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Dark Heresy Eldar Warrior Descriptions

Dark Heresy Eldar Warrior Descriptions

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Published by daniel6666666666

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Published by: daniel6666666666 on Oct 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eldar strike forces are made of professional, very well equipped and usually psychicallycoordinated warriors. Such forces, while relatively few in number (30 – 50 at most), are nightmareto oppose.All eldar armour are lightweight and psychoreactive (reshape themselves as wearer moves), and assuch do not interfere with running, acrobatics, etc. their armour also have vacuum & life support asstandard. Always full suits.Ammunition of eldar guns is either miniaturized or energy – based with superior cells, so rarelyeldar need to replace clips and can shoot full auto with abandon.
Kinda citizen militia of Guardsmen level quality. Wear mesh and carry shurican catapults. (Someolder sources describe them wearing carapace or even power armour instead and armed withlasguns). Sometimes are equipped with plasma grenades. One per squad heavy weapon on antigrav platform. Variants include: shurican cannon (≈ HMG≈ heavy bolter with greater dmgand lesser range)Scatter laser (≈ imperial multilaser with greater rof)Missile launcher (≈ imperial, with plasma and Krak missiles, amount of miniaturizedwarheads stoered in ammo pod (≈6-10?) makes reloading a rare thing)Bright Lance (≈ lasscannon)Starcannon (kinda plasma autocannon)Tactically form reserve / support roles, hold objectives, etc. the thick of it is normally left for Aspects.
Storm guardians
As above, but with shurican pistol and monosword / chainsword. (some sources describe some of them using hotshoted laspistols, power swords, power fits, and pairs of pistols). 1-2 per squad hasflamer or meltagun.
Warrior Psikers leading Guardians and forming general’s bodyguard. Wear Rune armour that actsas psi shield amplifier, in effect granting warlock personal forcefield – like protection.Armed with shurican pistol and wichblade (forceweapon) or Singing spear (throwable forceweaponthat returns pulled back by telekinesis)Psi powers (usually one of them): Buffing friends, Blasting foes at close range and Concealingfriends from sight.
Wraith guards
A god damn undead robots with reality tearing guns. How cool is that huh?! Jokes aside wraithguards are robotic bodies animated by dead eldar’s soul (inserted soulstone). Their use requires painful act of tearing eldar in question from relative bliss of craftworld’s infinity circuit (dead people’s internet) and is considered desperate measure. Usually souls of warriors are used, so wraithguards show good combat expertise. On the back side they view world using warp and sometimeget confused and disoriented. Robotic bodies stand about 3m tall, have armour of a space marineand can absorb great amount of damage before being disabled. Their standard armament is Wraithcannon - short ranged gun that tears miniature warphole near/inside target. The warphole exists for one turn, just enough to suck the target or at least a good chunk of it into the warp. Armour does not
help, obviously. Single fire mode only. Robotic bodies are also very strong, certainly stronger thanmarine, and use that in close combat (buoze strike).Wrath guards are usually led by warlock Spiritseer, trained at guiding them to battle.
Aspect warriors:
Aspect warriors are equal to storm troopers (according to other sources – space marines) in training.They fight in trance – like state that allows them to disengage from all the slaughter they commenceand avoid crying about “all the killing and death and horror”.Led by Exarchs, their peers that became stuck in this war trance and cant lead normal lives. Exarchstrain extensively, teach others their aspect’s art of war and care for wargear. Exarchs are veryskilled, use heavier versions of armour and cooler equip.
Fire Dragons
When in doubt, use melta,Melta solves everythingOr so fire dragons probably think. So they all have meltaguns. What a gracefully subtle tactic, isn’tit? Their armour protects as carapace, with extra protection vs heat so they can walk right over their molten targets.Fire Dragons exarchs carry long barreled (and longer ranged) meltaguns or heavy flamers.
Warp spider
The teleporting ones. Can teleport in quick succession, use it for hit and run tactics – port in > shoot> port out. Their guns, web spinners, shoot mass of twisting monomolecular strands that are suredeath for unarmoured opponents and peril to armoured ones that get hit by enough strands to getentangled and cut themselves as they struggle against the strands. (some sources describe webspinners working like flamers, saturating area with strands, other claim it fires blobs of monostrandsfull auto stile).Their armour protects as power armor, with monostrand repelling outer layer. Warpjump generator  backpack is extremely heavily armoured and probably contains gravitic weight compensator.Warp spider exarchs carry 2 web spinners mounted on servo arms and 2 powerblades on their arms.
Striking scorpions
Stealth / Assault specs. Armed with uzturbintu chainsword, shurican pistols and Mandiblasters -helm mounted close range laser dischargers. Their armour protects as power armor and is usuallycamo – colored.Striking scorpions exarchs carry pincer shaped power fists, paired chainswords, or two handedchainsword.
Howling banshees
Shock / Assault specs. Their armour protects as carapace. Armed with shurican pistol and power sword. Banshee masks helmets incorporate psi amplifiers that make their battle cries literallystunning / paralyzing (for few turns). Mostly / entirely females. Acrobatics.Howling banshees exarchs use power glaves or paired powerswors, as well as thrown blade Triskelewith power field and grav motor for increased range and return capability.
Dire avengers
Were described in creatures anathema. Their armour protects as carapace. Armed with advanced(longer range, improved optics) shurican catapult. According to some reports these catapults have

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