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comprehensive dictionary

comprehensive dictionary

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Published by: api-3775107 on Oct 16, 2008
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Computer Lecturer, CTSTI, Chennai 6.
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The Comprehensive Dictionary
AA'ALI PASHA, an eminent reforming Turkish statesman (1815-1871).

AALBORG (19), a trading town on the Liimfiord, in the N. of Jutland.
AAR, a large Swiss river about 200 m. long, which falls into the

Rhine as it leaves Switzerland.
AARGAU, a fertile Swiss canton bordering on the Rhine.
AARHUUS (33), a port on the E. of Jutland, with a considerable

export and import trade, and a fine old Gothic cathedral.
AARON, the elder brother of Moses, and the first high-priest of the
Jews, an office he held for forty years.
ABACA, Manila hemp, or the plant, native to the Philippines, which
yield it in quantities.

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Computer Lecturer, CTSTI, Chennai 6.
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ABACUS, a tablet crowning a column and its capital.
ABADDON, the bottomless pit, or the angel thereof.
ABARIM, a mountain chain in Palestine, NE. of the Dead Sea, the

highest point being Mount Nebo.
ABATEMENT, a mark of disgrace in a coat of arms.
ABAUZIT, FIRMIN, a French Protestant theologian and a mathematician,

a friend of Newton, and much esteemed for his learning by Rousseau and
Voltaire (1679-1767).
ABBADIE, two brothers of French descent, Abyssinian travellers in
the years 1837-1848; also a French Protestant divine (1658-1727).
ABBAS, uncle of Mahomet, founder of the dynasty of the Abbasides

ABBAS PASHA, the khedive of Egypt, studied five years in Vienna,
ascended the throne at eighteen, accession hailed with enthusiasm; shows
at times an equivocal attitude to Britain; _b_. 1874.

ABBAS THE GREAT, shah of Persia, of the dynasty of the Sophis, great
alike in conquest and administration (1557-1628).
ABBAS-MIRZA, a Persian prince, a reformer of the Persian army, and a
Computer Lecturer, CTSTI, Chennai 6.
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leader of it, unsuccessfully, however, against Russia (1783-1833).
ABBASIDES, a dynasty of 37 caliphs who ruled as such at Bagdad from

750 to 1258.
AB`BATI, NICCOLO DELL', an Italian fresco-painter (1512-1571).
ABBE, name of a class of men who in France prior to the Revolution

prepared themselves by study of theology for preferment in the Church,
and who, failing, gave themselves up to letters or science.

ABBEVILLE (19), a thriving old town on the Somme, 12 m. up, with an
interesting house architecture, and a cathedral, unfinished, in the
Flamboyant style.

ABBOT, head of an abbey. There were two classes of abbots: Abbots
Regular, as being such in fact, and Abbots Commendatory, as guardians and
drawing the revenues.

ABBOT, GEORGE, archbishop of Canterbury in the reigns of James I.
and Charles I., and one of the translators of King James's Bible; an
enemy of Laud's, who succeeded him (1562-1633).

ABBOT OF MISRULE, a person elected to superintend the Christmas
ABBOTSFORD, the residence of Sir Walter Scott, on the Tweed, near
Melrose, built by him on the site of a farm called Clarty Hole.