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Table Of Contents

2.2 The Scalar Potential Function
2.2.2 The Potential Function for a Point Dipole
The two charges are separated by the distance d
2.3 General Theorems
2.3.1 Application of Gauss’ Theorem
2.3.2 Boundary Condition on
2.4 The Tangential Components of
2.5 A Conducting Body
2.6 Continuity of the Potential Function
2.7 Example Problems
2.7.1 Plane Symmetry
2.7.2 A Spherically Symmetric Charge Distribution
2.7.3 Cylindrical Symmetry
2.7.4 A Uniformly Polarized Ellipsoidal Body
2.8 Appendix 2A
Electrostatic Field (II)
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Soluble Problems
3.2.1 (1) Orthogonal Systems
3.2.2 The Method of Images
3.2.3 Two-dimensional Problems
3.3 Electrostatic Field Energy
4.2 The Law of Biot-Savart
4.3 Standard Problems
4.3.1 A Long Straight Wire
4.3.2 A Long Straight Wire Revisited
4.3.3 A Circular Loop
4.3.4 The Magnetic Field along the Axis of a Solenoid
4.3.5 The Magnetic Field of an Infinite Solenoid
4.3.6 The Field generated by a Point Magnetic Dipole
4.3.7 A Long Uniformly Magnetized Rod
4.3.8 A Uniformly Magnetized Disc
4.4 A Second Approach to Magnetostatics
4.4.1 An Infinitely Long Uniformly Magnetized Rod
4.4.2 A Thin Disc Uniformly Magnetized along its
4.4.3 A Uniformly Magnetized Ellipsoid
4.4.4 A Magnetic Point Dipole
The Magnetostatic Field (II)
5.2 Calculation of off-axis Fields
5.3 A Discontinuity in the Permeability
5.3.1 A Permeable Sphere in a Uniform Magnetic Field
5.3.3 A Point Magnetic Dipole Near a Permeable Plane
5.4 The Magnetostatic Field Energy
5.5 Inductance Coefficients
5.6 Forces on Magnetic Circuits
5.6.1 Forces on a Magnetic Dipole
5.6.2 Torque on a Magnetic Dipole
5.6.3 Forces on a Solenoid
5.7 The Maxwell Stress Tensor
6.1 Introduction
mon non-magnetic substances
6.2 B-H Curves
6.2.1 Measuring the B-H Loop
6.3 Digital Magnetic Recording
6.4 Electromagnets
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Time Dependent Maxwell’s Equations
7.3 A Simple Radio Antenna
7.4 An Electric Dipole Radiator
7.5 A Point Magnetic Dipole
7.6 A Moving Point Charge in Vacuum
E.M. Fields and Energy Flow
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Poynting’s Theorem
8.3 Power Radiated by a Simple Antenna
8.4 A Non-Sinusoidal Time Dependence
8.5 Scattering from a Stationary Atom
Plane Waves (I)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Phasors
9.3 Elliptically Polarized Plane Waves
9.4 Gaussian Light Beams
9.4.1 The Fourier Transform of a Gaussian
Plane Waves (II)
10.1 Normal Incidence
10.2 Boundary Conditions
10.2.1 The Tangential Components of the Electric Field
10.2.2 The Tangential Components of the Magnetic
10.2.3 The Normal Component of the Field B
10.4 Reflection from a Metal at Radio Fre-
10.5 Oblique Incidence
10.5.1 S-polarized Waves
10.5.2 P-polarized Waves
10.5.3 Oblique Incidence on a Lossless Material
10.6 Example: Copper
10.7 Example: Crown Glass
10.8 Metals at Radio Frequencies
10.8.1 S-polarization
10.8.2 P-polarization
Transmission Lines
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Strip-lines
11.3 Co-axial Cables
11.4 Transmission Lines in General
11.5 A Terminated Line
11.6 Sinusoidal Signals on a Terminated Line
11.6.1 Case(1). A Shorted Cable
11.6.2 Case(2). An Open-ended Cable
11.6.4 Case(4). A Purely Inductive Load
11.6.5 Case(5). A Purely Capacitive Load
11.6.6 Summary
11.7 The Slotted Line
11.8 Transmission Line with Losses
12.1 Simple Transverse Electric Modes
12.2 Higher Order Modes
12.2.1 TM Modes
12.2.2 TE Modes
12.3 Waveguide Discontinuities
12.4 Energy Losses in the Waveguide Walls
12.5 Circular Waveguides
12.5.1 TM Modes
12.5.2 TE Modes
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Cochran Application of MAXWELL Equation

Cochran Application of MAXWELL Equation

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