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Combinations of Rahu

Combinations of Rahu

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Published by Saravana Kumar

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Saravana Kumar on Oct 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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+ Rahu
USA Pres 3
Surya = Virtue; Rahu = Vice
Surya = the direct rays of the Sun; Rahu =interruption, eclipse
Surya = self-righteousness; Rahu = self-promotionRahu and Surya are dire enemies. Expect contradiction,
, and confusion in the behavior of the nativewhose personality combines virtuous Surya = purebrilliant hot direct light + vicious Rahu = dark, smoky,and
The native 's
to have
center-stage attention
(Surya) is much amplified (Rahu).
likely to be
absolutely self-righteously self-confident
whether the principles of one's actionare in terms of social morality right or wrong
The person has a brilliant ego-bright side and amurky, ego-eclipsed dark side
the normal development of father-son and guru-sisya relationship = amplified and ofteninterruptedfor example,
Thomas Jefferson helped frame the USAConstitution on the basis of Self-Evident (Surya)principles of the fundamental rights and freedomsof all human beings. His positive impact on theHistory of western civilization is undeniable andhis ability to express the Enlightenment (Surya).Philosophy of his age in terms of practical
government actions was a stroke of pure genius(Surya). He also carried on a nearly lifelong affairwith an African household slave named Sally.The affair began when Sally was a 16-year-oldcompanion to Jefferson's daughter by his legalwife. It continued for decades; Sally bore himseven children. The Rahu piece-de-la-resistance isthat on his death bed when he could haveemancipated Sally guaranteeing her and herdescendants freedom from slavery in perpetuity,he did not free her.However, there is something " on the edge of the aura"outside the realm of the Light, which is untoward,something illicit (Rahu), something obscured or not quitestraightforward that seems to contradict or confuse thepurity of the public presentation (Surya).here is something dark and seductive in the background.It can be a taboo personal relationship, a sneaky way of gaining power, or an obsession of some kind. As thekaraka of desire, Rahu in conjunction with Raviclassically produces some variety of occult sexualbehavior: something important to the native's identity,which is culturally prohibited, and which must persist inthe shadows.Behind the blinding great light of Surya the taboo-breaking behavior may not be detected and the nativemay contribute highly positive role-modeling energy inpublic settings.However do look for something dark, somethingundercover, something unpublished but desire-driven, atthe outer edge of Surya's magnificent aura.Examples =
"It's Complicated":
At a time when male homosexuality was prohibitedby a strong social taboo in both East and West,the much beloved and popular American spiritualteacher, Baba Ram Dass was secretly practicing a promiscuous gay male lifestyle. Until 'comingout' in the 1980's, Ram Dass represented his
unmarried state as 'celibate', claiming that all of his desires had been transformed into spiritualadoration toward his magnificent male Guru. Infact, for decades, he was meeting men inalleyways and dark rooms pursuing
(Rahu) sex. He estimated the number of encounters as "hundreds or more".
A great exponent of the eighteenth centuryEuropean philosophical
ThomasJefferson was a brilliant man, who played anenormously influential role in shaping the newrepublic of the United States of America. Inparticular, Jefferson is associated with theglorious phrase "all men are created equal". Likemost of the wealthy colonial planters of his day,Jefferson owned dozens of African slaves whomaintained his elegant household, his horses, andhis tobacco fields. After his wife's death,Jefferson started a long, passionate relationshipwith a 16-year-old slave named Sally Hemings,who bore him seven children. However even onhis deathbed, Jefferson did not emancipate Sally.
Karl Marx,a great philosopher of political (Surya)and social economy, gave powerful voice to the19th century Euro-American struggle againstsocial class-oppression and the exploitation of workers. While maintaining a bourgeoishousehold in London, with his wife and sixchildren, Marx fathered an additional child duringa long-running relationship with his housekeeper.The child was incorporated into family life butthe mother continued in servitude, and shereceived no inheritance upon Marx's death.Exaggeration and
amplification of the Father
and theEgo-personality.
The native wishes to shine brilliantly.
One wishes to be recognized as a
in everyundertaking.

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