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Published by: api-26567809 on Oct 16, 2008
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\u00a9 2003\u20142006 www.english-test.net
English Synonyms
\u00a9 2003\u20142006 www.english-test.net
English Synonyms / Incomplete Sentences / Elementary level # 1
Synonyms for quit
Q1The train to Rotterdam....... at 6 pm sharp.
(a) exits
(b) goes
(c) departs
(d) deserts
Q2Have you heard that Mrs Andrews....... from the board of directors?
(a) departed
(b) abandoned
(c) deserted
(d) resigned
Q3This exercise was very difficult and I finally........
(a) left
(b) resigned
(c) departed
(d) gave up
Q4Unloyal sailors often....... their ship.
(a) abandon
(b) give up
(c) desert
(d) depart
Q5You have to....... smoking because it's not good for you!
(a) leave
(b) quit
(c) abandon
(d) resign
Q6The teacher asked the noisy students to....... talking.
(a) give up
(b) leave
(c) quit
(d) abandon
Q7My best friend....... me in a time of need.
(a) quitted
(b) deserted
(c) departed
(d) resigned
Q8He easily....... his career.
(a) left
(b) departed
(c) abandoned
(d) stopped
Q9Why did Jason....... his wife?
(a) depart
(b) quit
(c) abandon
(d) resign
Q10Cuckoos usually....... their nests.
(a) resign
(b) desert
(c) give up
(d) quit
\u00a9 2003\u20142006 www.english-test.net
English Synonyms / Incomplete Sentences / Elementary level # 2
Synonyms for adapt
Q1Children usually....... quickly to all changes.
(a) suit
(b) fit
(c) change
(d) adjust
Q2I can't....... to this climate yet.
(a) fit
(b) suit
(c) adapt
(d) adjust
Q3I like this coat very much because it....... my shoes, they are the same colour.
(a) fits
(b) matches
(c) suits
(d) corresponds
Q4I don't want to....... my plans to yours again!
(a) accommodate
(b) change
(c) fit
(d) transform
Q5Jane isn't sure if she can....... to the new situation.
(a) change
(b) fit
(c) adapt
(d) match
Q6This music really....... my mood.
(a) fits
(b) suits
(c) matches
(d) acclimatizes
Q7You will accept the idea only if you....... your mind to it.
(a) fit
(b) adapt
(c) adjust
(d) change
Q8These trousers are my size, they perfectly....... me.
(a) match
(b) suit
(c) fit
(d) correspond
Q9Can you....... the pieces of the jigsaw?
(a) match
(b) fit
(c) suit
(d) adjust
Q10This plan....... me quite well.
(a) matches
(b) accommodates
(c) fits
(d) suits

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