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Published by: api-26904819 on Oct 16, 2008
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Guner Dincer CELIK 
From my early childhood till today, my most remarkable characteristic has been my curiosity tolearn about new topics. I have a vivid picture of Encyclopedias in my mind as my best friends in primary school years. My keen interest for learning new ideas, when combined with my inner desireto reach a degree of excellence in every piece of work I perform, enabled me to acquire significantknowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, as well as leading me through a successfuleducational career. As the years passed, my eagerness towards research topics got more and morespecific, increasing my excitement to go deeper and deeper into my subject of interest to discover new ideas.Although I had been keen on learning about science and technology in my early ages, I was firstseriously exposed to its beauty after I entered the Ayranci Super High School which is one of the best high schools in Turkey accepting only the secondary school graduates with the highest degreesin the capital of Turkey, Ankara. There I chose a science oriented education and as I expanded myvision about physics, my favorite subject in secondary school, I determined my future area of concern for my university studies.In my first year in high school, I started a research activity on classical physics under the supervisionof my physics teacher and in the second year I made a laboratory demonstration about the effects of changes in gravitational acceleration on pendulums and gave a lecture on gravitational forces to myfellows. Tackling with the most fundamental laws of nature like gravitation, energy conversion,momentum etc. augmented my enthusiasm for discovering new ideas in the field. Consequently, Itook part in a discussion group of senior high school students who were resolute in studying physicsand electrical engineering in university. The discussions, which were generally about the concepts of modern physics and optical communications, affected my interests profoundly and in my secondyear, I concentrated my research on relativity, properties of light and physics of wirelesscommunications. It was challenging to deal with advanced research subjects while trying to excel inschool, however, I benefited truly from all my work in high school in that, not only I gained astudying discipline that has helped me achieve all my objectives up to now, but I also reached acertain decision on my field of specialization in university; wireless communication systems.What attracted me the most in the wireless communications theory that did not exist in physics wasthe fact that these systems were utilized in such a way to transmit and receive information with thewaves in the air, and thus, being the state of the art and answering the crucial need of community byenabling and developing distant communication. As I researched on how the satellites communicatewith the earth, and how the information captured by little antennas on mobile phones are processed,my curiosity to master the wireless communications theory in an electrical engineering career grewto a great extend. As a result, after high school, I matriculated into Middle East Technical University(METU) Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering after a successful university entranceexamination with overall rankings of the first in my high school and in the first three hundred in allscore types among one and a half million other candidates.My university years started with a successful English preparation class to perfect my English. In themean time, I continued to increase my knowledge about fundamentals of and innovations oncommunications area through books and magazines like "Communication Systems", "IEEESpectrum", and "Science and Technology" from the department library. Having reached an excellent
degree in English, I completed my English preparation class with a ranking of the first in theuniversity after the English proficiency exam grade of 98,5 / 100.The first year lectures in the department were about freshman courses like, mathematics, physics andcomputer programming which I was already familiar with, however, in my second and third years,while I went deeper into the vast electrical engineering area to widen my background in variousdesign concepts, I also paid special attention to vital subjects I would deal with in my professionallife. The Circuit Theory course together with Analog and Digital Electronics courses were importantconsidering the design of inside structures of transmitters and receivers, the concepts I wouldencounter in the future. However, Signals and Systems I and II courses were the real significant onesfor me after which I developed a solid background in communications theory. Furthermore, dealingwith the mathematical fundamentals behind my personal researches and interests such as modulationtheory, the AM, FM, PM systems and how they are realized heightened my enthusiasm for masteringthese topics.Besides theoretical work, I gained practical knowledge in electrical engineering through twointernships performed during the summer holidays. My first hands-on experience was in ASELSAN,which is the most outstanding electrical design company employing the best minds dedicated toengineering research in Turkey. There I joined a team working on "Laser Target Marking Devicefor Missile Guidance". My project was the attenuation of the electrical noises occurring on the inputand output of a 24 to 5 V dc-dc converter to military standards. Firstly, I made an extensive researchto understand the reasons for this effect completely and to investigate the filter design concepts for such a purpose. After I grasped the operation of the system in detail, I designed input and outputfilters theoretically, then simulated them in P-Spice and finally tested them in laboratory by using aspectrum analyzer. The design worked perfectly, satisfying all the requirements, and later my projectwas taken to be utilized in the actual device. After all, this experience was invaluable for me since Ilearned the basics of a practical research activity and appreciated what it was like to feel as amember of a research and design group.I performed my second practical experience in one of the world leaders in Integrated Circuits (IC)field, ST Microelectronics, in Telecommunications Peripherals and Audio (TPA) group, after thecompetent policy of the company to admit the most ten research oriented and successful students inTurkey. My aim was to widen my background on telecommunication related applications of IC field,such as transmitter and receiver design methodologies using IC technologies. Consequently, I joinedan R&D group working on wireless systems and bluetooth applications and performed the design of various digital filters and electronic components in VHDL coding language. As a result, working insuch an outstanding design company broadened my vision of wireless communication systems andhow diverse its developmental stages can be.As well as the coursework and practical experience, I try to follow the technological innovations andnew design techniques by reading technical periodicals and by talking to people in thecommunications field. I am a student member of the IEEE Communications Committee and read the"IEEE Communications" journal regularly. MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) systems together with intelligent antenna solutions for wireless communications are the most recent topics that I finduseful to learn about. Furthermore, after learning from Prof. Dr. Yalcin Tanik the growing need for and researches done on wireless communications, I am absolutely determined to embark a career oncomplete understanding and design of wireless communication systems. Now I am a senior student and I have a strong reputation in the university. I am currently ranked thefirst in my department and also in the faculty of engineering with a GPA of 3,99. I have received the

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