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Published by api-3769314
Name Says it all
Name Says it all

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Published by: api-3769314 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Visa Experiences
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Hi ppl,
The time has come for us to get ready for the next hurdle \u2013 VISA. One of the best preps for
the VI include the reading of earlier VI s to get an understanding of the process and also get
over the common pitfalls. In order the simplify the process, I have compiled all of the Visa
Interviews that have been posted on Edulix here(excluding Fall 2007+). It is quite a long one
and I hope you find this useful. I have also included the source if each and every thread
quoted here for your reference.

All the best

kind regards,
(email: kuchcha at rediffmail period com)

P.S: I have used Mozilla,OpenOffice.Org and Ubuntu to prepare this. I have got them for
free too and hence I owe this credit(of watever little value it might be).
!!!Support Open Source!!!
Time: 00:41:37
Date: 16/04/07
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Visa Experiences
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There were two rounds for me one at March 10 (I was put under 221g after that ) and the
other at March 27.

Round 1 : a>Show me the financial docs. how did such an amount enter the bank at the last
moment ? ( I was not sure whether it was FD or third bank transaction ).
b>Tell me how do u prove that ur father is sponsering u.(I had no documents).
c> Tell me the proof that ur father is an IPS officer.(I had no proof)
She (My VO in Kolkata) stressed more on the financial documents. She asked for the twelve
months transaction of the bank. She asked about the proof of my fathers employment, and a
letter that my father is sponsering me.
d> She told me to get a new I20.( End date was printed wrongly).

Round 2 :All docs were covered. Letters issued. She stressed more on the educational docs.
After thoroughly scrutinising the bank statements she asked for the Saral Form of my father,
dads salary details and even the salary of my father and a few transaction details for the bank
statement. She sought my undergrad marksheets : all sems. Finally she issued me a one year
visa valid till the date on my I 20, and said with a smile that :
Your visa has been issued. You will get your passport within two days.Best of luck for your
studies in US ! (Amazing lady to talk to!!)


Experience 1:
Amit's profile: GRE\u00ad2030 TOEFL\u00ad617 University : Virginia Tech Stream\u00adIE
Interviewer: please show me your I20.
(amit produces his I20)
Interviewer : what's your GRE score.
Amit: 2030
Inter..: Can I have look at your score sheet please.

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Visa Experiences
3 of 464

(amit submits his GRE score sheet)
Interwiever: You seem to have a good GRE score.
Amit: Thankyou Sir
(Comments\u00ad actually amit was quite puzzled as to how the interviewer mentioned as his

score to be high. But the matter of fact is that these people usually look at the verbal scores

and amit had a high verbal score of 680.)
Interviewer : Which univ are you going to ?
Amit: Virginia tech .
interviewer: that's a very tough school. Why did you choose such a tough
Amit: Sir , the specialization which I want to pursue in IE is facilities design. and Virginia

Tech is supposed to be one of the best schools for this specialization. That's the reason I
chose this school.

(comments\u00adOne shopuld never just say that the school is high ranked rather you should try and reply the way amit did ie talk more about the course specialization and don't forget to talk some techie stuff so that the interviewer gets the message that you know what you are going to do.)

Inter..Very Happyo you have any financial support from the university?
Amit: No sir.
(Comment: always be straight forward about your aid status. Don't sat that I will get once I

go to the university....etc etc.. remember this will always work against you.)
Inter..: Who's your sponsor?
Amit: my parents
Inter..: Do you have any supporting financial documents?
Amit: Yes Sir.

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