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Published by: api-3768616 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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oracle database administration fundamentals ii

prerequisites for this course
about this course
oracle net services on technet
oracle backup and recovery on technet
other applicable technet options

introducing oracle net services
what is oracle net services?
three basic configurations
managing oracle database networks
local versus centralized naming
simple server configuration
oracle shared servers or mts pt. 1
oracle shared servers or mts pt. 2
simple client configuration
connection profiles
introducing naming options pt. 1
introducing naming options pt. 2
oracle connection manager
net configuration assistant
net manager
using oracle enterprise manager

introducing backup/recovery options/utilities
different backup and recovery options
import and export
cold backups (offline)
hot tablespace backups (online)
rman or recovery manager
standby databases
physical standby databases
logical standby databases
replication by other means
what are transportable tablespaces?
what is sql*loader?

oracle net services architecture
net services architecture
the open systems interconnection (osi) model
oracle osi model
net services communication
dedicated and shared connections
shared server processes and dispatchers

configuring a simple connection
listener configuration file
the tns names configuration file
the profile parameters file
basic database configuration parameters pt. 1
basic database configuration parameters pt. 2
using the net configuration assistant pt. 1

using the net configuration assistant pt. 2

the listener
what is the listener? pt. 1
what is the listener? pt. 2
basic listener configuration
the listener control utility
service registration
listener queue size
switching off listener logging and tracing
multiple listeners pt. 1
multiple listeners pt. 2
connection load balancing and failover
the session data unit buffer (sdu)
connection profile configuration

connection strings and naming methods
connection strings
naming methods
local naming using tns
host naming
external naming
directory naming pt. 1
directory naming pt. 2
oracle names server

oracle shared servers
multithreaded server
introducing dispatchers
dispatchers and connection pooling
other shared server parameters
overriding shared servers

connection manager
what is connection manager?
connection concentration
multiple protocol support
configuring connection manager

other oracle net services utilities
other oracle net services utilities

oracle net services advanced features
what is taf?
taf parameters
configuring taf
non-oracle database connections

oracle net services metadata
performance views

backup and recovery
what is backup and recovery?
why backup and recovery?
things to remember
things to consider with datafiles
redo logs

archive logs
more things to consider
yet more things to consider
importance of backup and recovery
points of failure 1312 backup strategy

how backup and recovery works
processes/memory structures/checkpoints
all the files
restore and recovery

archive configuration
basic archive configuration parameters
archive log mode configuration pt. 1
archive log mode configuration pt. 2
multiple archiving processes
multiple archive destinations
standby archiving pt. 1
standby archiving pt. 2

logical backups using exports
full exports and imports
multiple schemas
importing to a different schema
the parameter file
export and import options

physical backup/restore/recovery
cold backups
hot backups
verify backups using dbverify
recovering using offline physical backups
recovering using online physical backups
read only tablespaces
incomplete recovery
scripting hot backups

rman (recovery manager)
what is rman?
repository and catalog
the recovery catalog
rman architecture
what is a channel?
allocating and releasing channels
creating an rman database
creating a repository
connecting to rman
registering databases with the repository
viewing the repository
backup sets
types of backups
controlfile backups
datafile backups
tablespace backups

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