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Tesfay OS Textile Chemical Processing L3 & L2

Tesfay OS Textile Chemical Processing L3 & L2

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Published by golo_2011

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: golo_2011 on Oct 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
NTQF Level II and III
 Ministry of Education May 2011
Page 1 of 68Ministry of EducationCopyrightTextile Chemical ProcessingEthiopia Occupational StandardVersion 1May 2011
Ethiopia has embarked on a process of reforming its TVET-System. Within thepolicies and strategies of the Ethiopian Government, technology transformation
byusing international standards and international best practices as the basis, and,adopting, adapting and verifying them in the Ethiopian context
is a pivotal element.TVET is given an important role with regard to technology transfer. The newparadigm in the outcome-based TVET system is the orientation at the current andanticipated future demand of the economy and the labor market.The Ethiopia Occupational Standard (EOS) is the core element of the EthiopianNational TVET-Strategy and an important factor within the context of the NationalTVET-Qualification Framework (NTQF). They are national Ethiopian standards,which define the occupational requirements and expected outcome related to aspecific occupation without taking TVET delivery into account.This document details the mandatory format, sequencing, wording and layout for theEthiopia Occupational Standard which comprised of Units of Competence.A Unit of Competence describes a distinct work activity. It is documented in astandard format that comprises:
Occupational title and NTQF level
Unit title
Unit code
Unit descriptor
Elements and Performance criteria
Variables and Range statement
Evidence guideTogether all the parts of a Unit of Competence guide the assessor in determiningwhether the candidate is competent.The ensuing sections of this EOS document comprise a description of theoccupation with all the key components of a Unit of Competence:
chart with an overview of all Units of Competence for the respective levelincluding the Unit Codes and the Unit Titles
contents of each Unit of Competence (competence standard)
occupational map providing the technical and vocational education and training(TVET) providers with information and important requirements to consider whendesigning training programs for this standards and for the individual, a careerpath
Page 2 of 68Ministry of EducationCopyrightTextile Chemical ProcessingEthiopia Occupational StandardVersion 1May 2011
Occupational Standard: Textile Chemical ProcessingOccupational Code: TXT CHP
TXT CHP3 01 0511
Prepare Chemicals,Dyes or OtherSubstance Used inTextile Production
TXT CHP3 02 0511
Produce Textile Designfor CommercialProduction
TXT CHP3 03 0511
Perform Machine Settingand OperationalMaintenance
TXT CHP3 04 0511
Monitor Work Activities
TXT CHP3 05 0511
Ensure EfficientOperation of TextileMachines
TXT CHP3 06 0511
Sustain ProcessImprovements
TXT CHP3 07 0511
Manage Impact ofChange of Own Work
TXT CHP3 08 0511
Make Prototype
TXT CHP3 09 0511
Apply Quality Control
 TXT CHP3 10 0511
Lead Small Team
TXT CHP3 11 0511
 Lead WorkplaceCommunication
TXT CHP3 12 0511
Improve BusinessPractice
 TXT CHP2 05 0311
Participate inEnvironmentallySustainable WorkPractices
TXT CHP2 03 0311
Perform MinorMaintenance
TXT CHP2 01 0311
Weigh and CheckTextile Materials andProducts
TXT CHP2 06 0311
Participate in WorkplaceCommunication
TXT CHP2 02 0311
Use SpecializedMachinery to AssistTextile Production 
TXT CHP2 07 0311
Work in a TeamEnvironment
TXT CHP2 08 0311
Develop BusinessPractice
TXT CHP2 04 0311
Apply Cost Factors toWork Practices

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