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Share internet bang ISA

Share internet bang ISA

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Published by api-3766251

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Published by: api-3766251 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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& $ \u00ba,\ue000 \u00b3 $ \u00ad7 \ue0003 +$ \u00a21 \ue0000 (\u00a20 \ue000 6+ $ 5 (\ue000 ,1 7 (5 1 ( 7 \ue000, 6$ \ue000\ue002 \ue001 \ue001 \ue001
1J X \ H \u00c4 Q \ue0007U X Q J \ue000+ LH \u00c2 X
&U H DWH G \ue000R Q \ue000\ue003\ue003\ue001 \ue002\ue006 \ue001 \ue002\ue005\ue000\ue003\ue008 \ue004 \ue007 \ue000$ 0
7U D Q J \ue000\ue003
6 +$5 (\ue000 , 17 (5 1 (7 \ue000 9 \u00b6\u00bb,\ue000 0 , &52 6 2) 7 \ue000 ,1 7 (5 1 (7 \ue000 6 (& 85, 7 <\ue000 $ 1'
$&& (/ (5 $7 ,2 1\ue000 6 (9 (5\ue000 \ue001,6 $\ue000 6 (59 ( 5\ue002
,\ue001\ue000/ \u00d6 \u00da L \ue000J L \u00d6 \u00dbL \ue000WKL H \u00c6 X
0LF URV RIW\ue000 ,Q WHUQHW\ue000 6HF X ULW\\ue000 D QG\ue000 $F F HOHUD WLRQ\ue000 6HYHU\ue000 \ue001ISA\ue000 6 HUYHU \ue001\ue000 OD\u00da\ue000 SKD\u00c2Q\ue000 PH\u00c2P\ue000 V KDUH\ue000 LQ WHUQHW
FX\u00ddD\ue000 KD\u00d7QJ\ue000 SKD\u00c2Q\ue000 PH\u00c2P\ue000 QR\u00c7L\ue000 WLH\u00c3QJ\ue000 0LFURVRIW\ue003\ue000 OD\u00da\ue000 ED\u00ddQ\ue000 QD\u00c4QJ\ue000 FD\u00c3S\ue000 GX\\ue000 QKD\u00c3W\ue000 \ue001W\u00cfQK\ue000 \u00d3H\u00c3Q\ue000 WK\u00d6\u00daL\ue000 \u00d3LH\u00c7P\ue000 QD\u00da\ \ue002\ue000 W\u00d8\u00da
SKD\u00c2Q\ue000 PH\u00c2P\ue000 06\ue000 3UR[\\ue000 6HUYHU\ue000 \ue004\ue002\ue003\ue002\ue000 &R\u00db\ue000 WKH \u00c7\ue000 QR\u00dbL\ue000 \u00d3D\u00c4\\ue000 OD\u00da\ue000 PR \u00c6W\ue000 SKD\u00c2Q\ue000 PH\u00c2P\ue000 VKDUH\ue000 LQWH UQHW\ue000 NKD\u00db\ue000 KLH\u00c6X\ue000 TXD\u00dd\ue001
R\u00c7Q\ue000 \u00d3\u00d4QK\ue001\ue000 GH\u00c5\ue000 FD\u00c3X\ue000 K\u00ceQK\ue001\ue000 IL UHZDOO\ue000 WR\u00c3W\ue001\ue000 QKLH \u00c2X\ue000 W\u00cfQK\ue000 QD\u00ccQJ\ue000 FKR\ue000 SKH\u00dbS\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 FD\u00c3X\ue000 K\u00ceQK\ue000 V DR\ue000 FKR\ue000 W\u00d8\u00d6QJ\ue000 WK\u00cfFK\ue000 Y\u00d6\u00dbL
PD\u00d1QJ\ue000 /$1\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue002\ue000 7R\u00c3F\ue000 \u00d3R\u00c6\ue000 QKDQK\ue000 QK\u00d6\u00da\ue000 FKH\u00c3\ue000 \u00d3R\u00c6\ue000 FDFKH\ue000 WKR\u00c4QJ\ue000 PLQK\ue001\ue000 Y\u00d6\u00dbL\ue000 W\u00cfQK\ue000 QD\u00ccQJ\ue000 O\u00d8X\ue000 &DFKH\ue000 YD\u00daR
5 $0\ue000 \ue0015 D QGRP\ue000 $FFHV V \ue000 0HPRU\\ue002\ue003\ue000 JLX\u00dbS\ue000 ED \u00d1Q\ue000 WUX\\ue000 [XD \u00c3W\ue000 WKR \u00c4QJ\ue000 WLQ\ue000 QKD QK\ue000 K\u00d6Q\ue003\ue000 YD \u00da\ue000 W\u00cfQK\ue000 QD \u00ccQJ\ue000 6FKHGXOH
&DFKH\ue000 \ue001/D\u00c6S\ue000 O\u00d4FK\ue000 FKR\ue000 W\u00d8\u00d1\ue000 \u00d3R\u00c6QJ\ue000 GRZQORDG\ue000 WKR\u00c4QJ\ue000 WLQ\ue000 WUH\u00c4Q\ue000 FD\u00dbF\ue000 :HE6HUYHU\ue000 O\u00d8X\ue000 YD\u00daR\ue000 &DFKH\ue000 YD\u00da\ue000 PD\u00db\\ue000 FRQ
FK\u00c8\ue000 FD\u00c2Q\ue000 OD\u00c3\\ue000 WKR\u00c4QJ\ue000 WLQ\ue000 WUH \u00c4Q\ue000 FD\u00dbF\ue000 :HEV HUYHU\ue000 \u00d3R\u00db\ue000 ED\u00caQJ\ue000 PD\u00d1QJ\ue000 /$1\ue001\ue002\ue000 7URQJ\ue000 NKXR\u00c4Q\ue000 NKR\u00c7\ue000 ED\u00da L\ue000 YLH\u00c3W\ue000 QD\u00da\\ue000 WR \u00c4L
VH\u00d7\ue000 WD\u00c6S\ue000 WUXQJ\ue000 YD\u00daR\ue000 QK\u00d8\u00d7QJ\ue000 W\u00cfQK\ue000 QD\u00ccQJ\ue000 TXDQ\ue000 W UR\u00d1QJ\ue000 \u00d3H\u00c7\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 \u00d3R\u00d1F\ue000 FR\u00db\ue000 WKH \u00c7\ue000 FD\u00c3X\ue000 K\u00ceQK\ue000 SKR\u00daQJ\ue000 PD\u00db\\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 VDR
FKR\ue000 WR\u00c3F\ue000 \u00d3R\u00c6\ue000 FKD\u00c3S\ue000 QKD\u00c6Q\ue000 \u00d3\u00d8\u00d6\u00d1F\ue001\ue000 V\u00d8\u00dd\ue000 GX\u00d1QJ\ue000 \u00d3\u00d8\u00d6\u00d1F\ue000 WD\u00c3W\ue000 FD\u00dd\ue000 FD\u00dbF\ue000 G\u00d4FK\ue000 YX\u00d1\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 QKD\u00da\ue000 FXQJ\ue000 FD\u00c3S\ue002\ue000 %D\u00d1Q\ue000 FR\u00db\ue000 WKH\u00c7\ue000 W\u00ceP
KLH\u00c7X\ue000 WKH\u00c4P\ue000 QK\u00d8\u00d7QJ\ue000 W\u00cfQK\ue000 QD\u00ccQJ\ue000 WUH\u00c4Q\ue000 ZHEVLWH\ue000
KD \
,,\ue001\ue000 &D \u00c3 X\ue000 K\u00ce QK\ue000 W R \u00c3 L \ue000 W KL H \u00c7 X\ue000 F X\u00ddD \ue000P D \u00db \ \ue000 6H Y H U
0D \u00db \\ue000 7\u00cf QK\ue001 \ue000Pentium\ue000 ,,\ue000 \ue005\ue003\ue003 0K] \ue001 \ue000 \ue004\ue006\ue0070% \ue000 5 $0\ue000 WU\u00d6\u00dd \ue000 O H\u00c4 Q\ue002
+H\u00c6\ue000 \u00d3LH\u00c2X\ue000 KD\u00daQK\ue001\ue0000L F U RVRIW\ue000 :L QGRZV\ue000 \ue002 \ue001 \ue001 \ue001 \ue000 6HU YHU\ue001\ue000 0L FU RVRIW\ue000 :L QGRZV\ue000 \ue002 \ue001 \ue001\ue001 \ue000 $GYDQF HG\ue000 6HU YHU
Y\u00d6\u00dbL \ue000 6HUYL FH\ue000 3DF N\ue000 \ue001 \ue000WU\u00d6\u00dd\ue000 OH\u00c4Q\ue000 KD\\ue0000L F U RVRIW\ue000 :L QGRZV\ue000 \ue002 \ue001\ue001 \ue001 \ue000 'DWDFHQWHU \ue000YD\u00da\ue000 FD\u00dbF\ue000 SDUWLWLRQ\ue000 SKD\u00ddL\ue000 \u00d3\u00d4QK
GD \u00d1 QJ\ue000 WKHR\ue0001 7 )6\ue000
,,,\ue003\ue000 &D \u00c3 X\ue000 K\u00ce QK\ue000 P D \u00d1 QJ \ue000 / $1\ue000 \ue001 / RF D O \ue000 $UH D \ue000 1H W ZR U N\ue002
0D \u00d1 QJ\ue000 /$1\ue000 QH\u00c4 Q\ue000 F D \u00c3 X\ue000 K\u00ceQK\ue000 WKHR\ue000 , 3\ue000 W\u00d5QK\ue003 \ue001 WD \u00c3 W\ue000 F D \u00dd \ue000 F D \u00db F \ue000 PD \u00db \\ue000 \u00d3H\u00c2 X\ue000 JD \u00db Q\ue000 PR\u00c6 W\ue000 \u00d3\u00d4D \ue000 F K\u00c8\ue000 , 3\ue000 YD \u00da \ue000 6XEQHW\ue000 PD V N\ue002
,9\ue001\ue000&D \u00da L \ue000\u00d3D \u00cd W\ue000, 6 $\ue0006H U Y H U
%D\u00d1Q\ue000 W\u00ceP\ue000 WD\u00c6S\ue000 WLQ\ue0006H W XS\ue000 WURQJ\ue000 SKD\u00c2Q\ue000 PH\u00c2P\ue000 ,6$\ue000 \u00d3H\u00c7\ue000 FD\u00daL\ue000 \u00d3D\u00cdW\ue001\ue000 VDX\ue000 NKL\ue000 N\u00cfFK\ue000 KRD\u00d1W\ue000 WD\u00c6S\ue000 WLQ\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 FKR\u00d1Q
&RQWLQXH\ue001\ue000 UR\u00c2L\ue000 FKR\u00d1Q\ue000 \u00d3\u00d8\u00d6\u00daQJ\ue000 GD\u00c5Q\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 FK\u00d8\u00d6QJ\ue000 WU\u00ce QK\ue000 \u00d3H\u00c7\ue000 WLH\u00c3S\ue000 WX\u00d1F\ue000 FD\u00daL\ue000 \u00d3D\u00cdW\ue001\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 QKD\u00c6S\ue000 FGNH\\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 ,6$\ue002
\ue001K \u00ce Q K \ue000 \ue003 \ue002
& $ \u00ba,\ue000 \u00b3 $ \u00ad7 \ue0003 +$ \u00a21 \ue0000 (\u00a20 \ue000 6+ $ 5 (\ue000 ,1 7 (5 1 ( 7 \ue000, 6$ \ue000\ue003 \ue001 \ue001 \ue001
1J X \ H \u00c4 Q \ue0007U X Q J \ue000+ LH \u00c2 X
&U H DWH G \ue000R Q \ue000\ue003\ue003\ue001 \ue002\ue006 \ue001 \ue002\ue005\ue000\ue003\ue008 \ue004 \ue007 \ue000$ 0
7U D Q J \ue000\ue004
+\u00ce QK\ue000 \ue002
& OLF N\ue0002.\ue003 \ue000 F KR\u00d1 Q\ue000$J U H H\ue000 \u00d3H\u00c7 \ue000 F D\u00da L\ue000 \u00d3D \u00cd W\ue003 \ue000 ED \u00d1 Q\ue000 F KR\u00d1 Q\ue000)XO O \ue000,QVWD O O D WL R Q\ue004 \ue000 \ue001K\u00ceQK\ue000 \ue005\ue002
+\u00ce QK\ue000 \ue001
6DX\ue000 NKL\ue000 NLH\u00c7P\ue000 WUD\ue000 FD\u00dbF\ue000 WKR\u00c4QJ\ue000 VR\u00c3\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 KH\u00c6\ue000 WKR\u00c3QJ\ue000 QH \u00c3X\ue000 KH\u00c6\ue000 \u00d3LH\u00c2X\ue000 KD\u00daQK\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 FD\u00daL\ue000 WKHR\ue000:R U NJ U R XS \ue000 WK\u00ce
WK\u00ce\ue000 ,6$\ue000 VH\u00d7\ue000 [XD\u00c3W\ue000 KLH\u00c6Q\ue000 F\u00d8\u00ddD\ue000 VR\u00c7\ue000 WKR\u00c4QJ\ue000 ED\u00dbR\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 FK\u00c8 \ue000 FD\u00daL\ue000 WKHR\ue000 FKXD\u00c7Q\ue0006WDQG\ue001 DO RQH\ue000 VHU YHU\ue000 FR\u00daQ\ue000 KH\u00c6\ue000 \u00d3LH\u00c2X
KD \u00da QK\ue000 F X\u00dd D \ue000 ED \u00d1 Q\ue000 F D \u00da L\ue000 WKHR\ue000'R P D L Q\ue000 WK\u00ce\ue000 ED\u00d1 Q\ue000 F X\u00d7 QJ\ue000 F KR\u00d1 Q\ue000 F KH\u00c3 \ue000 \u00d3R\u00c6 \ue000 QD \u00da \\ue001 \ue000 ED \u00d1 Q\ue000 F KR\u00d1 Q\ue000<H V\ue003 \ue000 \ue001K\u00ceQK\ue000 \ue004 \ue002
& $ \u00ba,\ue000 \u00b3 $ \u00ad7 \ue0003 +$ \u00a21 \ue0000 (\u00a20 \ue000 6+ $ 5 (\ue000 ,1 7 (5 1 ( 7 \ue000, 6$ \ue000\ue002 \ue001 \ue001 \ue001
1J X \ H \u00c4 Q \ue0007U X Q J \ue000+ LH \u00c2 X
&U H DWH G \ue000R Q \ue000\ue003\ue003\ue001 \ue002\ue006 \ue001 \ue002\ue005\ue000\ue003\ue008 \ue004 \ue007 \ue000$ 0
7U D Q J \ue000\ue005
+\u00ce QK\ue000 \ue001
& \u00d8\u00ddD \ue000 V R\u00c7\ue000 WLH\u00c3S\ue000 WKHR\ue000 [XD \u00c3W\ue000 K LH\u00c6Q\ue000 F KR\ue000 SKH\u00dbS\ue000 ED \u00d1Q\ue000 F KR\u00d1Q\ue000 PR\u00c6W\ue000 WURQJ\ue000 ED \ue000 F KH\u00c3\ue000 \u00d3R\u00c6\ue001\ue000)L U HZD O O \ue000 P R GH\ue001 \ue000 &D F KH
P R GH \ue001 \ue000 ,QW HU J U D WH G\ue000 P R GH\ue001\ue000 ED\u00d1 Q\ue000 F KR\u00d1 Q\ue000,QW H U J U D W H G\ue000 PR GH\ue001 \ue000 & OLF N\ue000&R QWL QXH\ue003 \ue000 \ue001K\u00ceQK\ue000 \ue004\ue002
+\u00ce QK\ue000\ue003
,6$\ue000 V H\u00d7\ue000 V WRS\ue000 G\u00d4FK\ue000 YX\u00d1\ue000,,6\ue000 \ue001,QWHU QHW\ue000 ,QIRU P DWL RQ\ue000 6HU Y LF HV\ue002 \ue003\ue000 QH\u00c3X\ue000 PXR\u00c3Q\ue000 V \u00d8\u00dd\ue000 GX\u00d1QJ\ue000 G\u00d4FK\ue000 YX\u00d1\ue000 QD\u00da\\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 FR\u00db
WKH\u00c7 \ue000 F D \u00c3 X\ue000 K\u00ceQK\ue000 OD \u00d1 L\ue000 V D X\ue000 NKL\ue000 ,6$\ue000 F D \u00da L\ue000 \u00d3D \u00cd W\ue000 KRD \u00da Q\ue000 WD \u00c3 W\ue004 \ue000 \ue001K\u00ceQK\ue000 \ue005 \ue002
+\u00ce QK\ue000 \ue001
&\u00d8\u00ddD\ue000 V R\u00c7\ue000 WLH\u00c3S\ue000 WKHR\ue000 V H\u00d7\ue000 FKR\ue000 ED\u00d1Q\ue000 TXL\ue000 \u00d3\u00d4QK\ue000 GXQJ\ue000 O\u00d8 \u00d6\u00d1QJ\ue000 &DFKH\ue000 FX\u00ddD\ue000 ,6$\ue002\ue000 ,6$\ue000 NKR\u00c4QJ\ue000 JL\u00d6\u00dbL\ue000 KD\u00d1Q\ue000 GXQJ\ue000 O\u00d8\u00d6\u00d1QJ
F X\u00ddD \ue000F D F KH\ue000QH\u00c4Q\ue000ED \u00d1Q\ue000F R\u00db\ue000 WKH\u00c7\ue000 6HW\ue000 F D \u00daQJ\ue000 QKLH\u00c2X\ue000 F D \u00daQJ\ue000 WR\u00c3W\ue001\ue000 WX\u00da\\ue000 WKHR\ue000 GXQJ\ue000 O\u00d8\u00d6\u00d1QJ\ue000 R\u00c7\ue000 F \u00d8\u00dbQJ\ue000 F X\u00ddD \ue000 ED \u00d1Q\ue000 QKLH\u00c2X\ue000 KD \

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