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To Bring a Monstrous Flesh Machine to Orgasm

To Bring a Monstrous Flesh Machine to Orgasm

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Alliterative statements chosen and extracted from the novel Justine, by de Sade.
Matthew Lee Knowles
October 2011
Alliterative statements chosen and extracted from the novel Justine, by de Sade.
Matthew Lee Knowles
October 2011

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Published by: Matthew Lee Knowles on Oct 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Matthew Lee KnowlesOctober 2011
“In this respect he is like those perversewriters whose scandalous works live on long after their own lives have ended; the writers,themselves, can perpetrate no more evil after death, but their evil ideas continue to bepropagated, instigating crime, inspiringblasphemy, motivating wickedness: and thisnotion cheers them to their very graves, for eventhere they cannot be enjoined to relinquish theperpetration of evil.”“The scoundrels,” Justine agreed.
From Justine, Book IV-v, Marquis de Sade
 Alliterative statements chosen and extracted from
[Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade] 
 As the author of all being and Ask what if as man proceeds alongThrough thickets and thorns while theThe tide rather thanIt no it is importantTo understand the trueThis then shall be the purpose of the following work toTo the corruption of theThe principles of truth will lead that soul back to theThe same time depicting theHonourable men hold dear however To the demonstration of truth the And grandmothers aunts and As different as black and And intellect are those of aJustine and Juliette have justSuffered business reverses so severeTo the grave theThen turned to their Them hurled them bodily into the street finally the girls went to a convent to which their Their father and turned themHer head against her Breast and began sobbing unashamedly butIt is satisfied in the past imprisonedIt fully instead itTeaching my fingers to respond to theTogether to take up theThe hungers of the flesh whenever they arise and the thirstIt’s immoral it’s illegal itThan to roam theBegging for bread no butToo sensitive to theOpinions of others

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