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Microwave Mind Control Symptoms and Published Evidence

Microwave Mind Control Symptoms and Published Evidence

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Published by jack007xray

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: jack007xray on Oct 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Microwave Mind Control Symptoms & PublishedEvidence
The following report from Cheryl Welsh provides a listing of some of the reported symptomsof electronic microwave mind control technologies, published evidence of their existence, anddemonstrated military interest and/or funding for these technologies. Many of these electronicmind control developments were perfected at Montauk, Long Island in the 1960's, 70's, and80's in a privately funded operation known as
The Montauk Project 
. Al Bielek, Preston Nichols,Peter Moon, Stewart Swerdlow, and others have written and reported extensively on thedetails of this project. These energies can be beamed to large populations from aircraft,helicopters, satellites, andland-based microwave towers, which have proliferated worldwideat an explosive rate in the past two years. For more background info on mind control, read our introductory page
Reported Symptoms1. Microwave hearing2. Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious3. Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations4. Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves5. Manipulation of emotions6. Reading thoughts remotely7. Causing pain to any nerve of the body.8. Remote manipulation of human behavior from space9. Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead10. Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly11. Control of sleep patterns.12. Computer-brain interface, control and communication13. Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implantingpersonalities
Symptoms, Published Evidence, and Military Interest/Funding
Microwave hearing 
.The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, butnobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.Published EvidenceA.
Ultrascience III, Spies are us
. Featured Dr. James C. Lin, Ph.D. biomedical and electricalengineer, educator, author of 
Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications
, 1978. Lindemonstrated microwave hearing, a symptom of many of the victims, hearing voices. Alsofeatured Cheryl Welsh on the issue of mind control experimentation.B.
International Defense Review 
, 3-1-1993,
Special Operations Survives Pentagon budget Constraints
, by Ramon Lopez.“JASORS, Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System is being developed by HarrisCorporation. ...is a very ambitious, leading-edge technology program, ...Whiles JASORS is anear-term SOF, [Special Operations Forces] enhancement, SORDAC, [Special Operations
Research Development and Acquisition Center], is also investigating long-range (1998-2010)and “far-future” (2011 and beyond) weaponry and support equipment. [SORDAC’s director,Army Colonel Douglas J.] Richardson said one far-future communications system beinginvestigated is “synthetic telepathy.” One day, SOF commandos may be capable of communicating through thought processes.”C. Margo Cherney FOIA request for complete
NASA abstract Report Number: AD-A090426 
,June 1, 1980. Response from Brooks Air Force Base, Jan.25, 2000: The requested informationis fully denied under 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(1)... NASA abstract in part stated,“A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create theperception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsedmicrowave. When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves thesensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate (regardlessof the person’s position in the field) within or just behind the head. The phenomena occurs ataverage power densities as low as microwatts per square centimeter with carrier frequenciesfrom 0.4 to 3.0 GHz. [within frequency range of 400 MegaHertz (MHz) to 3 GigaHertz] By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created. Before this technique maybe extended and used for military applications, an understanding of the basic principles mustbe developed. Such an understanding is not only required to optimize the use of the conceptfor camouflage, decoy and deception operations but is required to properly assess safetyfactors of such microwave exposure.”D.
Microwave News
, editor, Louis Slesin, Jan/Feb 1997 p 14.
U.S. Air Force Looks to theBattlefields of the Future: Electromagnetic Fields That Might "Boggle the Mind" 
"It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising thepossibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction. When a high power microwavepulse in the GHz range strikes the human body, a very small temperature perturbation occurs.This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue. This expansion isfast enough to produce an acoustic wave. If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible tocreate an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kHz range, which is audible. Thus it may bepossible to “talk” to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."E.
Federal Times
, Dec. 13, 1976
Microwave Weapons Study 
by Soviets Cited: The DefenseIntelligence Agency has released a report on heavy Communist research on microwaves,including their use as weapons. Microwaves are used in radar, television and microwaveovens. They can cause disorientation and possibly heart attacks in humans. Another biological effect with possible anti-personnel uses is ' microwave hearing.'"Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially (within thehead) can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities," the reportsaid. According to the study, Communist work in this area "has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel."No mention was made of the still-unexplained microwave bombardment of the AmericanEmbassy in Moscow. The study dealt largely with long-term exposure of days or weeks inindustrial situations, which usually produce mild effects. Short exposure to intense radiationcan cause heart seizure and a wide range of physical disorders.
Military interest or fundingA . Yes. See above.
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
 Published EvidenceA. Defense News,
US Explores Russian Mind Control Technology 
by Barbara Opall January,11-17-1993, p. 4.”Pioneered by the government-funded Department of Psycho-Correction at the MoscowMedical Academy, acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specificcommands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsettingother intellectual functions. Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouragingresults after exposure of less than one minute."B. Janet Morris, reported in the book,
The Sorcerer's Challenge : Fears and Hopes for theWeapons of the Next Millennium
, by David Shukman. London : Hodder & Stoughton, page 223.of demonstration shown on BBC television on news program entitled
by DavidShukman, (tape available on request).C.
U.S. News
, January 3-10, 2000, John Norseen [Lockheed Martin neuroengineer in IntelligentSystems Division],
Reading your Mind and Injecting Smart Thoughts
by Douglas Pasternak."Norseen's interest in the brain stems from a Soviet book he read in the mid-1980s, claimingthat research on the mind would revolutionize the military and society at large. [He] coined theterm "Biofusion" to cover his plans to map and manipulate [the brain] leading to advancesin ...national security... and ...would be able to convert thoughts into computer commands bydeciphering the brain's electrical activity. BioFusion would reveal the fingerprints of the brainby using mathematical models, [Smirnov's computer program uses mathematical modelsalso]. It sound crazy,...The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the DefenseAdvanced Research Projects Agency, ...have all awarded...research contracts to Norseen.Norseen is waiting to hear if the second stage of these contracts-portions of them classified-comes through. Norseen's theories are grounded in current science. ...By MRI [MagneticResonant Imaging], scientists can tell what the person was doing at the time of therecording...Emotions from love to hate can be recognized from the brain's electricalactivity. ...Norseen predicts profiling by brain print will be in place by 2005. ...Norseen wouldlike to draw upon Russian brain-mimicking software and American brain -mappingbreakthroughs to allow that communication to take place in a less invasive way. A modifiedhelmet could record a pilot's brainwaves. 'When you say right 090 degrees...the computer would see that electrical pattern in the brain and turn the plane 090 degrees. If the pilotmisheard instructions to turn 090 degrees and was thinking "080 degrees," the helmet woulddetect the error, then inject the right number via electromagnetic waves.'"Military interest or fundingA Yes,
Defense Electronics
, DOD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control... by MarkTapscott, July, 1993 p. 17.“In a series of closed meetings...FBI officials were briefed on the decade-long research on acomputerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person’s mindwithout that person being aware of the thought.”Also, US corp. buys Russian mind control equipment.

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