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Published by api-3708784

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Published by: api-3708784 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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jesus christ numerology
\u00a9 may 2007
sheree denise rainbolt
intended only to illuminate....
fear is not an option.

the nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under
constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative.
the victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. to him the walls
of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. that he is not free is
apparent only to other people. his servitude is strictly objective.

brave new world revisited, aldous huxley, 1958
in the end be still and know that i am god
this sharing is not perfect it has not been edited or
assembled the way i would wish if i had more time
. :-)
energy and money
you will find it to be disjointed
and maybe redundant in places you may even find a
. '
couple of addition errors i overlooked it s the best i have
right now time is of the essence
about me

i am a loving mother, long term wife, writer, teacher, and an intuitive. following in the footsteps of my father, i am a rock solid patriot (lean democratic, but open to something new). i am not a scientist, by the world's definition, or a doctor. nothing written here is meant to be taken as absolute fact! i could be all wrong. that's the risk i am willing to take.

beginning in the year 2000, i learned and absorbed some fresh new ideas about
the interior and exterior material and non material of this fascinating human
existence, i began to work with some new and productive ideology to manage my
life. what i have learned about the power of the human mind and the love and
example of jesus christ is amazing. i grew up a mormon, then investigated nearly
every church on earth, looking for jesus, god, billy bob and anyone else that
would rush in and help my life make sense. it would take until i was 41 years old.
when i turned 41, it was as if someone turned the light on. the answers are
within. really? well, why didn't someone tell me that sooner! well....um....uh.....just

at 41 years old, i began to slowly release old paradigm thinking and was brought some fresh air. i do mean fresh air. as in, *nothing i had ever been exposed to in my whole life*. i discovered that my parents and my society didn't get it right for me. i became lost in their dream. it's lucky there was any air left to breathe. god bless them, but how wonderful it feels to have my own mind. i am churchless and


free. not that churches aren't good. some are very good and help all kinds of
people in the name of love. my statement has far deeper meaning, if you will take
the time. this isn't really about churches, as buildings. i believe in the power of

most people in churches are there to participate in something good, and give
back in ways that bring satisfaction to their lives. but, there are things to consider,
and i hope you will. i pick what resonates from a variety of thought systems, and
discard the rest for another time and space, if ever. i am an eclectic mix of
christian, buddhist, hindu, islam, unitarian, methodist, and much more. there is
true and false everywhere. for the most part, i am a simple and opening mind.

at one point, thanks to the angels, i came across a miracle divining tool called a
pendulum. this remarkable tool put me in direct contact with the angels. don't roll
your eyes yet, its still early. through my conversations with higher light
intelligence, i was able to learn more about how things work, and more. i never
used this tool for the lottery, or to find out if my son was growing pot in his closet.
i can't tell you how many times i was tempted. i then learned numerology.
everything i have learned has brought me to right here, right now. i can't say
enough for the benefits that come from an open mind, but it is very hard to find
the key if you aren't looking.

what is somewhat troubling to me, as a spiritual dowser, is how often people like
me are teamed with the occult of evil intentions. it is quite sad, for most people
who say such things do not know anything about dowsing. dowsing is for soccer
moms, cashiers, truck drivers, and executives. it's for everyone. it's normal stuff.
but, you were taught that it isn't normal. that was not true, but i will explain to you
why you were taught this nonsense. if they knew how many of our most brilliant
scientists have used a pendulum there would be complete shock. as well, all the
doctors, nurses and other practitioners who use pendulums for healing
information. if they really wanted to educate themselves about how any tool can
be used for good or evil, they would take advantage of all my free audios,
classes, ebooks, charts, etc.. here is the link to that free information. listen in,
and find out who i am.


if you have any trouble accessing this folder, please try signing in as a user of
esnips. if that doesn't work, email me at:slivermoon22@ao l.com . this info is all
free, and i encourage you to share it freely with others. i am not interested in
making any money off this info. it was such a huge gift in my life, from jesus, that
i must share it freely.

i am not a satanist, nor a witch (whatever that really means). there's good
witches and bad witches. satan stands behind me, at neutral, for darkness has
no power over the fearless. these are all just words, morphing to and fro,

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