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Jesus Christ Numerology 5 11 07

Jesus Christ Numerology 5 11 07



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Published by: api-3708784 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesus Christ Numerology
Anti-Christ = 121
The Light and The Dark Shall Merge.
The result is zero, from this side of the Veil.
Imagine what comes next!
This document may be distributed (unedited) only without cost.

Sheree Denise Rainbolt
In The Name Of Jesus Christ
(c) May 9, 2007

In Heaven, there are no names. There is no you and me. No over there then
over here. It is Zero Point. It is The All And Nothing. No boundaries, no
immigration issues, no rich and poor, employed and homeless, free and
imprisoned, and no Fox News. Can you imagine such a world?


I use to wonder why I came to this..uh...planet. I use to wonder what I came to
do, when I would do it, with who, and for what purpose. My older sister was an
darn great Astologer. She was/is gorgeous and intelligent. She taught me some
different concepts as I was growing up. Just enough to wet my appetite, but not
so much that she interferred with Drama Club and my Mormon Road Shows. She
is older than me, by nearly a generation. Such a gift.

I have always been interested in philosophy and things beyond the box. I was reading books on ET\u2019s when I was in 5th grade. I wasn't always well received. After a few too many rolling eyes, I shut down talking about bigger, bolder and deeper ideas. No one was as interested as I was/am in these things, and my sister was not living at home. I was home alone with the Book Of Mormon, a bratty little sister (whom I love) and some DQ bars. There would be little talk of Pluto, Astrology, Buddha, Mysticism and ET\u2019s. I made due with Star Trek.

I was raised in a Mormon church and baptized at8 years old. If I knew then what
I know now, maybe life would look different. I am no longer a Mormon. I left when
I was 14. Well, it was actually my parents who left, after being exiled. It turns out
that there is no forgiveness of sins after all. Since we were booted, I wonder what
was going to happen to all those dead people we stood in for in the baptismal
basin at the Temple?

In any case, I have had a million angels with me my whole life, waiting for this
article. This is it. Make yourself comfortable.

We are roughly five years out from a monumental planetary shift, on all levels of
being. You really can't imagine it. You've read some things here and there about
The Venus Transit of 2012; Topics on ascension and pole shifts, harsh weather,
upheaval of thought, and more. I suspect it's more like....more. As in...\u201d.The truth
will be shown to you.\u201d This sharing is part of that truth. You have 5 years to
review it. Do not take longer.

The goal of this article is to first, teach you to look deeper at our world. While you
are taking that on, I aim to teach you how to define a new truth using a simple
new system called JESUS CHRIST NUMEROLOGY. This system of divination is
unlike traditional numerology by about half. You won\u2019t be asked to throw
everything out. But, it is my view that a secret faction of science and church, has
hidden the truth of our existence from us, by canceling zero, and more.

By the good Grace of my favorite super hero, Jesus Christ, I come to you with a
new and improved numerology. A new numerology that lets you keep and
understand the impact of the sacred zero. An amazingly simple system that
explains the numbers 11 and 22 and asks us to uncover the truth, so the truth
can set us free.

Jesus = 70 sdh
sdh: single digit horizontal

There\u2019s more.I will lay it out for you shortly. Come to it with time on your hands
and an open mind. Make sure you log all of your findings. If you are reading this
right now, you are responsible please.

The most important passage in the bible, which reveals the most important
numbers, is this:
(Torah) Genesis (6) 12:3
Abraham was promised that he would be the father of many nations (Gen.17: 4)
and that throughHI M all the families of the earth would be blessed(Gen .12:3
In the name of Jesus Christ = 9
God of Heaven =9
In the name of Jesus Christ, God of Heaven = 9
Because of the above Covenant, please consider the following prayer:

As a perfect loving witness to Jesus Christ , God Of Heaven, I hereby detach
from and dissolve all covenants made between myself (on all levels of my being)
and \u201cThe God Of Earth\u201d in all it\u2019s forms and names. I see the truth and the truth
has set me free. No hard feelings. Check please.

Old Covenant = 3
New Covenant = 1
The Difference = 7

The Difference is Jesus
Jesus is not Jewish (99)
3 + 10 + 7 = 20 (truth)
3 + 1 + 7 = 11/2 (not)
When you lose the zero of 10, all Hell breaks loose FOREVER.
Ten is meant to be 10, not ONE.
Zero = 10 Cancel = 20
Total = 30(1-2-3) AND THE 3 OF 12 / 3

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