.\u201d If a classified ad could sum up the world\u2019s energy problem, this would be it. Experts generally agree that our current reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable. Already oil is near $50 per barrel, and the great millions of Chinese and Indians destined to take to the road in the next decades have not yet gotten behind the wheel. If the clamor over global warming seems apocalyptic now, just wait until those two countries are as developed as the West.

At the same time, even with higher oil prices, clean energy sources like wind and solar \u2013 not to mention hydrogen, an unproven technology barely off the drawing boards \u2013 don\u2019t yet make enough economic sense to replace oil. That\u2019s why many experts are starting to talk of building a hybrid economy. Rather than replacing hydrocarbons entirely, what we need to do is find ways to use less oil \u2013 and use it more efficiently. This means changing everything from the kinds of cars we drive, to the homes we live in, to the way we make and distribute electricity. It\u2019s a revolution in thought \u2013 and in the making.

(From A hybrid future, Special Report,N ew s w eek, Double Issue,
September 6 / September 13, 2004, page 33.)
25.In accordance to the text,
0-0) the world\u2019s energy problem will definitely be
solved by fossil fuels.
1-1) China will for sure get ahead of India in
producing hybrid energy.
2-2) clean energy sources don\u2019t yet make economic
sense on their own.
3-3) sky-high oil prices will not yet prevent this
source of energy to be used.
4-4) in the near future, the energy systems that we
use will change dramatically.
Resposta: FFVVV

2-2), 3-3) e 4-4) Verdadeiros. Como as fontes de energia limpa ainda s\u00e3o economicamente invi\u00e1veis, os alt\u00edssimos pre\u00e7os do petr\u00f3leo n\u00e3o ser\u00e3o empecilho para o seu uso. Mas, num futuro pr\u00f3ximo, os sistemas e recursos usados para gerar e distribuir energia mudar\u00e3o drasticamente.

0-0) e 1-1) Falsos. O problema mundial de energia n\u00e3o ser\u00e1 definitivamente sanado por combust\u00edveis f\u00f3sseis. Al\u00e9m disso, n\u00e3o h\u00e1 ind\u00edcios no texto que assegurem que a China superar\u00e1 a \u00cdndia na produ\u00e7\u00e3o de energia h\u00edbrida.

26.This text has as its main purposes
0-0) to buy surplus power from any source and
distribute it worldwide.
1-1) to warn people of the world\u2019s energy problem.
2-2) to appeal to one\u2019s sensitivity to the emergent
energy problem.
3-3) to arouse one\u2019s interest in a quest for efficient
4-4) to sell some of the power generated to power
Resposta: FVVVF

1-1), 2-2) e 3-3) Verdadeiros. Advertir as pessoas sobre o problema energ\u00e9tico mundial, apelar para a sensibilidade das pessoas no que tange a esse problema emergente e suscitar-lhes o interesse numa busca por uma energia eficiente correspondem \u00e0 mat\u00e9ria textual.

0-0) e 4-4) Falsos. Comprar o excedente energ\u00e9tico e vender parte da for\u00e7a gerada a companhias de energia s\u00e3o informa\u00e7\u00f5es n\u00e3o contidas no texto.

27. As the age of oil wanes, what energy source(s) will
take its place?

0-0) only clean energy sources.
1-1) solely solar panels and batteries.
2-2) mainly hydrogen technology.

3-3) chiefly fossil fuels.
4-4) every available power source.
Resposta: FFFFV

4-4) Verdadeiro. \u201cTodas as fontes dispon\u00edveis de energia\u201d \u00e9 a resposta correta, pois a energia do futuro ser\u00e1 h\u00edbrida.

0-0), 1-1), 2-2) e 3-3). Falsos. Os elementos citados constituem fontes de energia ou t\u00e9cnicas isoladas.

28.In order to power itself, the world looks for ways to
0-0) hinder definitely the use of oil.
1-1) use less oil more efficiently.
2-2) make power cheaper in the near future.
3-3) use energy solely to supply electricity.
4-4) build several nuclear powerplants.
Resposta: FVVFF

1-1) e 2-2) Verdadeiros. O mundo busca formas de usar menos petr\u00f3leo, mais eficientemente, e de tornar a energia mais barata num futuro pr\u00f3ximo.

0-0), 3-3) e 4-4) Falsos. Coibir definitivamente o uso do petr\u00f3leo, usar a energia apenas na gera\u00e7\u00e3o de eletricidade e construir v\u00e1rias usinas nucleares n\u00e3o correspondem ao que est\u00e1 no texto.

29. As a whole, the sentence \u2013 \u201cRather than replacing
hydrogens entirely, what we need to do is find ways
to use less oil.\u201d \u2013 expresses

0-0) advice.
1-1) recommendation.
2-2) suggestion.
3-3) doubt.

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