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Real Property Act 1858

Real Property Act 1858

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Published by BLP Cooperative
An Act to simplify the Laws relating to the transfer and encumbranceof freehold and other interests in Land
An Act to simplify the Laws relating to the transfer and encumbranceof freehold and other interests in Land

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Published by: BLP Cooperative on Oct 15, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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No 15.
 An Act to simplify the Laws relating to the transfer and encumbranceof freehold and other interests in Land.
[Assented to, 27th January, 1858.]
HEREAS the inhabitants of the Province of South Australia aresubjected to losses, heavy costs, and much perplexity, by reason that thelaws relating to the transfer and encumbrance of freehold and otherinterests in land are complex, cumbrous, and unsuited to the requirementsof the said inhabitants, it is therefore expedient to amend the said laws—Beit Enacted, by the Governor-in-Chief, of the said Province, with the adviceand consent of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly of the saidProvince, in this present Parliament assembled, as follows:
1.All Laws, Statutes, Acts, Ordinances, rules, regulations, andpractice whatsoever, relating to freehold and other interests in land, so faras inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed, so faras regards their application to land under the provisions of this Act, or thebringing of land under the operation of this Act.
Repeal of previous Acts.
This Act may be cited for all purposes as the “Real Property Act.”
Short title.
In the construction, and for the purposes of this Act, and in allinstruments purporting to be made or executed thereunder (if notinconsistent with the context and subject matter), the following terms shallhave the respective meanings hereinafter assigned to them, that is to say—The word “Land” shall extend to and include messuages, tenements, andhereditaments, corporeal and incorporeal, of every
Interpretation of certain terms.
kind and description, (whether of a greater or less description than lifeestates, and whether at law or in equity), together with all paths,passages, ways, waters, water-courses, liberties, privileges, easements,plantations, gardens, mines, minerals, and quarries, and all trees andtimber thereon or thereunder, lying or being, unless the same arespecially excepted:
shall mean the land grant of any land of the Crown by anyResident Commissioner or Governor of the said Province, to anyperson or persons:
shall mean any person seised or possessed of any estate at lawor in equity, in possession, in futurity, or expectancy, whether a lifeestate, or of a greater or less description than a life estate, in any land.
shall mean the execution of every instrument, and theperformance of every formality, including registration, required bythis Act, to give validity to the passing, either of the whole of theproprietor
s interest in land, or of any less estate therein:
Memorandum of Sale
shall mean the instrument executed by the personhaving estate or interest in land under the operation of this Act, for thepurpose of transferring such estate and interest in form of theSchedule hereto annexed, marked B:
shall mean the acquirement of title to or interest in lands,consequent on the will, intestacy, bankruptcy, insolvency, or marriageof a proprietor:
Certificate of Title
shall mean the instrument executed by the Registrar-General, in form A of the Schedule hereto annexed, duplicate of which constitutes a separate page in the register book, vesting the feesimple, or any less estate (as the case may be), in land brought underthe operation of this Act:
shall be applicable to every charge on, or interest in land,created merely for securing a loan:
shall mean the borrower of money on the security of anyestate or interest in land under the operation of this Act:
shall mean the lender of money upon the security of anyestate or interest in land under the operation of this Act:
Bill of Mortgage
shall mean the instrument in form of the Schedulehereto annexed, marked D, required under this Act to be executed bythe intending mortgagor, with a view to creating such mortgage as lastaforesaid:
shall mean the execution by a person of every necessary or suitable instrument, and the performance of everyformality, including registration, required by this Act, for assigning,surrendering, or otherwise transferring land of which such person ispossessed, either for the whole estate of the person so possessed or forany less estate, in order to render such land available for securing thepayment of any annuity or dower, or for the payment of anysum
sum of money either absolutely or subject to conditions, restrictions, orcontingencies; including also the execution, by the Registrar-General, of every instrument, and the performance by him of every formalityrequired by this Act to give validity to such encumbrance or assignment:
shall mean the person, not being a mortgagor, who shallhave assigned any estate or interest in land under the operation of thisAct for the purpose of securing any annuity, dower, or sum of money:
shall mean the person, not being a mortgagee, to whomor for whose benefit any estate or interest in land under theprovisions of this Act shall have been encumbered or assigned:
Bill of Encumbrance
Bill of Trust
shall mean the instrumentcreating such encumbrance or assignment executed by the personhaving estate or interest in land under the operation of this Act inform of one or other of the Schedules hereto annexed, markedrespectively E or F:
Estate in Fee Simple
shall mean the absolute property in land, such as isoriginally vested by a
in the meaning of this Act:
Registration Abstract
shall mean the instrument under the hand and sealof the Registrar-General, executed in form of the Schedule heretomarked H, or in words to the like effect, available in lieu of theRegister Book, for the purpose of enabling a person to mortgage or tosell, in places without the limits of the said Province, land under theoperation of this Act whereof he may be seised as proprietor:
shall mean any person who shall have been found to be a lunaticupon inquiry by the Supreme Court, or by any Judge thereof, or upona Commission of Inquiry issuing out of the Supreme Court in thenature of a writ
lunatico inquirendo
:The expression
Person of Unsound Mind
shall mean any person not aninfant, who, not having been found to be a lunatic, shall be incapable,from infirmity of mind, to manage his own affairs:
Consular Officer
shall include Consul-General, Consul, and Vice-Consul, and any person for the time being discharging the duties of Consul-General, Consul, or Vice-Consul:
shall mean the Registrar-General, or other officer dulyauthorized or appointed to carry out the provisions of this Act, or anyperson duly authorized as Deputy of such Registrar-General, or to acton his behalf in respect to this Act:
shall mean and include any land grant, certificate of title, orother document in writing, relating to the transfer, encumbrance, orother dealing with land:

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