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The Last Laugh Draft III

The Last Laugh Draft III

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Published by: Aaron Vernon VonStroheimer Olson on Oct 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Last Laugh Draft IIByAaron OlsonOctober 13th, 2011
 EXT. GRAVEYARD - DAYWe open the scene with the a tombstone.Then the camera zooms and tracks out, revealing a graveyardand a man with a women looking at the tomb.JERRYDo you believe after all the shitwe go through in life, this iswhere we will all end up. Forme...It’s one of the saddest thingsto think about knowing I’ll end uphere one day. Just knowing that mytime WILL come, scares the livingdaylights out of me.The women holds the man tight. He leans in and kisses her.CUT TO:INT. RI BILLIARDS BAR - NIGHTA comedian named Jerry is performing his stand up routine.He picks out certain audience members and makes fun of them.The entire scene will be improvised by the actor and theextras.Once the comedian is done with his set he goes over to thebar to have a drink.BARTENDERWhat can I get you, Jerry, theusual?JERRYYup.BARTENDERComing right up.A man across from Jerry is staring at him, he gets up andsits next to him.HANK JOHNSONHi, Jerry, I’m Hank Johnson. It’sgreat to meet you.JERRYHey, Hank. It’s nice to meet youto.(CONTINUED)
 CONTINUED: 2.HANK JOHNSONI just wanna tell you, that was agreat set tonight. I’ve seen youperform here a few times now.JERRYCool, thank you.HANK JOHNSONSo how come you haven’t performedhere lately? It’s been a whilesince your last open mic here.JERRYOh, I been busy going to alldifferent crazy venues.HANK JOHNSONAlright, alright. Cool.The bartender comes over with a mug filled with beer. Shehands him the mug. Jerry takes a few sips.The bartender looks over to Hank.BARTENDERCan I get you anything else, Hank?Are you all set?HANK JOHNSONThanks, I’m all set here. I’mtrying to cut back.BARTENDERWell, good for you then.The bartender walks away doing whatever is needed.HANK JOHNSONHey, Jerry?JERRYYeah?HANK JOHNSONI gotta ask you something.JERRYYeah, whats up, man?HANK JOHNSONHow do you do it?

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