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Published by: api-3766886 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We are Here!
Channelled by
Alloya Ye Ra Har
Copyright 2003
Alloya Ye Ra Har .
First Edition 2003
All rights reserved.
We are here
I ntroduction.
This book is about ALI EN BEI NGS .

This book is not for those of you who are looking for third dimensional physical alien
beings; it is not for those of you who are looking to read about abductions and UFO
sightings. This book is for those of you who are spiritually minded, soulfully acquainted and
inspired in mind. This book is for those of you who feel intrigued and curious about the alien
race known as the Zeta who are a race of higher dimensional beings, coming to Earth at this
time to aid and support their human ground crew. This book is for those of you who are not
feeling comfortable in the human world, feeling that you do not belong that you are
somehow different. It is for those of you who look upon the image of the Zeta and feel a
familiarity, a connection, a soul alignment going on.

There are massive amounts of material on the internet about this race of beings, the
Zeta, mostly of a negative persuasion; this book is not like that. This book is not here to
judge, ridicule or persecute the name of this incredible race of beings, no it is here to
awaken those of you who are sourced from somewhere else in the universe. It is for those of
you who feel that you come from somewhere else in the universe, other than Earth. It is for

those of you who are aware that you are not entirely human, that you are more than just

your current incarnation as a human being. It is for those of you who are aware and awake enough to realize that you are only incarnating to know more about yourself through learning about the consciousness that is Zeta, whilst in a physical third dimensional humanoid body, residing on the Earth. If you have found your way to these words, then you are divinely

guided by a higher power, destined to know more about yourself through your connection
with the Zeta consciousness. This book is here for you.

The Zeta are a race of beings that are currently supporting the planet in her shift of consciousness. Some would say they are alien beings coming from somewhere else in the universe and therefore they are extra terrestrial in nature, which indeed they are. However

they are also coming from a higher dimension and in truth they are residing in all dimensions
which also mean that they are also, multidimensional. They appear to human minds in a
form which can only be described as alien and therefore people experience them as aliens,
but there is so much more to their consciousness than their current form can portray. Open
your minds to expand beyond your current understanding of these beings, (if any), and allow
them through these words to come into your consciousness and bring you new and
enlightening beliefs and concepts to aid you in your transformation. For as Gaia (the Earth) is
transforming, so are you, and the Zeta Consciousness is here at this time to aid and support

you in this process.

They are here now in the words of this book and are channelling through Alloya as we
speak, and through her they are imparting their energy and information into the matrix
which is the third dimension. This energy once inserted into the matrix will have an affect on
those of you currently living within this matrix as human beings, on the Earth. This energy
insertion is designed to not only bring you information but it is energetically infused with high
Zeta energy which will have a direct affect on your d.n.a. Helping you transform not only in
your awareness and understanding but also on an atomic level, bringing a change in

consciousness to all your levels of consciousness, the mind, the emotional and the physical

So read on with an open mind full of curiosity and an open heart free of judgement and you will discover the joy and inspiration and wonder of communicating with an alien race of beings.

Alloya\u2019s first encounters

Ever since I was a small child I knew that there were alien beings from other worlds,
out in the depths of space. Even though I did not share this concept with many I did not care
for me it was not a belief, something that could be believed or not, no it was fact. How could
anyone look at all myriad stars in the vast expanse of the universe and think that only the
Earth could support intelligent life. A belief such as this is sheer ignorance and I was far too
intelligent to think such a thing. To believe humans were the only intelligent life form in the
universe is a belief that I could only laugh at, yet this is a belief that only up until recently all
humans shared in their ignorance. For me aliens were not something to be believed existed
or not , or something to be feared or not , no they were my family, familiar beings to be
loved, family members to be missed , friends to long for.

I always longed for something, someone, I felt a strange sadness and longing that
simply would not go away, I always looked to the stars as if they were the source of my

longing. I used to sit on my windowsill of my bedroom and look up at the stars, wondering how I got here on the Earth, to this strange place devoid of any real love and I felt that the place where the aliens came from was my real home.

I had dreams , nearly every night in which I encountered these alien beings , at night in my dreams , I was at home, it was in the only in the day time when I walked about as a human that I felt the loneliness , the longing . I had dreams about flying in alien ships which were made of light and were not physical at all. Every night I would fly, I would peer through the portals of the ships, looking down upon the streets that made up my neighbourhood. I also had a body in which I could fly that too was not physical ,but made of light and in this I could pass through solid objects and fly along the street in which I lived. I would peer into the bedroom windows of my house and see my parents asleep in their bed. In the morning I said to my mother, \u201cI fly with the bald people.\u201d She of course just thought it was only a

strange dream.
The Aliens visited me at night; they came into my room and investigated all the

objects, inspecting my human attachments as if they had never seen such things before, which of course they had not. They also inspected me, as if I was some sort of experiment which I later found out I was. They would point their fingers at me and send energy in the form of light beams into my body, they would penetrate my body, activating things deep within the cells of my body, inserting codes into my d.n.a which would activate in my later years, bringing me a form of enlightenment which is seldom seen on the Earth in human

body. When I was small this did not bother me at all; I was not scared of them, they seemed
more familiar to me than the strange encounters I had with the humans. When I went to

school and told my friends about my encounters, they thought I was seeing fairies so they
thought I was stupid, they made jokes about me, teasing me, playing cruel mind games as
only humans can. As you can imagine with all this bullying I closed down my ability to
communicate with these beings and eventually I shut them out. This occurred around the
age of seven, after this time I never felt the same, I felt lonely.

Lost !
It was not until 1992 that my connection to the Zeta became apparent. I had strange
dreams, dreams where I was on another planet, far away from the Earth both in distance

and dimension; I experienced myself as a Zeta, on their home planet, in the constellation of
Zeta Reticuli. It was at this time that I began looking for other people who were experiencing
such things and that is when I came across the concept of channelling and was given a
channelled tape of someone who was channelling a being called Saint Germain. On this tape
Saint Germain talked about the Greys, an alien race from the Reticuli system, he talked in
judgement about how these beings were bad and negative and basically condemned them. I

did not know in my mind anything about these beings but in my heart I knew, I reacted, and my heart broke. All I could do was cry; in my mind\u2019s eye I could see a sea of Greys, or Zeta, all looking at me. I cried the whole afternoon, I could not stop. Why was I having such an extreme reaction? As I thought this, my spirit\u2018s voice came into my mind really strong. It said \u201cYou are one of these beings; you are their Zeta representative in a human body. They are your true family\u201d. This rang with so much truth for me that I knew this to be true. I can remember vowing that I would clear the name of the Greys .That is to say I would do what I

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