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The Olympic Games Timeline

The Olympic Games Timeline

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Published by kamolpan@gmail.com

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Published by: kamolpan@gmail.com on Oct 16, 2008
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The Olympic Games Timeline
The Olympic Games Timeline
Roman name- Victoria (Victory)
 Nike is the winged goddess of victory. She can run and fly at great speed. Nike is oneof the oldest goddesses, but she is never mentioned in a myth (a story or tale that isnot real).She is often found with Athena or Zeus. Both of those gods never give up in a battle. Nobody thought of Nike when they thought of victory. They thought of Athena andZeus instead. Nike fought on the Olympian’s side in the great war of the gods that wasfought between the Titans and Olympians. The Olympians won, and Zeus became thesupreme ruler because he was the Olympian leader. Nobody knows Nike’s real parents. Some say it was Pallas Iand Styx. Pallas I was the son of the Titans, Crius and Eurybia.Styx is the daughter of Oceanus. Other people think it wasPallas II and an unknown goddess. Pallas II is the son of PallasI and Lycaon.
 Nike’s siblings are victorious in their own ways. Zelus (Zelos) is the human-form of everlasting effort. He is usually found sitting next to Zeus. Cratos is the human-formof strength. He is also always found near Zeus. Bia is the human-form of force and power. He is most famous for the capture of Prometheus as a punishment from Zeusfor stealing the gods’ fire and delivering it to the humans. The gods’ fire gave themtheir strength and their powers. In short, it made them who they were.People today take their company names from Greek mythology. You must haveguessed by now that the company NIKE got its name from this Greek goddess.Besides, who wouldn’t want a name that has to do with winning?
 What Greeks say about Zeus
Zeus was the supreme ruler of all Greek gods. He was also known as the god of thesky and the god of justice. Many Greeks believe that Zeus was last seen on top of Mount Olympia (located in Olympia, Greece) Greeks think that Zeus has can controlthe weather, gather up all the clouds and create rain, or create other storms thatinvolve the sky.
Punishments, Rewards, and Weapons
The way Zeus punishes people, who lie or break oaths, is by striking them with hisweapon, a thunderbolt. Zeus’ punishments were either extremely severe, or hisrewards were extremely generous.
Myth about Zeus
A myth is a story or tale that is not real. People said there was a war between theTitans and Olympians. The Olympians were gods who disagreed with the ruler and hisrules. The Titans were the rest of the gods. The leader of the Olympians was Zeus.The leader of the Titans was Cronus, Zeus’ father. They were supposed to have acommon ruler, but Zeus and some other gods decided to declare war. Luckily Ares,the god of war and Nike, the goddess of victory were on the Olympians’ side. Theywon because most of the strong gods were on their side. Also these gods werestrategic and intelligent. All gods were powerful, but the Olympians had powers thatwould come handy in war. Zeus became the supreme ruler of all gods since he was theruler of the Olympians.There is another myth that gives a wholedifferent story of how Zeus became the supremeruler of all gods. It says that when baby Zeus was born, his father, Cronus, had a bad habit of swallowing his children. He did this because hewas afraid that his children might grow up anddefeat him in a fight for the throne of supremeruler. Rhea, Cronus’ wife, didn’t want him to eattheir newest son, Zeus. Instead of giving Zeus tohis father, she gave him a stone wrapped arounda blanket to eat. She hid Zeus in a cave in Mt.Olympus. She took care of him secretly becauseshe knew that one day, Zeus would bring all his brothers and sisters back. He would also take thethrone and become the ruler of all gods. After he grew up, he fed Cronus an herb thatmade him vomit out all of his brothers and sisters. Since Zeus rescued everyone, thegods decided to make him supreme ruler of all gods. But, there was a big fight andZeus severely hurt Cronus with his thunderbolt. The other Olympians killed theTitans. Zeus knew Cronus could never die, so he sent him to a deserted island.Zeus had many affairs with many women, but his final marriage was with Hera. Zeuswas in love with her for a long time, but they were afraid to tell their parents. He had promised to marry Hera. He was never faithful to her though. Zeus was supreme ruler and had easy access to women. Hera was very angry with Zeus when she found outabout his affairs. He had lots of affairs with women like Europa, Io, Semele,Ganymede, Callisto, Leto, and many others. His most famous affair was with Io. Zeusfell in love with her and turned himself into an eagle to look more attractive and getmore attention. Hera soon found out about the affair. He loved her so much hedisguised her as a cow and told her to run away safely. Unfortunately, Hera found outabout that, too. As a punishment, she sent Io to the underworld.
Special Statues and Temples of Zeus
In honor of Zeus, the Ancient Olympics were started. There was a huge gold and ivorystatue of Zeus in front of their stadium. It was supposed to give courage to thecompetitors of the ancient Olympics. It is located in Athens, Greece. There is another great temple in the Livic desert. It is not in Greece, but instead it is in Egypt. Believeit or not, the Egyptians worshipped Zeus too.

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