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48937146 Marketing Strategy

48937146 Marketing Strategy

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Published by Avinash Somvanshi

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Published by: Avinash Somvanshi on Oct 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An ADI Media Publication | adi-media.com | OCTOBER 10 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | 13
Basant Pande
Executive Vice President (Sales & Marketing):
Basant Pande
Global Brands EnterpriseSolutions Pvt. Ltd. (Akai)
Corp. Off.:
Plot No. 97, Sector-44,Gurgaon - 122002
 Ad Agency:
Everest AdvertisingPrivate Limited
Mareting strategies
Our marketing strategy is
more for less
.We are offering products to the custom-ers at the lowest price points, loaded withmany more features than available in themarket for the same range.
Distribution strategies
Our distribution strategy is similar tothat of others. We plan on increasing thenumber of direct dealers, direct accounts,and opening up counters for Akai thatwill be easily accessible to consumers.
In areas where it is difcult for custom
-ers to visit outlets, we are appointingdistributors.
 Advertising strategies
Our core focus area will be LED products,which is the future of the TV business.Thus, we will be going very heavy in LEDmarketing cum advertising.
Communication strategies
Providing high quality products atreasonable prices is what we will becommunicating to the consumers in theup-market segment. Our communicationstrategy will be based on our advertisingstrategy—we are offering
more for less
. Akai is the only brand in India that of-fers imported CRT TVs. LCDs are alsoimported because we do not manufacturethem here. The best selling model of AkaiLEDs recently launched internationally,has simultaneously been launched inIndia too.
Plans for the Indian maret in thecoming three years
 Akai aims to offer a complete gamut of home appliances and consumer electron-ics products. We are already into wash-ing machines, color TVs, LCD TVs, LEDTVs, home theaters and DVD players.We have also launched our mobile range.We are seriously considering coolingproducts, inverters, and IT products.
 Akai will make sure it fullls the needs
and requirements of consumers in homeelectricals, electronics, as well as tele-communications.
key achievements
 A soft launch was done six months back.We have started advertising only acouple of months back. In this short timeperiod we have been able to capture thenetwork, and now we have a nationalnetwork in place. Also, Akai, under the Videocon umbrella,was only focusing on low-end productsfor a long time. We have changed thatand are focusing on high-end products,including LCDs and LED televisions.
Company’s vision
To reach as many households in India aspossible, and provide maximum satisfac-tion to the Indian consumers.
14 | TV VEOPAR JOURNAL | OCTOBER 10 | adi-media.com | An ADI Media Publication
Saurabh Shah
Product Manager:
Saurabh Shah
Corp. Off.:
D-6, Dinathwadi, L.J.Road, Mahim (W), Mumbai – 400016,Maharashtra, India
Marketing strategies
 AVART draws upon its design expe-
rience to create innovative productsthat aim to make an ecological changein human life as we live today. AVART designs and supplies audio
video accessories. Our products in-clude Mightymount—swivel bracketsfor LCD TVs. We sell our productsthrough value-added resellers andCE retailers.Our company has a proprietary niche
in the market—innovation, design,market, channels, quality, cost, anddependability.
Distribution strategies
 AVART is a Mumbai-based companyand intends to cater to the entire Indianmarket by setting up distributors acrossmajor metro cities in India.We cater to the traditional CE retailchannel as well as modern trade withcustomer-centric products and pricing.
 Advertising and communicationstrategies
 Advertisements in gadgets and home
electronics magazines and journalstargeted towards consumers, high-lighting ease and convenience, alongwith aesthetics which would comple-ment their décor.In-store promotion with POP mate-
rial demonstrating the products func-
tionality and benets, with special
emphasis on quality.
Plans for the Indian market in thecoming three years
We intend to increase our reach
across the country, while adding newand better products to our existingportfolio.
Key achievements
 At AVART we emphasize on quality,
hence Mightymounts have the follow-ing internationally acclaimed quality
and safety certicationsThe CE marking certies that a product
has met EU consumer safety, health orenvironmental requirements. CE standsfor conformité européenne, French for
European conformity
.Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is
an independent product safety certica
-tion organization. UL develops standardsand test procedures for products, materi-als, components, assemblies, tools and
equipment, chiey dealing with product
safety. UL is one of several companies ap-proved for such testing by the US federalagency OSHA.TÜVs (short for Technischer Überw-achungs-Verein, Technical Inspection Association in English) are Germanorganizations that work to validate thesafety of products of all kinds, to protecthumans and the environment againsthazards.The Restriction of Hazardous SubstancesDirective (or RoHS) was adopted in Feb-ruary 2003 by the European Union, andis required to be enforced and becomelaw in each member state. This direc-tive restricts the use of six hazardousmaterials in the manufacture of varioustypes of electronic and electrical equip-ment. It is closely linked with the WasteElectrical and Electronic Equipment Di-rective (WEEE) 2002/96/EC, which setscollection, recycling, and recovery targetsfor electrical goods, and is part of a leg-islative initiative to solve the problem of huge amounts of toxic e-waste.
Company’s vision
We are a company of a business dedi-
cated to achieving sustained growth
in quality cash ow.
We maintain a long-term perspective,
an entrepreneurial spirit, a strongbalance sheet, and the highest ethicalstandards.We recognize the customer as our
most important asset and our peopleas our most important resource. Weare dedicated to developing both.

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