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2012 Babies Born With Uranus in Cetus

2012 Babies Born With Uranus in Cetus

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Published by Academic_Zodiac
2012 Babies Born With Uranus in Cetus
2012 Babies Born With Uranus in Cetus

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Oct 15, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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2012 Babies
 born with
INTRODUCTIONIn the year 2012, babies will be born with Uranus in Cetus. Their verified natal planetary positions as nested within the Cartesian house system include the sixteen (16) eastern or true ascendants for the current epoch. Since some of these babies may pertain to the144000, mothers will be glad to hear that one of the sixteen (16) ascendants is their own baby’s guardian angel. ÆON OF CETUSBabies born in the year 20111 can have Jupiter in Cetus. Does Mars in Cetus rising near to the east point always necessary imply Cetus ascendant? Not at all! By now you guessedthat east has nothing to do with planetary positions. In exceptional cases such as Alixe’s,Moon rising at east in Cetus does in fact imply Cetus ascendant.
Psa 91:11
For he shall give his angels charge concerning thee, to keep theein all thy ways. Your guardian angel is the eastern ascending star. There aresixteen (16) ascending constellations at east for the current epoch. Which oneis your own guardian angel?http://ow.ly/6TpWdConosci il tuo unico angelocustode? Il sant’angelo custode del tuo oroscopo è uno dei sedici ascendentinascenti a est per l’epoca presente. Qual è il tuo unico angelo custode
 stella dell’est?http://ow.ly/6TsxO The Sun figures as one of the most acclaimed
objects in popular astrology
.Do you know its position? As free horoscopes are mostly intended for entertainment only, they never reproduce any original natal sky at all. Thus,Sai Baba was born with Sun in Libra on November 23
. How about you?http://ow.ly/6Tq9AThe generally known 13 Sun-signs expanded are in fact15, even 16. Is your natal Sun in Orion or Cetus?The lunar zodiac represents a complex grid. Leave the calculations to us asyour natal Moon sign gets properly determined. Alixe
has Moon rising inCetus, Mercury in Sextans with Venus in Orion. Her Juno is in zodiacalScutum while Pluto sits on the ascendant of the USA in Serpens Cauda. Isyour child a genius as well?http://ow.ly/6Tqb1Your natal Moon can beanywhere from Auriga, Corvus or Sextans. Who knows? We do.
AGE OF PEGASUSIn the Age of Pegasus, babies as born with Venus in Pegasus or Cetus can be consideredsacred. China and Egypt always had a promising zodiacal base to build upon. Thus, theAcademic Zodiac hosts all Chinese and Egyptian zodiacal models and systems with pleasure and privilege of an all-encompassing omniversal system. As Venus rising at eastin Pegasus announces Gaussian peak of said Age, heavens are shaken by Dantesqueconflicts between cetacean dæmons and Luciferian vimana.
2012In the year 2012, Uranus is in Cetus – the Academic Zodiac marks the hub of the Æon of Cetus. Many nativities will have Uranus in Cetus prominent, such as ascending. To have a New Moon with Uranus at the Pegasus Point means avatarship.

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