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Skeletons in Nobama's Closet Are Dangerous

Skeletons in Nobama's Closet Are Dangerous

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Published by Jack and friend

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Published by: Jack and friend on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Skeletons in Obama’s Closet Are Dangerous
If Nobama gets elected the only way he will stay out of jailis if he kills those of us that will not give up the quest to bring himto justice. The news media, the Democratic National Party andObama’s major backers all know that Obama is breaking the lawand is taking over America by coup. Their prestige and integrity ison the line. They are all political criminals.If it takes another coup to get him out, so be it. TheConstitution protects our rights for Redress of Grievance !
The latest controversy stirring in the camp of the Democratic Presidentialcandidate revolves around a piece of paper. Barack Obama has thus far abstainedfrom releasing his birth certificate. While in the past many would say such a smallmatter is an ultimately unimportant matter, in this case it has caused what seemsto be a major ruckus among many voters. With the rumors dispelled earlier inObama's fight for the candidacy coming back into play, some have becomeskeptical, nervous, and overall anxious over the Illinois Senator's refusal to releasethe document.So why should a piece of paper cause such a major commotion? The main issuerevolves around the rumors associated with the Obama campaign's withholding ofthe document. Among them are questions of the place of Senator Obama's birthand some hidden truth behind the Senator's name.The first rumor is that Senator Obama was actually born in Kenya. This rumorseems to have originated in an email stating to have some hidden information aboutthe details of the Senator's birth. According to the email, Barack Obama's motherwas living in Kenya at the time of his birth. The email goes on to allege that afterhis birth, his mother took him to Hawaii to register the birth.The issue was raised on Snopes.com
, where claims of his Kenyan birth were quicklydisseminated, soon becoming claims that the non-American native was running forPresident in an attempt to disrupt the framework of the United States. Claims of
everything from Obama being some sort of conniving secret-Muslim seeking todestroy America to his being the Anti-Christ became all the rage in online forumsand blogs. Yet these claims were quickly disputed, and all but forgotten . . . untilnow.Now, with the refusal to release his birth certificate, Barack Obama seems to haverekindled the flame beneath this rumor. The benefit and drawback of releasing thedocument, then, fall along the same lines: releasing it could either prove theseclaims true, or quickly and efficiently prove them false.The next rumors all hinge on the validity of Senator Obama's name. Some claim hechanged his name from Barry to the more Middle Eastern/Islamic sounding Barack.Others claim his middle name was not Hussein, but Mohammed. Of course, manyhold that, whether Obama released the document or not, the latter claim holdslittle weight.What, many ponder, would be the significance of his changing his middle name fromone Muslim sounding name to another? Some, however, might seem to believe thatthe name change suggests an attempt to sound
Muslim, an idea few grant anycredibility to, and others call just plain, well, dumb. In regards to the formermatter, again, releasing the birth certificate would yield little to be concernedabout.A Newsweek.com report already addressed Senator Obama's shedding of the"Barry" nickname in college, instead choosing a preference for the name he shareswith his father, Barack. Thus, even if he had changed his name officially from abirth certificate record of "Barry" to "Barack," it wouldn't show a change to be"more Muslim," but instead simply adopts the name of his father. In other words,despite the hype, there seems to be little cause for controversy over this issue,either. However, the refusal to release the document, if not inflaming this issue,also suggests to some that something else might be "hidden" there.In light of all these issues, most of which have already been disputed anddisregarded in the past, many question whether or not the issue of the birthcertificate should be an issue at all. The issues which have been sparked over thebirth certificate's release seem to be nominal at the most. Many have agreed the"controversy" seems more of a distraction than an actual issue; a report from theOnline Journal calls the issue a "GOP dirty trick".
To be sure, some deep hidden secret regarding Senator Obama's origins andheritage could, in the end, prove extremely damaging, if not completelydestructive, to his run for the Presidency. Yet his refusal to release the birthcertificate, despite any validity to these claims or not, at this point only seems toprove just as detrimental. It seems only time will tell, whether the birthcertificate is released or not, what the release-or refusal to release-will ultimatelymean for Senator Obama's candidacy.Barack Obama made a speech Tuesday in Philadelphia, where the founders madethe Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and sought to assuageconcerns about his relationship with a fiery, hate mongering pastor, JeremiahWright. Despite flowery verbiage about racial reconciliation, Barack Obama failed.Here is the crucial passage of the speech in which Obama seeks to tap dancearound the fact that he attended the church of a hate mongering pastor fordecades, whose ravings he claims to disagree with:"I have already condemned, in unequivocal terms, the statements of ReverendWright that have caused such controversy. For some, nagging questions remain. DidI know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreignpolicy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be consideredcontroversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of hispolitical views? Absolutely - just as I'm sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests, or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed."The last sentence in the paragraph is the one that should jump out. How manypeople who attend church of synagogue, unless the church is something like theWestboro Baptist Church, have heard from the pulpit the damnation of the UnitedStates of America and weird conspiracy theories about AIDS and 9/11? One wouldsuspect that the answer is very few, if any. Yet Barack Obama wants to draw somekind of moral equivalence between a preacher who sermonizes hate and any othercleric, suggesting that hate and lunacy is a common ingredient in religious sermons.Obama tries to explain why he persisted in attended Reverend Wright's church.

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