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Myths and Facts Regarding Communism

Myths and Facts Regarding Communism

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Published by Raymond Leonard

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Published by: Raymond Leonard on Oct 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Myths and facts regarding Communism
Article by LathouWhen a movement based on an idea as revolutionary as communism starts to gainmomentum within a sea of capitalism, you would be foolish to expect those committedto the capitalist paradigm to refrain from dismissing such a movement. In a societywhere capitalism dominates our everyday lives, our every interaction with one another,you can expect the information that is exchanged to have a capitalist bias. The adagethat a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pantson rings very true in this situation. Those to have incentive to maintain the status quowill circulate falsehoods if need be, and in this case, these people are those who havethe greatest power over information in society.
Myth 1: Communism is a totalitarian regime, where the state owns andcontrols everything and you have no say.
There are multiple reasons this myth is widely believed. Firstly, people living in capitalisthave a particular conception of democracy. It is commonly believed that voting forrepresentatives from a narrow selection of political parties is enough to constitutedemocratic control over the economy. This is clearly false to anyone who understandsthat money is power. There have been attempts to limit the influence of money onpolitics, but this is a pipe dream. As long as you have individuals controlling masswealth, they are the ones who control the politics of a nation. They have the ability tothreaten to offshore their capital and hold the whole nation at ransom. Until the privateownership of capital is abolished, democracy cannot exist. We will only have adictatorship of the rich.Secondly, people believe that countries like China and Cuba are already communist.They are not. They are bureaucratically deformed worker
s states. In these countries,control over the means of production has been taken away from the capitalists, but thecentral state apparatus is not in the hands of the working class. Until the workers havefull control over the economy, communism will never be achieved. Workers must at beat the helm of the entire transition between capitalism and communism, and not trust in
a caste of “elite” revolutionaries to take full control.
Marxists understand that the state isonly a tool of oppression used by one class to dominate another. The working classmust smash the capitalist state, and replace it with their own state to dominate thebourgeoisie. Once the bourgeois class in eliminated, the state will no longer serve apurpose and will disappear.
Myth 2: Under communism, everyone receives the same wage, nomatter if they are a street sweeper or a brain surgeon.

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