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Published by: api-3752901 on Oct 16, 2008
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1. Test for multiple conditions in a query is done using
a. where clause
b. subqueries
c. joins
d. logical operators
2. in a query, what is the keyword used in pattern-matching operator?
a. wild card character
b. like
c. position marker character
d. %
3. When you use wild card character (%) with any other character to
search for a string
a. the result will display all records that contain a single or multiple
occurrence of the character specified with the wild card.
b. the result will display the details of all records having the
character prefixed or suffixed in the database.
c. the result will display the character with the second character
irrespective of the character in the first place

d. There would be multiple occurrence of the character.
4. Select upper (\u2018sequence\u2019) from dual;
What type of function is performed in this query? Choose all that apply.

a. character function
b. multiple-row function
c. single-row function
d. upper
5. Dual table is used to return only one value. One of the options below is not true about
a dual table.

a. you can use dual table to perform calculations on the select statement
b. you can specify a column name with a function when you are using a dual table
c. you can use the dual table only when you do not require retrieving details from a

table in the database
d. you can perform a character functions in a dual table
6. Select___ _________ (\u2018good\u2019, \u2018day\u2019) from dual;
What character function is performed?
a. product
b. instr
c. concat
d. length
7. Choose the odd one
a. floor
b. trunk
c. power
d. ceil
e. substr
8. under number data type, precision is total number of decimal points,
which ranges from?

a. 2 \u2013 200
b. 1 \u2013 27
c. 1 \u2013 100
d. 1 \u2013 38

9. in character data type, what is the default size?
a. 1
b. 0
c. null
d. 2
10. A function that replaces the value with some other value specified as
the argument is called
a. nvl function
b. null
c. coalesce function
d. substitution

11. in oracle, you can use an expression instead of the if\u2026then\u2026else clause to execute
statements based on a condition.
What is the expression?

a. Boolean_ expression
b. Conditional clause
c. Case\u2026when\u2026.else\u2026then
d. Sql_ statement
12. When a join is implemented, a primary key is validated against the foreign key
a. true
b. false
13. If the column names in the select list are replaced by an asterisk(*) in an equijoin query

a. all data in the database will be displayed
b. all rows will be displayed
c. all columns from all tables will be displayed for the relevant rows
d. all columns will be displayed

14. The rule for joining tables is that if there are number of tables being
joined, the query should include
a. join conditions
b. table aliases
c. select statement
d. avoid ambiguity
15. Comparison operators are used in
a. natural join
b. equijoin
c. non equijoin
d. outer join
16. in using clause, the columns specified must not include
a. table name
b. table alias
c. column name
d. character strings
Choose all that apply.
17. You can join two tables by using one or more columns that have the same name in
a. natural join

b. equijoin c. self join d. none

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