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BlackBerry Desktop Software For Mac Version Release Notes

BlackBerry Desktop Software For Mac Version Release Notes

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Published by BlackBerryRocks.com
These are the official release notes for version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac uploaded by BlackBerryRocks.com for public viewing.
These are the official release notes for version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac uploaded by BlackBerryRocks.com for public viewing.

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Published by: BlackBerryRocks.com on Oct 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BlackBerry Desktop Software
Release Notes
2.2 b17
About this product
The BlackBerry® Desktop Software works with BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets to complete the following tasks:>Synchronize your media files (music, pictures, and videos)>Back up and restore your smartphone or tablet data>Update your BlackBerry® Device Software or BlackBerry® Tablet OS>Manage multiple smartphones and tabletsAdditionally, you can complete the following tasks with BlackBerry smartphones:>Synchronize your organizer data (calendar entries, contacts, tasks, and memos)>Transfer your settings and data to a new smartphone>Add, update, or remove smartphone applications
New features and enhancements
The new features and enhancements for the BlackBerry® Desktop Software 2.2 b17 include the following items:Improved support forBlackBerry® PlayBook™ tabletsYou can now:>back up and restore data on your tablet>update your BlackBerry® Tablet OS
Fixed issues
This section lists fixed and closed issues between the BlackBerry® Desktop Software 2.1.3 build 10 and the BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.2 build17.
Application and software loading
If you load BlackBerry® 6 bundle 2647 through the BlackBerry Desktop Software, you lose language support for Hindi and Romanian. (DT1693804)
Backing up and restoring data
If you change computers or switch user accounts, a backup of your smartphone data isn't created when you update or reload your softwareor move to an earlier version of your software. Your data isn't restored. (DT 1410705 )Messages and organizer data are included in your backup file even if you don't select these options. (DT 1406352)
There is an extra entry on your device calendar when synchronizing a daily, all-day recurring event. (DT 431336)
Switch to a new smartphone
Your smartphone doesn't restart after switching from a smartphone activated on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to a wiped smartphone. (DT1429449)
Wi-Fi music sync
A two to three second delay can occur when streaming songs while songs are also being downloaded. (DT 1395887)After connecting your device with a USB cable and downloading some music, ongoing activity is still being shown in the Wi-Fi® music syncstatus. (DT 1003216)
Known issues
This section lists known issues for the BlackBerry® Desktop Software 2.2 b17.
If you have BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.1 installed on your computer and you install BlackBerry® Device Manager 2.2, when you connectyour smartphone or your tablet to your computer, the BlackBerry Desktop Software does not launch automatically. (DT 2055040)If you connect a tablet when it's turned off, the tablet isn't connected when you turn it on again. (DT 1196935)After updating from the previous version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, the phone number for the Apple Assistant in your contactsswitches fields but you didn't make that change. (DT 1012344)If you connect a device with BlackBerry® Device Software 4.1 or lower, you don't receive a message that the device is unsupported. (DT 890537)Some configurations, such as updating your media card size, aren't displayed when you connect your smartphone. (DT 633783)
Applications and software loading
The BlackBerry Desktop Software doesn't notify you that the "Allow Web-Based Software Loading" IT policy has been set to No. When youcheck for updates, you won't receive any updates. (DT 1103650)You aren't prompted to retry the connection when you attempt to update software without a battery in your smartphone. (DT 989053)You cannot update your third-party applications through an ALX file. (DT 832054)Your computer goes into sleep mode when loading applications and restoring data to your device fails. (DT 633954)Workaround: Manually restore any missing databases to your device.
You receive the following error message when you try to update your device with a slow Internet connection: " BlackBerry Desktop Softwarefailed to validate your BlackBerry device update." ( DT 508239)
Backing up and restoring data
Your computer hangs if the Log Viewer is open while backing up your tablet with a large amount of data.Workaround: Close the Log Viewer or turn off debug logging, and try again.If you change computers or switch user accounts, you receive an error when backing up your smartphone: The backup failed due to anunexpected error. (DT 1105356)You don't receive any instructions on turning on mass storage mode when backing up your device. (DT 755328)Workaround: Turn on mass storage mode (on your device, click
and select
for Mass Storage Mode) and try again.The BlackBerry Desktop Software is displaying the wrong message when a device with built-in media storage has mass storage mode set tooff: "Device does not have on-board device memory." (DT 711448)You receive a "Restore data cancelled" message in the status bar even though the data from your media card and built-in media storage isrestored. (DT 647668)You don't receive a warning message when a backup file isn't created because there isn't enough disk space; you receive a message that "Theselected backup file is either invalid or corrupt." (DT 614089)You cannot complete an encrypted backup with a large amount of data in your built-in media storage. (DT 349826)Workaround: Turn off encryption or delete some data from your built-in media storage.
Reminder time reverts back to its original value after changing it on the smartphone and syncing again with Microsoft® Entourage®. (DT 122278)The BlackBerry Desktop Software is trying to add a fixed alarm to each event in iCal even though it was already deleted. (DT 1041456)An error occurs when you sync an appointment recurring every year that was created on iCal, with an end date and multiple interval option.(DT 849143)When you add an occurrence of a recurring calendar entry on your mail client, and sync to the device, a conflict window appears. (DT 822068)Calendar entries are duplicated in iCal after upgrading the BlackBerry Desktop Software to version 2.0 and synchronizing your data. (DT 812353)If you update a recurring calendar entry to include an end date, the end date isn't updated on your device. (DT 807118)Choosing to delete the data from your computer after clearing the data on your device and synchronizing with your computer doesn't deletethe data. (DT 766002)A recurring appointment on the last day of February is synced to the device as the first Saturday in February. (DT 765973)Changing an entry to a recurring entry on your calendar isn't synchronized to the device. (DT 762026)Entries that are set to recur on "every last day of each month" or "every last day of a month every year" are not synchronized to your device.(DT 761216)Your appointment reminders are duplicated in iCal after selecting "Forget Device" before you synchronize. (DT 755258)The URL field in iCal is deleted during when you synchronize for a second time and you have slow sync selected. (DT 624178)

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